Robocop 2

Trivia: When Robocop picks up Duffy the dirty cop and throws him into the arcade machine, when Robocop then pulls him away from the screen, you can see that the game playing on the arcade is none other than Robocop.

Trivia: When Robocop hosts the raid at the arcade, most of the game machines have advertisements for the Data East software company. Data East made the Robocop video games.

Trivia: RoboCop 2 had the 2nd highest body count for a film in 1990, with 58 deaths. It was beaten only by Die Hard 2, with 162 deaths. (They cheated by having an aeroplane blow up, of course).


Trivia: RoboCop's 'robovision' interface has references to MS-DOS, and RoboCop 2's 'robovision' interface has references to Apple Mac.


Trivia: The films screenwriter Frank Miller makes a cameo appearance in the film. He plays the part of Frank, Cain's drug maker.


Trivia: The Nuke drug holders are actually old tape cassette holders. The small capsule containing the Nuke is actually applicators for the drops that go on contact lenses, with water and red food colouring in them.


Trivia: At the start of the film when the gang break into the weapons store we see two of them argue about the cops coming to get them. If you look closely at the gun rack on the far left of the screen you will see a Beretta M93R-AG gun. This is the slightly unmodified version of the Auto-9 gun that RoboCop uses.


Trivia: The abandoned hospital used in RoboCop 2 for Cain's death and brain removal scenes was the former Jefferson Davis Hospital in Houston, Texas. The building was demolished in 1999, and the property where the hospital was once located was sold off to the U.S Federal Reserve for $23 million.


Trivia: When Cain escapes from the drug factory at the beginning of the film, he shoots a Chinese woman who is hiding in his car. She was actually speaking real Mandarin to him and she said, "Take me with you, if not the police will catch me."


Trivia: The auditorium used for the scenes at the end of the film was the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas.


Trivia: When Robocop's being reprogrammed, various information flashes up on screen, only really readable if watched frame by frame on a DVD. Various new directives come up, including 'Avoid Orion meetings' (Orion being the company that made the film). The names Kuran and Lockwood are shown among the garbage, being Peter Kuran and George Lockwood, two of the special effects team. There's also a string of numbers, which when treated as Hex and translated to ASCII comes out as 'Pete Kuran is a great guy'. (00:46:05)

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Trivia: The films director, Irvin Kershner, appears in the film. When Dr. Faxx is screening candidates for the RoboCop 2 brain, the very first face seen on the screen is that of Irvin's. (00:42:12)



Trivia: While most of the stop motion was done with miniature puppets, the brief shot where Cain grabs his girlfriend's head was done with a life-size prop of the robot's claw gripping the actress's head, with the animators carefully twisting her neck one frame at a time.

Trivia: While producers loved Frank Miller's original version of the script, they quickly realized it was unfilmable as written. The final screen version was heavily rewritten and bears only a superficial resemblance to Miller's story. In 2003, Miller's screenplay was adapted into a comic book series titled, appropriately, "Frank Miller's RoboCop".

Trivia: When the police cruisers zoom past the hot dog stand and one guy remarks that they're not holding signs, that actor is Chad Lowe, younger brother of Rob.

Trivia: Nancy Allen reportedly hated the production. She signed on under a different director and script, and was very excited about the project, feeling it could be just as good as the original. When Irvin Kirshner replaced the original director, she felt he stripped out too much of the satirical humor of the original film, and they began to have creative differences. As a result, many of her important scenes were stripped down or removed altogether so they wouldn't have to deal with one-another. The situation was so bad, she only agreed to be in the third movie on the condition that she be killed off in the first act.


Trivia: The footage of Robocop shooting at the guy who is smoking was used in theaters telling people not to smoke.


Trivia: The cable to connect Robo to the computer was actually a water hose.


Continuity mistake: At the start of the movie when the gun store is being robbed, one of them fires a portable rocket launcher at the police car, causing it to roll over and spin. As it comes to a stop just outside the store, it's visible that the driver's side window has been blown out, and the vehicle interior is visible, however when the same guy prepares to fire the bazooka to finish it off, the window has returned and is completely intact.


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RoboCop: Isn't the moon wonderful tonight?
Lewis: It's still daytime.
RoboCop: It's the thought that counts.
Lewis: Oh, Jesus! We're heading back to the station.

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Question: When RoboCop is at the hideout, we see several "artifacts" (like the skeleton of Elvis). As he leaves, the camera focuses on something and pans up on it. What is it suppose to be?


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