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Corrected entry: Timmy's mom comes into his bedroom and gives him his medicine tablet to swallow. If you watch his hand, he pinches the tablet and seems to put it in his mouth. When he drops his hand, though, you notice that he is pinching his finger and thumb down; most likely he is still holding the tablet, which has never been swallowed.

Correction: Not a movie mistake, rather normal behavior of teenagers. Many times I've dumped medicine down the sink or just pretended to take it.


Corrected entry: Eugene should not be on Death's list before the film even begins- he says that he was transferred because of Val Lewton's death but she would have died in the plane crash if everything had gone to Death's plan- her job would have been available if Alex hadn't got her off the plane. Even if you argued that he was appointed rather than someone else because she died slightly later (her job may have been available at a different time and thus to a different person) she quit her job after the accident. The job was not affected by Alex's premonition and so neither was Eugene's design.

Correction: Don't forget that there's a gap of about a month between the time that the plane crashes and the time when Death starts to catch up with the intended victims. If Ms. Lewton carried on teaching for that month, that would have been enough to alter fate and ensure Eugene didn't get the job.


Corrected entry: In this film, Death's Design is: whoever Kimberley sees dying first in her premonition will die last. Thus, whoever was first on Death's list is now last. Claire was originally the first person on Death's list, being the only survivor from the first film. Thus, she should now be last on the list in this film, after Kimberley. Claire's death doesn't make sense. She should have been either the first person to die, or the last. Her death is just random - she dies at the same time as Eugene - and surely can't be accounted for in the list.

Correction: Clear was on a different list than the survivors of the pileup. Since she was the sole survivor from the Flight 180 list, she was able to be killed at any time.


Corrected entry: Modern airbags, when activated, deflate almost instantly after impact, unlike what's seen in the car wreck scene.

Correction: It was an older model of car, obviously.

Corrected entry: Clear Rivers has had herself committed and is now afraid that death will get her. She does not allow anything in the room that may harm her. She obviously doesn't mind a television with its high vacuum tube and high voltage circuitry. One spark and that padding she finds so comforting will go up in smoke. Then the tube explodes, splattering her head on the rear wall. More unbelievable things have happened.

Correction: She is hoping that if something that odd does happen, then the signs will be so obvious that she will have time to get out of the room; remember, all of the people on Death's list can notice signs.

Corrected entry: In the Stoneybrook Institute, the nurse lists sharp objects, saying shoelaces higher in the list than penknives.

Correction: Who cares what order she says them in? She doesn't specifically say "In order of importance" So maybe she is just reading the list as Clear gave it to her...

Corrected entry: Why is OB doctor Kalarjian saving Kim in the ER?

Correction: They never say Kilargian is an OB doctor. She must be the doctor on call, which is why they called her for the birth of the baby as well as to assist when they pull Kim out of the water.

Corrected entry: The guy in the elevator says that he had "wrote to management two weeks ago about those friggin' bumpers" but two weeks ago Nora's design was to be killed in the pile-up. Death wouldn't mess with the elevator bumpers that early because it had prepared for Nora to die another way.

Correction: The faulty elevators were never Death's doing. They were genuinely faulty for mechanical reasons, so after Nora survived the crash and ended up in the apartment block - which again is nothing Death could have preplanned - it was forced to improvise.

Corrected entry: Kimberley is scared when Bloodworth knows her name ("How do you know my name?") but in the cell, she seems perfectly fine with Clear calling her Kimberley when she hasn't introduced herself by name.

Correction: Obviously as she is visiting a mental institution, she would have to give her name, either for registration in a guest book, or for Clear to agree to see her.

Corrected entry: On paper I'm sure it sounds fine but the 'ripple effect' theory doesn't make sense. Even if they died in the opposite order, people who died later like Rory and Kat still affected the lives of others. Even the kid at the end could have affected someone's chain of events in his last few days- the ripple would continue.

Correction: Hence the possibility for an FD3.

