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Corrected entry: On the freeway scene, the drug guy is in a mustang convertible with the top down. In the very next scene, he is in a hard top vehicle. There's no way possible this could happen even in her premonition.

Correction: I have watched this whole scene in slow-motion and he never has a convertible, he has a sun roof and when you see him head on you are looking out the hatchback behind him, which is the first thing to fly off the car in the wreck, followed by the gas tank.


Corrected entry: In the end of Final Destination 2, Kimberly runs the van into the lake for her big heroic New Life, but according to Death's Design, the police officer should have been the next one to be killed, he was never almost killed and nobody intervened to save his life. The film makes a point to show you during the movie that you can't die outside of death's design, but somehow Kimberly does.

Correction: Death cannot stop what humans do. And any way did Kimberly die, no. So deaths design has destroyed not changed.

Correction: Kimberly had already saved him (technically) before wanting to kill herself; once at the crash site and then later when the gurney came flying after the explosion at the hospital.

Corrected entry: Nora is almost killed by the plate of glass that falls on Timmy, if the construction worker hadn't intervened she would have died too, so she should have gone to the bottom of the list behind Kimberly. Instead she's killed next.


Correction: If she was going to die by the falling plate she wouldn't have died nor being at the bottom of the list because death has to maintain its order correctly, so the falling plate could have been prevented somehow.

Corrected entry: If they are 'safe proofing' the house, why is the bike still hanging on the wall? This would be one of the first things to remove.

Correction: Character mistakes aren't movie mistakes.

James King III

Corrected entry: The news van with the call letters WWED is WAY out of its area. Radio and television stations in the US begin with 'W' if located east of the Mississippi or a 'K' if west of it. The movie is supposed to take place on the US West Coast, therefore the news van should have call letters beginning with a 'K'.

Correction: In the first movie Mt. Abraham was in New York (the plane leaves from either JFK or La Guardia). This movie takes place in the same general area.

MoonFaery Premium member

Corrected entry: All the vehicles are equipped with New York license plates yet none have registration or inspection stickers in the lower driver's side corner of the front windshield.

Correction: They look a lot more like Washington plates to me. And judging the geography, it's more likely to be the West Coast by the mountains, lakes and valleys.

Corrected entry: Rory's car changes from a convertible to a hard top with a sunroof throughout the pileup scene.


Correction: In the shots from the front you just see through Rory's rear window. Although it may look like a convertible at first, it appears not to be so when looking closely. The wind comes in from his side window.


Corrected entry: When Clear opens the door of her cell first she already stands in the back of the room. When she opens it next time the button is right next to the door, what means she would have stood there the first time, too.

Correction: When Clear opens the door the second time, you can see that it takes a little bit before it opens giving her the chance to go and sit back down.

Corrected entry: If Clear was so concerned about her safety, then surely she would have avoided bleaching her hair from dark in the 1st film to blonde in this sequel, think of all those nasty chemicals. Plus why volunteer to stay in a locked padded cell? Surely the risk of being trapped in a possible fire at the institution or failed air supply causing suffocation would have entered her head?


Correction: Clear actually bleached her hair in the first movie. Its blonde at the end during the whole paris sequence because they had actually finished the movie months ago. But the ending was eventually changed so they came back and did the paris scenes.

Correction: Why would Death go through the trouble of possibly killing everyone at the institution when its only concern was killing Clear? Plus, she was supposed to die at the hospital where Kimberly, Eugene and Thomas were, so obviously she would have to leave at some point for this to occur.

Corrected entry: After Kimberly has blocked the on ramp with her 4x4 she is parked parallel with the traffic flow, yet the second truck demolishes her vehicle by hitting it full on, on the left hand side. If the 4x4 was hit on the left in its original position it would have been driven up the on ramp into the rest of the parked traffic.

Correction: Kimberly isn't parked parallell with traffic, she is on an onramp and turns left to totally block it so the rest of the cars can't get on the freeway (perpendicular with traffic) so a truck would in fact plough into the 4x4's left side


Correction: It is unlikely, but still personal taste.


Corrected entry: After Kimberly has the vision of the pile-up, she pulls her car across the on-ramp. She is still behind the concrete separator, so how did the truck actually hit her car later on? There was no evidence that the concrete was ever there. The truck got her cleanly.

Correction: She pulled further away from the concrete when she blocked off the on-ramp - only the back of her car was "blocked" by the concrete, and you can see a small shadow on the left side of the screen, so the concrete was definitely there.

Corrected entry: After Kimberly has the premonition of Dr. Kalarjian wheeling the ECG machine, she doesn't say anything about it to the cop or to Clear. Yet the cop says to her a few seconds later something like- 'Okay, so you saw an ECG machine and what else?'. How did he know if Kimberly never said anything? [NOTE-This is on the DVD under one of the subtitles.]

Correction: Kimberly said 'I saw an ECG machine'

Yeah, after Clear and Eugene died; before that, all she mentioned was the bloody hands, so Burke wouldn't have known before she actually said it.

Correction: Not true.

Corrected entry: At the beginning the reporter says it has been a year since flight 180 where 40 students and 4 faculty members of the school were killed. However in the first film the female teacher asks for one adult to get back on the flight with the kids as they were unsupervised. This means there were only two teachers, not four, and only one ends up on the plane and dies in the crash.

Correction: Or if you look on the Corrections page for FD1, Mrs. Lewton probably meant that she didn't want two teachers to be alone with a bunch of students.

Correction: This is a simple error in reporting which happens.

Ssiscool Premium member

Correction: Ms Lewton says the students are "unsupervised" so yeah, must just be an error.

Factual error: In the final scene where the gas grill blows up, the arm that falls to the table in front of the mother is not from a teenager - it is nearly twice as large as the young man's arms (as previously seen in multiple scenes). Some people say it's a leg, but if that's so it's a bit odd having fingers on the right side of it... (01:25:11)

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Kimberly Corman: If Clear was right, that means Nora and Tim are going to be killed by pigeons!

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Trivia: There are lots of signs showing how Evan will die: the doll in the hallway is missing its right eye, the fridge magnets spell 'eye' after one falls off and lastly he has just bought an 'i' Mac computer.

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Question: It never shows the clues to Kat, Rory, or Eugine and Clear's deaths, can someone please tell me what they are?


Chosen answer: Eugene's death had no clues I know of, but Clear and Rory's did, Rory's clue was with Nora's. The trophy's shadow is segmented, giving it a divided look, Rory ends up divided to pieces by the barbed fence. As for Clear, Bludworth hints at it with his comment "such fire you have now".

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