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Corrected entry: In the end of Final Destination 2, Kimberly runs the van into the lake for her big heroic New Life, but according to Death's Design, the police officer should have been the next one to be killed, he was never almost killed and nobody intervened to save his life. The film makes a point to show you during the movie that you can't die outside of death's design, but somehow Kimberly does.

Correction: Death cannot stop what humans do. And any way did Kimberly die, no. So deaths design has destroyed not changed.

Correction: Kimberly had already saved him (technically) before wanting to kill herself; once at the crash site and then later when the gurney came flying after the explosion at the hospital.

Corrected entry: In the deleted scene when Kim is avoiding the cops they drive by a Canadian flag even though they are supposed to be in New York.

Correction: It's a deleted scene. That may be one reason it was scrapped. However if this isn't the reason, you can see flags of all types everywhere around New York, I have a German flag hanging outside my home.

Scott Jester

Corrected entry: When the kid is crushed by the pane of glass, if you watch it in slow-motion you can see that he is almost completely crushed and the pane is almost at the ground when it switches to a different shot, where suddenly the glass is still just crushing his head.

Correction: It is an accepted practice to show the same action twice or more from different angles. Also, if the shot requires "slow motion" in order to see it, the mistake is invalidated.

Corrected entry: When Evan arrives at his apartment, he opens a window. Later on when the apartment is on fire, two windows close by themselves. He never opened a second window.

Correction: The window was never shown to be closed; it could have been open when he came in.

Corrected entry: On the website about the survivors of flight 180, it states that Alex was nineteen at the time of his death, yet in the beginning of the original film, his father says he is seventeen. How did he manage this when only one year has passed? The events of Final Destination 2 take place on the one year anniversary of the plane crash, Carter was killed a little over 7 months after the plane crash, not one year, and Alex dies somewhere in between. Even if Alex turned 18 the day after we see his dad saying that he's 17 he still couldn't possibly have turned 19 before his death.

Correction: Seeing that the source is only a website, it likely that website simply messed-up Alex's age.

Corrected entry: Nora is almost killed by the plate of glass that falls on Timmy, if the construction worker hadn't intervened she would have died too, so she should have gone to the bottom of the list behind Kimberly. Instead she's killed next.


Correction: If she was going to die by the falling plate she wouldn't have died nor being at the bottom of the list because death has to maintain its order correctly, so the falling plate could have been prevented somehow.

Corrected entry: If they are 'safe proofing' the house, why is the bike still hanging on the wall? This would be one of the first things to remove.

Correction: Character mistakes aren't movie mistakes.

James King III

Corrected entry: When Eugene's room explodes, the entire volume of air bursts into flames. However, oxygen is not flammable by itself, there should be another flammable gas in the room to cause such explosion and there wasn't. (01:18:55)

Correction: The problem is, just about anything is flammable in pure oxygen. In the Apollo 1 fire, for example, it was Velcro, only later found to be flammable in 100% oxygen, that was the primary culprit. So in a room full of pure oxygen, almost anything might become flammable, burn, release enough gas to combine with the oxygen, and result in a fire/explosion.

Corrected entry: Kimberly, Tom, Eugene, Kat and Rory explain how they cheated death because the characters from the previous movie intervened, but it never explains how Evan, Tim and Nora cheated death because Tod intervened Kimberly; Terry intervened Kat, Ms. Lewton intervened Eugene; Billy intervened Tom; and Carter intervened Rory. How did Evan, Tim and Nora cheat death when there are no characters left from FD1 to intervene?

Correction: They weren't supposed to die during FD1. The fact that they were saved from the car accident is why they were killed.

Correction: Just because they had no stories to tell doesn't mean that it was necessary. Added to that, nobody could have known anyway since it was never brought up until later in the movie, i.e. the scene in the field.

Corrected entry: After Kimberley's premonition, the truck crashes and when this happens everyone in the car can see the whole thing. However, Dano, in the end seat of the car, is looking in totally the opposite direction. (00:14:55)

Correction: This really isn't a mistake. Just because everyone else is looking forward doesn't mean it was scripted that way. Dano could have been looking around to make sure they were ok and not realizing that there was still danger from other cars.

