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Die Hard 2 picture

Corrected entry: Someone says the planes only have an hour. They could get to New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Hartford, and maybe even Pittsburgh, Buffalo or Toronto - to name a few places.

Correction: One possible explanation for the fact that nothing got rerouted is because of the two storms. One storm already knocked out at least one airport, it is possible that between the two storms the other airports were shut down or at least operating at reduced capacity.

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Goodfellas picture

Corrected entry: When Henry throws Karen off the bed after she has pointed the gun at him and he points the gun at her in one shot she has both shoes on and in the other the foot nearest the camera has no shoe then again in a split second the foot has a shoe.

Correction: I've looked through the scene and she has her shoes on the entire time including when she falls off the bed.

Lummie Premium member

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles picture

Corrected entry: When April's phone is hanging through the ceiling during the fire, the actual phone is off the hook when it starts ringing.

Correction: Like another correction stated before, that is an answering machine, not a phone.

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Tremors picture

Corrected entry: After Earl, Val, and Rhonda pole vault to the last rock, there's a shot of Earl's feet landing on the rock. But when the camera pulls back, he is holding his pole facing forwards. If he had just pole-vaulted to the rock, the pole would be behind him, and he probably wouldn't have landed so smoothly either. (00:41:50)

Correction: He didn't pole-vault to it. He just jumps down from a rock as you can see two shots later is lying right behind him.


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Home Alone picture

Corrected entry: In the scene where the robber steps on the ornaments as he comes through the window, as he stands up to walk, there are more ornaments than were in the previous scene.

Correction: No it's the same amount except that he has stepped on them breaking them into smaller pieces; hence it makes it look like there are more there.

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Edward Scissorhands picture

Corrected entry: In the scene where Peg first finds Edward in the castle, while she is first talking to him, you can see a part of Johnny Depp's hand, plain as day, making it look like he is wearing a large metal glove.

Correction: That's not Johnny Depp's hand. It's the reflection of light on the leather glove, making the surface appear to be white, like Edward's skin.

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Dances with Wolves picture

Corrected entry: When Lt. Dunbar goes to bed, Cisco the horse is in the corral, unsaddled. When Dunbar wakes up the next morning and says "bad horse," the horse is waiting at the door to the cabin with his saddle and blanket on.

Correction: Where do you see Cisco unsaddled in the corral on the first night at the fort? I watched these scene several times - Dunbar and Timmons unload the provisions until dusk, Timmons rides off and Dunbar falls onto his bunk, exhausted. We never see Cisco between his arrival at the fort until the next morning, when he awakens Dunbar.

Brenda Elzin

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Memphis Belle picture

Corrected entry: At the beginning when the planes are coming back, and the last one crashes, slow the playback to slow motion, and you can see the two port engines are missing on the inner engine, and two on the outer. Just a few seconds later, those same two engines have all their respective props, but bent back.

Correction: The rules of this site are very clear - if you have to use slow motion to spot it, it isn't a mistake.

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The Godfather: Part III picture

Corrected entry: As Vincent Corleone rises toward power, he secures twin, long-haired, very buff bodyguards. As they patrol the opera house during the climactic ending, they are both killed by Michael's would-be assassin. Later, on the opera house steps, when Michael's daughter is shot, one of these bodyguards is clearly seen by the side of the assassin after Vincent has shot him. (02:33:00)

Correction: The twins were both wearing tuxes with ruffled shirts. The long haired bodyguard next to the assassin is not wearing a ruffled shirt. It certainly looks like one of the twins but the shirt is definitely different.

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Air America picture

Corrected entry: After crashing in the jungle, while hanging "upside down," Mel Gibson's medallion hangs in the wrong direction. This shows that the actors were actually right side up, and the camera was inverted in order to create this scene.

Correction: Wrong, while hanging in the chopper (pointing vertically downwards) the medallion hangs forward (in front of Mel) showing that while seated they were looking at the floor of the jungle.

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The Hunt for Red October picture

Corrected entry: In the scene where the US is going to drop a torpedo on the Red October, when the helicopter lifts off from the deck, the torpedo is mounted on the starboard side. After the drop order, it drops from the port side of the chopper.

