Robocop 2

Corrected entry: When Robocop goes after Kain in the mill, they shoot off Robocop's hand, pick him up with a magnet, put him on a table and lock his hands and feet down. When they start to cut him up, they cut his leg off and it somehow falls to the floor, even though it was supposed to be locked to the table.

Correction: Robocop is not locked to the table, he is secured with huge metal chains. They don't actually show the leg being severed; it is done off camera. Kane's men must have pulled it out from under the chain and dropped it to the floor.

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Corrected entry: In the future, Detroit is this absolute hellhole where crime is rampant, police are on strike, all areas are somewhat dangerous and even boy scouts have turned criminal, but when Murphy drives past his former wife's house (presumably in Detroit) near the beginning, the area is nice and tranquil where the kids casually ride bikes up and down and no one even has bars on their windows. Also given the amount of crime in Detroit, why does OCP even care about Robocop's prying behaviour?.

Gavin Jackson

Correction: To answer the first mistake, it could be a gated community with security. To answer the second mistake, he was trying to bring up his old memories - if he became Officer Murphy again, he would cease to be RoboCop, hence no longer under OCP's control.

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Correction: Simple Cain used the darkness to his advantage during the murder scene so it was in his interest to not destroy the door he had no such considerations leaving the building, after all the door is buckled outwards.

Corrected entry: We see the gatling gun on Kain's arm being fired through walls, vehicles, people, even straight through the side of an armoured van then through bags of money and still kill someone, yet when he uses it on Robocop it doesn't even scratch the finish on Robocop's bodywork.

Correction: If you look at Robocop's lower left chest plate, you can see bullet impact marks.

Sol Parker

Factual error: One of the brain surgeons says about Cain's brain, "it's nice and clean in here, there's no damage", except we see throughout the film Cain using the drug Nuke, even a new variation of it called Blue Velvet. When he injects it he's with his chemist Frank, and mentions two of its ingredients, "benzadrine and scopolamine" - no way his brain would be nice and clean.


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Suggested correction: They were referring to his brain being in good condition considering that he was severely injured in a truck accident with Robocop.

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Lewis: Good eyes, Murphy.
RoboCop: Good as money can buy.

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Trivia: RoboCop 2 had the 2nd highest body count for a film in 1990, with 58 deaths. It was beaten only by Die Hard 2, with 162 deaths. (They cheated by having an aeroplane blow up, of course).


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Question: When RoboCop is at the hideout, we see several "artifacts" (like the skeleton of Elvis). As he leaves, the camera focuses on something and pans up on it. What is it suppose to be?


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