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Corrected entry: RoboCop is programmed with prime directives which he must follow. One of the rules, the third one, states that he must uphold the law and yet he crosses a double yellow while driving. The turn signal is not being used either.

Correction: Police are traditionally exempt from conventional traffic laws, and particularly in emergency and pursuit situations. Among many other things, police are allowed to exceed speed limits, drive against one-way traffic, pass in no-pass zones, and even force other vehicles off the road when the situation calls for it (these would be considered violations or even serious crimes if committed by civilians). All of these exemptions and more would certainly be written into Robocop's programming.

Charles Austin Miller

Corrected entry: There's no way a kid could fire a Desert Eagle gun, not even the 357 version - they have a massive amount of recoil.

Correction: All Desert Eagle pistols employ gas-operated blowback system to operate. This, in addition to the pistol's heavy weight, lowers recoil significantly. And actually, 357. Desert Eagle was advertised as "Lowest Recoiling 357. ever" way back when.

Correction: I've owned both a .357 Desert Eagle and a .44 Desert Eagle and the recoil is nothing like firing a revolver in these calibres.


Corrected entry: The Old Man in this sequel is the same sort of remorseless bastard as Dick Jones was in the first film. That's a huge character change since he was focused on doing what is right in the original, with seemingly no explanation whatsoever.

Athletic Jason

Correction: The Old Man was not focused on doing what is "right" in the original film. He was the mastermind behind OCP's plan for a hostile takeover of Detroit to replace it with Delta City. Part of that plan was allowing crime to get so bad the city would be forced to allow OCP to take over the police department. He showed no remorse whatsoever at Kenney's death during the board meeting and was instead frustrated at the financial set-backs ED-209 not being ready would cause him. He also had knowledge of the questionable ethics of the Robocop program, namely that potential subjects like Murphy were re-assigned to patrol violent areas to ensure they would be killed in the line of duty.


Corrected entry: If you look closely at Robocain when he is firing his gatling gun, you will notice that: 1 - it isn't ejecting any spent cases at all and 2 - there is no ammo canister attached to the chain, which is strange since he fired several thousand rounds.

Correction: Robocain's gatling gun was probably using caseless ammunition, that's why you don't see any ammo coming out.

Corrected entry: It seems very strange that RoboCop 2's remote won't turn him off, but it will deactivate his weapons. Why is it able to do one and not the other?


Correction: This is not a mistake, but a question. There's various possibilities. The remote seems set up to control many functions of RoboCop 2, so it could be a malfunction or glitch while the weapons control portion is working. Or Cain could have disabled having his mind being controlled, but not able to control the weapons; etc.


Correction: If you look closely the remote control has multiple buttons on it so most likely it has a shut down button as well.

Corrected entry: When Robocop 2 is introduced and goes nuts at the press conference at the end of the movie, Robocop enters from the left of Robocop 2 with an rifle. Yet when Robocop starts firing the rifle, he aims to his right instead of his left...meaning that he is missing Robocop 2 by a mile and firing at blank space!

Correction: It is clear RoboCop is aiming to his left and aiming at RoboCop 2.


Corrected entry: When Cain drives very close to the pole to make RoboCop hit it, RoboCop gets slammed in the face and falls off the van. When the camera angle changes after the Robovision shot of RoboCop hitting the wall, RoboCop is not actually hanging onto the van. He is just attached to the pole and falls off it. The van is behind him and travelling in a right angle to RoboCop's body. (01:02:19)


Correction: This is not how the scene happens. Before hitting the pole (there is no wall involved), RoboCop has his arm through the window. The shot after "Robovision" has RoboCop's face in the pole and his arm is not in the window. However, we also see the cab section of the van (thus the window) is ahead of RoboCop at this point. Unless he wanted his arm possible ripped off, he would have been smart to pull is arm out, thus we see when he hits the pole, of course he's not hanging on to the van any long. And the van is not traveling at a right angle to RoboCop's body, but parallel.


Corrected entry: When RoboCop is hanging on to Cain's truck, he is to the right of Cain, yet when the camera angle changes he is right in front of Cain. When Cain looks and smiles at RoboCop, just before swinging the van, he looks to his right even though RoboCop is supposed to be right in front of him now. (01:01:29)


Correction: When the camera angle changes, RoboCop is not directly in front of Cain as of yet, which is why you can see Cain over RoboCop's right shoulder. Cain's 2nd glance at RoboCop before swinging the van, while still to the right, is less to the right than his 1st glance; suggesting RoboCop is moving over (which we see happen in the film).


Corrected entry: When Robocop removes the wire from his helmet, before he electrocutes himself, his right hand comes clean off his arm.

Correction: There is no scene like this. Before he electrocutes himself, he pulls the cable cord out of his helmet with his left hand, but nothing happens to his right hand. And the left hand never comes clean off his arm, but we do see his normal articulation.


Corrected entry: When RoboCop is in the lab he pulls out a cord from his helmet. As he does so, the helmet moves quite significantly to the left, (his right). I thought it was supposed to be fixed on with bolts?


Correction: It does move slightly. However, we've seen RoboCop without his helmet on, so we know it can be moved. It's possible it wasn't fully secured and only placed on to hook up to the computer.


Corrected entry: An arcade game is knocked over, then just seconds later it is standing again.

Correction: This is incorrect. We do see the game "Midnight Resistance" get knocked over. However the "Midnight Resistance" we see standing later is not the same one. The first one was next to the claw game and this is next to "Sly Spy".