Correction: It is possible that the helicopter held two torpedos, one on left and one on right. The right side of the chopper was not visible during its take-off and early flight scenes. Examining the screen shots of the chopper just before and during torpedo drop - even in slo-mo & stop-action, I could not determine with certainty whether or not the chopper carried a similar torpedo on its right side. but the possibility exists that it carried two torpedos, and dropped only its left one.

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Days of Thunder picture

Corrected entry: No team could use a single race car for an entire NASCAR season, especially when it is being wrecked every week.

Correction: Alan Kulwicki did it in 1986.

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Hard to Kill picture

Corrected entry: When Seagal and McGillis are driving through the field he is shown driving from both sides of the vehicle. One moment on the left and the next very quick shot on the right.

Correction: The reversed shots of the jeep are already noted.

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Robocop 2 picture

Corrected entry: When Robocop goes after Kain in the mill, they shoot off Robocop's hand, pick him up with a magnet, put him on a table and lock his hands and feet down. When they start to cut him up, they cut his leg off and it somehow falls to the floor, even though it was supposed to be locked to the table.

Correction: Robocop is not locked to the table, he is secured with huge metal chains. They don't actually show the leg being severed; it is done off camera. Kane's men must have pulled it out from under the chain and dropped it to the floor.

BocaDavie Premium member

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Pretty Woman picture

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the film, Vivian, (whose face we haven't seen yet) colors in her boots with a black marker held in her right hand. Near the end of the film, as Vivian is getting ready to leave the hotel and she's signing the papers, she uses her left hand. Julia Roberts is, in fact, left handed, as opposed to the stand-in used in the initial shot.

Correction: Julia Roberts is left-handed but its quite possible for Vivian to be ambidextrous.

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Pump up the Volume picture

Corrected entry: Harry's parents knock on his door and say they are suspicious because they heard him "talking." Apparently they feel they have nothing to worry about when Harry is yelling, screaming, and whacking boxes with a golf club, near the beginning of the movie.

Correction: Mark's parents go downstairs to talk to him because they're concerned about him, not because they heard anything. They hear him talking while they're right outside the door, before they knock, and mention it because he said he was alone. The rest of the time, they're in a completely different part of the house, and can't hear him however much noise he makes.

STP Premium member

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Flatliners picture

Corrected entry: In the final scene, Julia Roberts comes charging in to explain to the group that Kiefer Sutherland called her to tell her of his plan to flatline and that was about 9 minutes ago. So in an important plot line, everyone uses that number as the amount of time Kiefer has been under. But by the time he made the call to the time he actually ran into the abandoned church, turned on all the equipment, set himself up and eventually injected potassium into his arm, you'd have to figure at least 2-3 minutes elapsed before he actually flatlined. Why didn't the group take that into account?

Correction: Inasmuch as they didn't know exactly how much time they had to spare, they used the worst case scenario.

Bob Blumenfeld Premium member

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Total Recall picture

Corrected entry: In the scene after Arnold kills the construction hoods he goes home to Sharon Stone and tries to convince her that it was real by showing her his bloody hands with which he was grabbing her shoulders, yet there is no blood on her or the appliances he turned off upon entering the apartment.

Correction: This could be due to the whole movie being real or taking place in Quaid's mind. Obviously, if it's taking place in his mind, reality may not always exist.

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Quick Change picture

Corrected entry: When Grim bursts into the mob warehouse, the mob guys ask him what happened to the original bagman "Mario". Grim says that someone did him in. A few minutes later the mob boss gets on the phone to verify Grim's story, and Grim threatens them by sicking the Mario back on them, and they fall for it. Didn't he just tell them that Mario was dead though?


Correction: "Someone did him in" is wrong. Grim says "someone dared him".

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Ghost picture

Corrected entry: When Oda Mae and Sam are meeting Lyle Ferguson, in every shot of Lyle you can see a blonde woman and man in a black suit at the desk behind him. When Oda Mae sits down at that side both people are gone. There wasn't enough time for them both to get up and leave. (01:26:25)

Correction: They are still sitting there - you can't see the woman because she is behind Lyle, but they are still there.

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