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Revealing mistake: When Carl is being dragged away by the demons, you can see the cable line that he's attached to. May be fixed on DVD.

Continuity mistake: Where Swazye and Moore are at the pottery wheel, seconds after their hands and arms had been smeared with clay, they're clean.

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Suggested correction: The director explained this in the commentary. The scene where they are clean isn't meant to be immediately after the clay pot scene. It was just the same evening.

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Visible crew/equipment: When moving into their apartment Patrick Swazye kicks the statue to make it swing so they can get it inside. As they are looking at the statue, two moving men cross in back of them carring a mirror and as they pass you can see the director and camera crew in the reflection.


Continuity mistake: When Carl gets killed by the falling pane of glass, his hand moves downward and removes some of the blood. In the next shot, more of the blood is missing.

Revealing mistake: When the movie starts, Carl and Sam exit the subway station. A few members of the public/extras/background can't help but stare at the camera during the time it pans past them, firstly the man at the back as they are arriving up from the stairs, then the man with a hat, then the truck unloader on the right of the screen before they look at the red car. They all either seem to be starting at the camera, or looking or for thier cues to start acting.


Audio problem: At the end of the movie, Carl is chasing Molly and Oda Mae. He says something like "Molly she's a thief!" and something else, but his lips don't move.

Continuity mistake: In the subway scene with the ghost that tells Sam how to move stuff, the crazy ghost hits the cigarette machine and about 5 or 6 packs fall out. In the next scene, there are loads of them in a pile on the floor and we haven't seen any more come out.

Continuity mistake: After they take $4 million from bank they walk outside where a young woman with long black hair, blue blouse, gray dress, black purse and white shoes walks by Oda Mae. Sam and Oda Mae argue for a few minutes, over what to do with the check. When they walk over to the nuns, the same woman walks by Oda Mae again.

Revealing mistake: Early in the movie, just after Patrick Swayze got shot, he chases after Rick Aviles. He was dead at this time, but he doesn't know that yet. He comes back walking through rain and you can see his reflection in the water on the street.

Continuity mistake: Toward the end of the movie, Sam is weakening and is seen falling down. When he gets up he staggers over to the window before falling down again. However, he falls in the exact same place he did before - several feet from the window.

Continuity mistake: When Oda Mae is pretending to contact Mrs Santiago's dead husband she first pretends it's too difficult and one of her sisters moves to hand her back her money. When the bill is extended to Mrs Santiago, it's folded the long way and held by the sister at the very end. When Oda Mae pretends to feel something and the shot changes, the bill appears to be folded the other way and the sister is holding it in the middle. (00:40:25)

Revealing mistake: When Sam is going back to Oda Mae's, when he's walking toward the door his reflection is visible walking the same way, though he's not in front of the window at an angle this would be possible for a few seconds. I don't know exactly what could cause on the filming side of the mistake, just that there's no way the reflection would look like that. (01:18:05)

Continuity mistake: When Carl is pulling Molly off the ladder and putting a gun to her head, you clearly see him thumb back the hammer of the pistol three different times. A semi-auto only needs to be cocked once, and then only if it's a single-action.

Continuity mistake: When Carl is sitting alone at his computer in his office, having found his fake bank account emptied, a glass of water can clearly be seen next to Carl's computer. However, after he sees the empty chair (that Sam is sitting in) roll past him, the next shot of Carl's computer shows the glass of water now gone.

Continuity mistake: When Carl and Willy are storming Oda Mae's apartment the lock on the door magically changes. In the second shot of the lock, it has a hole through the metal part. However, when he shot the door open, it didn't put a hole in the metal. (01:40:25)

Other mistake: When Carl has received the Nassau bank account number from the drug dealer on the phone, afterward you see him typing in "Rita Miller" on the computer. If you watch closely, his left hand pinky never touches the "A" key on the keyboard, yet the "A" in Rita comes up just fine and out of sync with the clicking sounds of the keyboard.

Revealing mistake: When Carl is accessing the recently closed account, he moves to a second computer to attempt it. Look at the screen before he gets there. It already has the "account closed" and account information blinking on the screen. It's highly unlikely that he tried the account on that computer before, because when he first leaves his chair he looks around the room for an open computer. (01:31:30)

Continuity mistake: When Oda Mae and Sam first go to Molly's apartment, Oda Mae is seen walking across the street wearing black shoes. They appear to be flats or sandals or something like that. After Oda Mae rings the bell and speaks to Molly unsuccessfully, she turns and walks down the building steps to leave and she is now wearing white sneakers.

Tina Gilliam

Continuity mistake: When Swayze is walking in the street, he passes the same woman in a checkered suit twice, without either of them having changed directions.

Other mistake: Willie is killed after being hit by the cars in the alley; however, in the closeup shot, you can see that he is still breathing.

Paul Pepiton

Oda Mae Brown: Why don't you go haunt a house? Rattle some chains or something.

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Question: After Willy takes Sam's wallet, why did Sam attack him? The scene happened so fast I can't figure out why.

Answer: Willy struck Molly (knocking her to the ground) when she tried to intervene, thus making Sam attack him in response. This fight led to Sam getting shot.

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