Corrected entry: At the start of the film, RoboCop gets out of his car and shoots the guys who are robbing the gun store, and only one survives. When RoboCop goes to interrogate him, watch the bottom of the screen closely, Robo stands on the guys foot. A few moments later when Robo is lifting the guy up in the air, Robo has to stand back a bit, so he can get off the guy's foot and let him rise up.


Correction: There is no mistake. Even if Robocop did step in the guy's foot, which isn't visibly seen, Robocop doesn't move back. He doesn't change position except to lift and move his leg (which he would need to do if he was in fact on the guy's foot).


Corrected entry: When RoboCop is at Cain's hideout, River Rouge, there is a sign with a phone number on the gate. The area code on the sign is "312" which is actually Chicago, instead of the proper "313" needed for Detroit. (00:31:29)


Correction: Not necessarily incorrect at all: a lot of real estate is managed out of other cities, particularly Chicago. A brownfield property as shown could readily be owned or managed by a Chicago-based commercial/industrial real estate organization.

Corrected entry: Cain's eyes are brown for most of the film. They turn green when we see his eyes and brain in the glass tube, and again on the RoboCop 2 interface screen. (01:09:23)


Correction: Not really true. At the start of the movie Cain's face is covered either with shadow (or just low light) and his pupils are very large, so you can't really see what colour his eyes are. They may look brown or hazel, however when Robocop is hanging on to the Bomb Disposal van with Cain driving, you can see that his eyes have a definite green colour.


Corrected entry: Robocain is able to penetrate the armored truck with cash in it killing the boy, yet, his chain gun does minimal damage to Robocop and none at all to the armored car Louis uses to pin him to the wall near the end. Is he firing armor-piercing rounds or not?

Correction: The difference with this is that the truck really isn't an armoured truck in the true sense, but a bomb disposal van, as written on the side. Cain and co are just using them as armoured trucks, probably to avoid undue attention. When Robocop finds Hob in the back, you can see where the bullets have passed through the walls of the van and they are quite thin. The walls of a police armoured car can be at least 3 inches thick and are designed against armour piercing rounds as is Robocops' armour. However as we don't really see the police armoured car take any bullet damage, we can't assume that it hasn't, we just know that Lewis didn't get hurt in the process.


Corrected entry: When Robocop gets cut up, the kid says 'I've heard he's got a brain. I want to see it'. They then just cut his limbs off and return him to the cops. There doesn't seem to be any reason at all not to kill him, and of course he then returns and ruins all their plans. Sure, it furthers the plot, but they could have just scrapped that line and it wouldn't have been a problem.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Correction: The kid does get Robocop's helmet off, revealing the mass of lights and circuitry beneath that could be considered his "brain". Tearing him into scrap metal fulfilled their needs; they never said anything about killing him. Not tearing him apart any further was a character decision.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: In the first Robocop film, RoboCop took on ED-209 and then he was shot by around 20 police officers for a total of around two minutes of screentime. Although cosmetically damaged, he was still operational and carried on. So how on earth can a little boy easily shoot off his hand with a few short bursts of a machine gun? If it was that easy to shoot his hand off, why didn't Ed or the police do it in the first film, and destroy him bit by bit?


Correction: Unknown what kind of shells the kid was using. 50 caliber armor-piercing shells aimed directly at the wrist joint would do the job, and apparently much more effectively than the standard police ammo.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: Why is RoboCop 2 unable to speak? Surely if RoboCop 2 was to stumble upon a crime it would have to make some form of communication with the perpitratiors. If the makers of the robot bothered to put a computerised image of Cain's face on the robot, then surely they should have made a voice for him too? The digital image of a face is basically useless, and wouldn't have helped much in say a hostage situation or an assault on a building.


Correction: Another character choice. They must have decided that RoboCain would enforce the law using brute force. If he said anything it would probably be to ask for more nuke; something his creators would not want the public to hear.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, Robocop rips Kane's brain out of Robocop 2 and smashes it on the ground. Only after that, the representation of Kane in Robocop 2 then dies. How could Kane, who is the brain, still control or react to his brain being smashed? Shouldn't Robocop 2 have died immediately when the brain was ripped out of him?

Correction: Although it looks like Kane's brain is hard-wired into the armor, a remote connection would not have been impossible. It would also be a good contingency plan in case the brain is separated from the body.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: When Robocop is broken in pieces by Kain's crew, they take Robocop to the police station and a man throws the pieces of Robocop out of the car with one hand even though Robocop is very heavy. Several men are needed to carry Robocop in a scene later.

Correction: As a unit Robocop is very heavy. Individual pieces of him would be easy to lift. The torso section, weighing the most, was pushed out of the car.

BocaDavie Premium member

Continuity mistake: At the start of the movie when the gun store is being robbed, one of them fires a portable rocket launcher at the police car, causing it to roll over and spin. As it comes to a stop just outside the store, it's visible that the driver's side window has been blown out, and the vehicle interior is visible, however when the same guy prepares to fire the bazooka to finish it off, the window has returned and is completely intact.


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RoboCop: Isn't the moon wonderful tonight?
Lewis: It's still daytime.
RoboCop: It's the thought that counts.
Lewis: Oh, Jesus! We're heading back to the station.

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Trivia: When Robocop picks up Duffy the dirty cop and throws him into the arcade machine, when Robocop then pulls him away from the screen, you can see that the game playing on the arcade is none other than Robocop.

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Question: I know that Nuke is a drug but what kind of drug and why dose everyone want the drug so bad.

Answer: We're never given specifics about it, but we do know it's the most addictive drug in history.

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