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9.4/10.A vastly underrated sequel.This one takes delight in poking fun at annoying self righteous parent groups who'd rather wreck everyone else's fun instead of keeping their kids away from the wrong stuff.This further explores Murphy's difficult task of not losing himself to his cyborg self.The idea of a drug lord using a kid didn't bother me as Communists used kids in the likes of Vietnam so this was quite realistic here.Nancy's Allen's still great here, she helps further in moving the story along.Tom Noonan tries hard to be a bad guy and at lest he's OK. I felt the true bad guy was Belinda Bauer's Dr Juliette Faxx.She plays a mix of mad scientist and hellbent feminist nicely.If anything, it should've been her fighting Robocop at the end in an advanced suit of armor.It's still a good sequel never the less.


Factual error: One of the brain surgeons says about Cain's brain, "it's nice and clean in here, there's no damage", except we see throughout the film Cain using the drug Nuke, even a new variation of it called Blue Velvet. When he injects it he's with his chemist Frank, and mentions two of its ingredients, "benzadrine and scopolamine" - no way his brain would be nice and clean.


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Suggested correction: They were referring to his brain being in good condition considering that he was severely injured in a truck accident with Robocop.

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Lewis: Good eyes, Murphy.
RoboCop: Good as money can buy.

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Trivia: When Robocop hosts the raid at the arcade, most of the game machines have advertisements for the Data East software company. Data East made the Robocop video games.

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Question: When RoboCop is at the hideout, we see several "artifacts" (like the skeleton of Elvis). As he leaves, the camera focuses on something and pans up on it. What is it suppose to be?


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