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Corrected entry: At the time Sam is shot his soul separates from his body, indicating that he dies, but in the next shot the ambulance is carrying him to the hospital in order to help him.


Correction: If paramedics think there might be a chance to save someone they will continue treatment until a doctor has made the call to stop. Just because the paramedics continued to try to save him doesn't mean he hadn't already died, just that they were not yet willing to give up.


I've seen Emergency Medical Technicians and County Coroners call "dead at the scene" many times, without any attempt to resuscitate. In Sam's case, in this movie, he certainly seems to be dead, just a moment after the gun discharges.

Charles Austin Miller

Corrected entry: When Oda Mae takes four million dollars from the account, she hands him one tiny piece of ID. But the name on her ID wouldn't match the name on the account.

Correction: Yes the name with Max and Sam told her to get one of her fake IDs. So the ID would have the name Rita Miller on it.

Cynthia Gurski Premium member

Corrected entry: The storyline seems to change throughout the movie. First off, the plot was originally that Willy was only supposed to mug Sam and get his wallet, but not actually kill him. Carl confirmed this to Willy at Willy's place. But then later the storyline completely changes that Sam claims he was deliberately murdered for finding out Carl was laundering money at the bank (Ode Mae threw in that last part). Two different motives that conflict one another.

Correction: There's no discrepancy here. Willy was supposed to mug Sam and otherwise leave him unharmed because Carl wanted Sam's password information, but Willy ended up murdering him. Sam was murdered as a result of Carl wanting to launder the money. That may not have been the plan, but it is what ended up happening and Sam's statement that he was murdered over the money is correct.

Phaneron Premium member

Corrected entry: When Willie Lopez is mowed down in the street, his body is shown landing on the pavement near the wheels of a vehicle. When the camera comes back to part where Willie's soul leaves the body, his dead body is now on the hood of the vehicle and not in the street.

Correction: It is his ghost that is shown thrown and landing on the pavement. This is obvious when his ghost, the thrown body, gets up and walks to the cars where the accident occured.


Correction: The force of the impact not only killed Willy immediately but was strong enough to throw his spirit out of his body.

Corrected entry: Carl could have easily broken through the windows and escaped from Sam's ghost without throwing the hook at Sam, which instead causes fallen glass in the window to impale him and kill him.

Correction: Stupidities don't really apply in situations where the character is panicking. Carl is being attacked by a ghost and does whatever pops in his head to try and stop the attack. And him simply breaking the windows and exiting would not have stopped Sam from pursuing him.

Phaneron Premium member

Corrected entry: When Oda Mae and Sam are meeting Lyle Ferguson, in every shot of Lyle you can see a blonde woman and man in a black suit at the desk behind him. When Oda Mae sits down at that side both people are gone. There wasn't enough time for them both to get up and leave. (01:26:25)

Correction: They are still sitting there - you can't see the woman because she is behind Lyle, but they are still there.

Corrected entry: Willy gets inside Molly's apartment very quickly after Carl gets her to go out and take a walk with him. He's unable to get what he came for, and then goes straight to his house, where he contacts somebody on the phone - it can only be Carl. His explanation for why he couldn't get it? "She came home." But since it can only be Carl he was talking to (this is made clear by Carl's visiting Willy later on) Carl knew perfectly well that Molly came home. It's Carl that Molly was with - he'd have known full well that she left his company.

Correction: There could have been any number of other reasons why Willy couldn't get what he came after. He was simply "stating the obvious" since Carl asked.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Sam returns to Oda Mae's, a few other ghosts are seen entering. When they enter, it makes the sound effect for a ghost passing through a solid object. However, the door is wide open so they aren't passing through it. (01:18:05)

Correction: But there are ghosts entering the room through the wall, they're just off-camera.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: After Oda Mae was talking to Molly in her home for the first time, Oda Mae leaves the room annoyed. When she says "Have a nice life, and you, have a nice death", she points to the wrong characters.

Correction: She's pretty annoyed when she leaves. Character mistake while flustered doesn't make a movie mistake.


Corrected entry: When Sam is terrorizing Willy in Oda Mae's bathroom, Sam turns on the sink faucet and the mirror above the sink is clear. In the very next shot, steam has instantly appeared on the mirror for Sam to write "Boo" on.

Correction: It doesn't take long for my water to fog up my bathroom mirror. If the hot water is turned up on your heater tank, it's really no challenge whatsoever to accomplish this in seconds.


Corrected entry: When Sam plans to withdraw the money from Rita Miller's account to foil Carl's plot to launder money, Sam tells Oda Mae he needs her to get some of her fake IDs. The only way he would know that Oda Mae once made fake IDs is if he was with Molly at the police station when Oda Mae's police record was pulled and the officer told Molly that Oda Mae was arrested for making fake IDs. Sam was not with Molly, as he was already dead.

