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Corrected entry: Steven Seagal is in a coma for 7 years. All his hair grows long, and he has a long beard. Problem is, the beard is a goatee style, and there is no hair connecting the beard to his hair. He is seen to be clean-shaven in this area, which means someone at the hospital has taken the time to shave that area over the course of 7 years, but they let the rest of his hair grow long?


Correction: When Kelly is feeding Segal Chinese food, he asks "did you give me this beard" to which she replies "yeah".

Corrected entry: This is during the car chase scene when Steven Seagal and Kelly LeBrock are in the jeep. Throughout much of this scene, the license plate on the front of the jeep is on the driver's side. But, towards the end of the sequence, there are a couple of seconds where the jeep shows the plate to be on the passenger side. It then goes back to being on the driver's side as the chase ends.

Correction: The reversed shots of the jeep are already noted.

Corrected entry: When Seagal and McGillis are driving through the field he is shown driving from both sides of the vehicle. One moment on the left and the next very quick shot on the right.

Correction: The reversed shots of the jeep are already noted.

Plot hole: Detective Mason Storm has been in a coma for a number of years, so how is it that on the day he awakens from the coma, he not only has the strength to move his bed down corridors, but also knows the layout of the hospital?

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Mason Storm: So, how come you're not watching the Oscars tonight?
Counterman: The Oscars?
Mason Storm: Yeah, the Oscars.
Counterman: I hate the Oscars.
Mason Storm: You're not having a good time, huh?
Counterman: I mean, who needs the goddamn movies anyway? I got a show in here every single night.
Mason Storm: Yeah?
Counterman: You've got horror, sex, freaks, violence. I don't got to pay no four bucks either.

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Question: Why did Jack and Max try to kill Mason's son Sonny? They have their masks on and there's no way that Sonny would have identified them.


Answer: He survived the first attempt of his family's murder. There's no telling what he saw or heard. As for the masks, the bad guys were taking no chances, security cameras, cell phones and the unexpected eyewitness.

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