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Corrected entry: When Edward was cutting the dogs hair for the very very first time, the dog first looked like a shaggy dog, and then when the dog comes running up to the owner, the dog then looks like a poodle.


Correction: That's the point: Edward cut all the hair off the shaggy dog until its hairstyle resembled a typical poodle's hairstyle.

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Corrected entry: At the time of the break-in at Jim's house, Edward is wearing dark clothes and a cap unlike what he can be seen wearing at other times throughout the film. He has previously demonstrated an inability to dress himself, and with this in mind it is strange that everybody assumes that he committed the burglary by himself.

Correction: There is a HUGE difference in helping Edward dress himself and helping him commit burglary! Naturally, his accusers assume he had asked someone to help him put on clothes, but that he had lied about/not revealed the purpose.


Corrected entry: Near the end of the film when Edward is carving ice sculptures in his castle, the camera pans close to one of them, making it very obvious that it is made of hollow clear plastic. The use of a fan (though not actually visible) to blow the "ice shavings" out the window is also quite evident. (01:35:05)

Correction: You can't tell whether the blocks are made of ice or clear plastic solely by its appearance. As for the snow effect, the story is a fairy tale and doesn't conform to reality (Edward makes enough snow to blanket the town). Since as you state, the fan isn't visible, it's not a mistake.

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Corrected entry: Kim and Edward are in the castle and Kim is saying goodbye to Edward, she's very close to Edward as if to kiss him. Jim interrupts them. Suddenly, Kim and Edward are now standing several feet apart and Kim has moved to Edward's other side.


Correction: They probably suddenly moved when Jim showed up and pulled the gun. Kim could have been trying to get in the way so Edward wouldn't be hurt. After all, a few seconds pass before the shot cuts back.

Corrected entry: After the neighbors hurry towards the mansion, Kim is left behind and hears gunshots. The police leave and the whole neighborhood begins to walk up the hill to the mansion to investigate themselves what happened to Edward. The next shot shows Kim running up the vicinity of the mansion to find him herself. How did she get up there so quickly?

Correction: The whole neighborhood stops to talk to the cop for a moment, before continuing their trek to the mansion. Kim could easilly have snuck past them during this time, allowing her to get ahead. She is also probably much faster than them, as she is a teenager, and for the most part, they are quite a bit older than her.

Corrected entry: When Edward runs his scissor hands over the inventor's face, there is only a little blood, but when we see the blades, they are covered in blood and both sharp sides of a pair of scissors are bloody, which is impossible if he had just run the blades over his skin. He would have had to be cutting to get that effect.

Correction: The red stuff on Edward's scissor "hands" is not blood and didn't come from the inventor's face. When the inventor begans to collapse while still holding Edward's brand new and not yet attached hands, Edward accidentally punctures them several times. They're not human but apparently contain a red, blood-like fluid - we don't know what. As a result, Edward's scissor blades are soaked in this red goo.

Corrected entry: Just before Edward runs his scissor hands over the inventor's face, look closely at the blades. They already have blood on them.

Correction: We already know that Edward is constantly stabbing and cutting himself. It's his blood.

Corrected entry: When Edward is cutting the woman's hair, his hands are on the back of her head, but it is obvious that his scissor hands are not touching her head.

Correction: He is cutting her hair, therefore, he doesn't need to touch her head, just her hair, which sticks out fairly far from the head itself.

Corrected entry: Near the end, Edward cuts the Inventor's face. But in the opening credits, you see the dead inventor lying on the floor with no scar.

Correction: When you see the inventor in the opening credits, he has no scars because it is the shot of Edward leaning down to stroke his face. He has not been cut yet.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Edward is cutting a dog for the first time, we can clearly see that the dog is a sort of fat and is a shaggy type dog, however, when the dog runs to the owner after it is cut and fancy looking, we can see that the dog is all of a sudden skinny and looks like a poddle type dog.

Correction: It is known (especially with border collies) that fur can make a dog look larger than it really is.