Correction: Exactly. His ghost saw the whole thing.

Since Sam never appeared in this scene, there's no way to confirm if he was there or not. It would have actually helped the scene more if Sam was seen by anyone watching the movie as being there.

Corrected entry: How did Carl and Willy know where Oda Mae lived?

Correction: It doesn't take much to find someone's address. She could have been listed, for all we know. If not, Carl's a sharp guy who works with computers. He could very easily have come up with her address, especially if she didn't do anything to hide it.

K.C. Sierra

Correction: When Molly talks to Carl about seeing her at the bank, she says, "Her name isn't even Oda Mae Brown. It's Rita Miller or something." Carl at that point knew that Oda Mae had taken all of the money so to find her he could have simply looked in a phone book to find her or, since Willy had already been to her business he would already know where she lived.

Corrected entry: When the ghost on the subway gets angry he throws Sam through the train. How does Sam stop so abruptly? It's as if he's hit the outside of a carriage and stopped when he should have just kept going.


Correction: According to the director's commentary, Sam's mind created the 'rules' for the physics of being a ghost, i.e. he had to learn to be able to walk through walls/ doors etc. In Sam's mind he was still bound by the rules of the living world which means he would stop when he hit the end of the carriage.

Corrected entry: The whole time Sam is a ghost, he is trying to touch things but can't supposedly, until the ghost in the subway shows him how. But during that whole time that he couldn't touch things, Sam could still go on the subway, (he would be able to jump through the subway doors, but would not fall through the floor when he landed) sit on couches, (he would sit on the couch, the cushions would move, but I'm sure if he tried to move the couch he wouldn't be able to) go up stairs, etc. It was a major part of the movie that he could not touch things, yet, he was touching things the whole time.

Correction: In the DVD commentary, the director explains about believing that as a ghost you can do something easy that you always did when you were alive such as walk up steps and sit down. Its all explained in the commentary.

Correction: If that's the case then why is it that right after he died he tried to touch his own face but couldn't? He had been touching things his whole life so it should have been second nature.

It's the difference between conscious and unconscious. You don't think about touching the floor, you just think about walking. You don't think about touching a chair, you're just sitting. Meanwhile you're actively thinking about touching something that you're reaching out to grab.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where the penny is pushed up the side of the door, the head is facing upwards. In the next shot, the head's position has moved 90 degrees to the right.

Correction: You can see the penny turn gradually as it is pushed up the door.

Corrected entry: When Oda Mae is closing the account and getting out her ID she dumps out the contents of her purse. In the next shot and all of the following shots, the plethora of items on the desk is replaced with a white paper. (01:28:35)

Correction: Before Lyle Ferguson leaves the desk, Oda Mae starts putting things back into her purse. The scene cuts away until Lyle returns, giving Oda Mae plenty of time to put everything back.

Corrected entry: In one of the last scenes, Oda Mae, Sam and Molly are at Molly's house, waiting for the police. By now Sam has learned to touch things and people. But he does not seem to be able to touch Molly and needs to borrow the body of Oda Mae to touch Molly and dance with her.

Correction: He needs to borrow Oda Mae's body so that Molly can feel him, not the other way around.

No. He says "I'd give anything if I could just touch you." That is why Oda Mae let him enter her.

Corrected entry: When Sam is on the train and sees the other ghost, the 'train ghost' gets up and looks at Sam, then starts yelling at him. How does the train ghost know that Sam is a another ghost? Sam certainly can't tell between ghosts and humans.

Correction: Sam is still learning to deal with being a ghost and has not learned how to tell dead people from live people yet. The other ghost has been one for a long time and can recognize other ghosts. The ghost in the hospital was able to recognize Sam as being a ghost along with the lady in the cemetery. Some things have to be learned just like Sam had to learn how to move objects.

Vernon Gilmore

Corrected entry: You are you not allowed to smoke on a NYC subway nor is any advertising for cigarettes permitted. So there would not have been a cigarette vending machine for the train ghost to smash.

Correction: I'm pretty sure that this law was not in effect when the movie was filmed (89 - early 90) and probably not until 1995. I know you could still smoke on airplanes in 1990.

Corrected entry: During the second time Oda May and Sam are talking, Oda May keeps looking right at Sam even though she insists that she can't see where he is.

Correction: Oda May can't see him, true, but she can follow the sound of his voice. She can hear where he is, therefore she turns her head that direction as well.

Continuity mistake: Where Swazye and Moore are at the pottery wheel, seconds after their hands and arms had been smeared with clay, they're clean.

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Molly Jensen: Carl, are you all right?
Carl Bruner: It's just my stomach! Do you have anything like Pepto Bismol or something like that?
Sam Wheat: Cyanide.

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Trivia: The sound effects of the screaming and howling of the demons that drag Carl and Willy to hell is lots of babies crying, slowed down.

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