Corrected entry: It is said that all would be over when new life defeats death, what means that someone has to be dead and then revived. Unfortunately this already happened in Final Destination 1. When Alex saves Clear by holding the wire his heart stops beating. You can tell because the FBI-Agent says so and tries CPR. Alex survives, so this should count as a new life. In this case, all would have been over even before Carter dies at the end of part 1.

Correction: The "new life" thing only worked to close the rift between the two sets. This is the same reason why Death acts in reverse in the second group, to close the rift. In the original movie, there is only one set working forward, thus no rift.

Correction: "New life" means the birth of a baby; the characters say so themselves.

They thought the "New Life" meant the birth of the baby but Kimberly sees her vision again and sees that the pregnant woman was not involved in the accident in her vision. That is why Clear and Eugene die after the birth of the baby.

Corrected entry: If Death's design has been totally messed up and was started all over again the death of the boy at the end of the movie makes no sense. He may have to be dead according to the old plan because his life causes a new rift, but the old plan does not count anymore. His spectacular death would be obvious if the old design would still work, but in this case it means his original place in the new design expects him to explode on a barbecue, what seems quite odd.

Correction: His death was in a list of its own; he would have died if Rory hadn't saved him. Kimberley saved herself and officer burke alone because only their list was wiped clean

Corrected entry: The scene where the chain snaps and makes the logs fall off the semi-trailer isn't consistent with real loads. Normally on a flat bed trailer there are 8 chains along with side rails to prevent a spill. Also the weight of those logs would have been on a semi-trailer with an extra set of wheel assemblies. Bottom line, one chain snapping would not have made the logs fall off. Plus log trailers do not rely on chains alone to hold the logs on. There are poles made of 4" box tubing on the sides of the trailer.

Correction: Two things: one, the logs falling originally didn't have a certain kind of "bounce" to them and this was changed in effects; second, Death can change anything to make sure that somebody dies, since it always intervenes. Added to that, since when are people always do their jobs properly? My dad complains about how he's the only one to do so at his job; people can be lazy/stupid you know, as evidenced by Kimberly's friends not wearing their seat belts.

Correction: The point is that the vehicles on the road are driving dangerously- everyone else on the road is breaking the rules/law

Corrected entry: When Clear opens the door of her cell first she already stands in the back of the room. When she opens it next time the button is right next to the door, what means she would have stood there the first time, too.

Correction: When Clear opens the door the second time, you can see that it takes a little bit before it opens giving her the chance to go and sit back down.

Corrected entry: Maybe it's just me, but has anyone ever actually heard news anchors report the news like they do in this movie? They do not say that a victim was 'impaled through the head with a ladder.' I figure that they can come up with something a little more tactful.


Correction: About a week ago I heard a news report about a man who had a crossbow bolt "driven through his skull." If there are no tactful ways to describe what's happened then they normally describe the situation. The press are not as prudish as they used to be.

David Mercier

Corrected entry: The kid that got killed by a gas grill that blew up was originally meant to get hit by a news van when the entire car collision occurred. I don't think he was meant to die there because none of those people should have been alive in the first place and the entire car collision in the fields was never supposed to exist.

Correction: If thats true then none of the characters would be going through this, they all cheated death due to the deaths in the first one.

Corrected entry: Clear is very pale, from not being outside in several months. When we first see her yet she magically gets some color by the time she reaches Kim's house.

Correction: Ever heard of make-up?

Corrected entry: When the pigeon smashes through the window at the dentist, the colours on its back, change colour between shots.

Correction: They are not the same pidgeons.

Corrected entry: When the pregnant lady has her baby, she gives birth to a fully grown 4 month old kid. No wonder she was screaming so much.


Correction: The baby was not 4 months old, if you watch the movie on DVD with infinifilm, it will tell you during the birth scene that the baby is only a few weeks old.

Corrected entry: When the rescue crew is using the jaws of life to get the one girl out of the car, wouldn't it be standard procedure to disable the air bag? Or at the very least remove the 12 inch spike right behind her head?

Correction: It may be standard procedure, but not everyone follows standard procedure to the letter. Since the airbag wasn't released in the accident, the rescue worker may have assumed there wasn't any.

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