Corrected entry: The news van with the call letters WWED is WAY out of its area. Radio and television stations in the US begin with 'W' if located east of the Mississippi or a 'K' if west of it. The movie is supposed to take place on the US West Coast, therefore the news van should have call letters beginning with a 'K'.

Correction: In the first movie Mt. Abraham was in New York (the plane leaves from either JFK or La Guardia). This movie takes place in the same general area.

MoonFaery Premium member

Corrected entry: At the gas station Tom mentions to Clear and Kimberley that that there was a pregnant girl in a white van. He had not seen her at all during the blockage at the highway, so how does he know?

Correction: The pregnant woman gets out of her van to ask him if people can drive around Kimberly's SUV.

MoonFaery Premium member

Corrected entry: All the vehicles are equipped with New York license plates yet none have registration or inspection stickers in the lower driver's side corner of the front windshield.

Correction: They look a lot more like Washington plates to me. And judging the geography, it's more likely to be the West Coast by the mountains, lakes and valleys.

Corrected entry: The part where Eugene is nearly killed by the kayak makes no sense. We know he was never meant to die, given the events with the gun a few minutes later, yet he is only saved by Claire pulling him away at the last second. There is no way that Death could have known that Claire would have intervened, and it's safe to day that Death can't control spontaneous human reactions - if it could then it'd make people throw themselves off buildings, slit their own wrists etc. Even if he was meant to die, then surely after this escape he should have gone behind Kimberly in the list order. And even if Eugene was never meant to be hit by the kayak in the first place, and Claire was always meant to save his life, then why did Death bother in the first place?

Correction: No. He doesn't die by the gun because he was lower on the list, but then his time is supposed to have come and the kayak is about to kill him. Death doesn't know Clear would save him and cannot control humans in any way.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the firefighters are using the jaws of life to get the girl out of the van, the jaws make a sound like a chainsaw. The last time I checked, the jaws were pneumatic and while the air compressor would make an engine type of noise, it is nowhere near the sound like a chainsaw.

Correction: Some emergency crews use gas powered jaws of life and they do sound like a chain saw because they are 2 cycle engines.

Corrected entry: When the people in the SUV are talking about how they cheated death before the one woman talks about the bus she was on hit some girl on the road. Later Clear says that girl was Terry Chaney (from FD1) but the bus that hit Terry was empty. (01:03:35)

Correction: If you frame by frame the sequence you can faintly see outlines of the passengers on the bus.

Correction: This isn't a valid correction if you have to view frame by frame to see something.


Other way around - mistakes that can only be caught in slow motion aren't valid, but if something seems like a mistake, but closer examination at slow mo proves it isn't, that's a valid way of correcting something.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Corrected entry: After the big crash in the beginning of the movie, Evan, the lotto winner, is walking up the stairs to his apartment with a couple boxes. As he struggles to get to his door, he almost trips over a toy baby and an ambulance. This seems to foreshadow the plot point later on about the pregnant lady and the 'new life' at the end.

Correction: The baby is meant to foreshadow Evan's death because if you look closely it only has one eye.(this is mentioned on the DVD).

Corrected entry: The whole basis of FD2 is how to stop death, by giving new life. Technically this would have happened in the first film when Alex died by electrocution when saving Clear, then was brought back to life.

Correction: Yeah, but then that's not NEW life - just the return of an old one. The only ways to make NEW life is with a baby or cloning.

Corrected entry: In the scene with the airbag right before the airbag goes off you see the pipe over her left shoulder beside her head and below the level of her ears. How did it come out of the middle of her forehead?


Correction: Right before the airbag goes off, you see the girl lean down for something and she moves her head to the middle of the steering wheel, causing the spike to go through her head.

Corrected entry: Rory's car changes from a convertible to a hard top with a sunroof throughout the pileup scene.


Correction: In the shots from the front you just see through Rory's rear window. Although it may look like a convertible at first, it appears not to be so when looking closely. The wind comes in from his side window.


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