Corrected entry: After Edward's rampage through town, he sits on a curb, and a shaggy dog approaches him waiting for a haircut. Edward snips the hair away from the dog's eyes in a closeup shot, yet in the next shot there is no fur on the ground.

Correction: After the dog walks away, you can see Edward's hair move a little, meaning there was a light breeze - the fur could have blown away in the breeze.

Corrected entry: When Edward is cutting Joyce's hair on the lawn, there are clouds in the background. But when we see closer shots of Edward's face, the sky is completely blue. Also, the clouds change dramatically from shot to shot.

Correction: This is true, although it is not a mistake. In the commentary by the director, Tim Burton, he talks about how the clouds in Florida naturally move very quickly, therefore making the sky look different in almost every shot.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film, the old lady says Edward created snow. Then,just before the ice angel scene, you see Kim's Dad putting fake snow on the roof. Why would he do that if Edward hadn't made snow yet?

Correction: The old lady didn't say that Edward created snow. She said that it never snowed before he came, and it has been snowing ever since.

Corrected entry: When Peg gets into her car, she adjusts the side view mirror. The mirror is mounted inside a one-piece housing, meaning the outside housing can't be moved. When the camera does a close up on her hand to look in the mirror, she moves the whole mirror, meaning that there were two mirror set ups used.

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Correction: The mirrors are not in a housing, they are manually adjustable mirrors standard on AMC Gremlins.


Corrected entry: Near the end of the film, at the mansion, Wynona Ryder calls her ex-boyfriend Jeff, but his name is Jim.


Correction: She says "Jim", I listened several times to make sure. Closed-caption even confirms this.


Corrected entry: When Edward is cutting the hair of Joyce's dog, you get a low angle shot of Edward's face and at the bottom of the screen you can see the edge of the table, but there is no dog on the table.

Correction: The dog is further up, that is why you cannot see it.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Peg first finds Edward in the castle, while she is first talking to him, you can see a part of Johnny Depp's hand, plain as day, making it look like he is wearing a large metal glove.

Correction: That's not Johnny Depp's hand. It's the reflection of light on the leather glove, making the surface appear to be white, like Edward's skin.

Corrected entry: The entire neighborhood is supposed to have bright "Easter-colored" houses (as part of Tim Burton's artistic look), however, when all the husbands in the neighborhood get in their cars to go to work, in the top right hand corner of the screen, you can see plain looking houses.

Correction: This might be part of Burton's vision, but it is certainly never said in the movie that all the houses are pastel colored. It is entirely plausable that one street might have one overall design, and the houses around it a different one.

Corrected entry: When Edward first sees the water bed, he pokes a hole in it, but later that night, there isn't a hole.

Correction: Since there are sheets on the bed, we simply don't see the patch that was certainly applied.

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Continuity mistake: Before Edward is looking at the family pictures you can see some scars on his face are open, when the camera focuses back on him the scars are closed.

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Officer Allen: We're looking for the man with the hands.

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Trivia: When Edward is driven into town, the car passes a house with children playing on a slip 'n' slide on the front lawn. The boy running and sliding is future Backstreet Boy Nick Carter.

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Question: I have seen the movie several times, but I cannot figure this out. Why does Jim want to steal items from his own house in order to get money for a car? If the plan had been successful, his father would probably find it strange that he had money for a car after their house was robbed. Especially because Jim's father is aware that Jim wants a car, since Jim complained about his father being too "cheap" to buy him one. Would it not make more sense to rob another person's house?

Answer: If the robbery had been successful, Jim would have been able to accuse Edward of robbing the house with his friends backing him up. Jim probably would have kept the car at a friend's house to avoid suspicion. Since the house belongs to Jim's father, nobody would question him going inside. If Jim and his friends tried to rob someone else's house, there would be the chance that somebody would be home or that a burglar alarm could go off and alert the neighbors and the police.

Answer: Jim also quotes "we could a lot of money off this thing" stating he could steal the car, sell it and get enough money to buy his own car without suspicion.

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