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Corrected entry: When Patrick Swazye chases his killer, the man is hit by a car and his body is flung under the wheels of another vehicle. Yet, in the close-up, the body is on the hood.

Correction: There are two bodies - the physical and the spiritual.


Corrected entry: In one of the last scenes, Oda Mae, Sam and Molly are at Molly's house, waiting for the police. By now Sam has learned to touch things and people. But he does not seem to be able to touch Molly and needs to borrow the body of Oda Mae to touch Molly and dance with her.

Correction: He needs to borrow Oda Mae's body so that Molly can feel him, not the other way around.

No. He says "I'd give anything if I could just touch you." That is why Oda Mae let him enter her.


He punches Carl, so he is able to let others feel him. Why can't he do that with Molly?

Corrected entry: You can see Sam's shadow the whole time.

Correction: True, WE can see Sam's shadow, because we can also see Sam. But no-one else can see his shadow. So this isn't a mistake as such.

Revealing mistake: When Carl is being dragged away by the demons, you can see the cable line that he's attached to. May be fixed on DVD.

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Oda Mae Brown: Why don't you go haunt a house? Rattle some chains or something.

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Trivia: Patrick Swayze refused to do this movie if Whoopi Goldberg was not given the role of Oda Mae Brown.

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Question: Why was Carl laundering $4 million into the account? Was he in debt when he says to Willie "I'm dead if the account closes", which it does?


Answer: Carl is laundering money for drug dealers. If the account is closed and he can't get the money back then it would be lost. The drug dealers would then most assuredly murder him in retribution.

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