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Corrected entry: When Val and Earl meet Rhonda for the first time she asks if there is any drilling, explosions etc. and they say no. She explains the graph's readings are strange and thought it could be because of possible works going on. A bit later as Val and Earl are leaving Perfection they come across 2 workmen drilling the road.

Correction: The small jackhammers the road workers are using are highly unlikely to be able to affect a distant seismograph. She meant things like oil or deep core drilling. In addition, it's quite possible Val and Earl didn't even know about the road workers.

Greg Dwyer

Corrected entry: Rhonda has light colored pants on earlier. When she is on the water tower, she appears to have new jeans on.

Correction: That's shown in the film. She gets accidentally rolled up in barbed wire and has to take off her pants and boots to escape. While her wounds are being tended, Miguel hands her a pair of jeans and sneakers.


Corrected entry: When Old Fred is eaten, he's holding a hoe. When Val and Earl find him, the hoe is nowhere to be seen. It's been established that the graboids spit out things they can't eat (the generator, the bomb) but we see a wide area around where Fred was, and no sign of the hoe. Yes, it could have been spit VERY far away, but in the other instances the objects are still in the vicinity of where they were eaten.


Correction: Self-correcting entry. Like you said, it could have been spit very far away.


Corrected entry: Rhonda does a pretty good job on keeping her truck on the road, especially considering her head is below the wheel.

Correction: Yes, she does. But since the road is straight, and we only see this scene of her driving that way for about 5 seconds, it's not hard to believe that she could hold the wheel straight for that short amount of time.


Correction: If you look very closely you can see the real driver.

Corrected entry: When the station wagon is found buried, not only is the radio on but the headlights are as well. Given the attack occurred at night and it is now mid-morning and the fact that the car can't run underground, even the best car batteries can't last more than an hour.


Correction: The best car batteries will last a lot more than an hour. I've left my lights on accidentally when I parked for work and found them still on 8 hours later. Car started up just fine too.

Phixius Premium member

In modern cars I would agree with you - but this car is almost 20 years old and the battery would not last more than an hour or so with both the radio and the headlights running.


Doesn't mean the battery is 20 years old.

The sound of the radio is not coming from the car. It's a small portable radio the Dr. Has in his car. You see it get turned on by accident when the Dr.'s wife kicks the radio during the attack.


The car radio wasn't on. It was the transistor radio she knocked over in the back of the car when she climbed through.

Correction: It wasn't the car radio, it was a portable radio.

Correction: Battery power and battery life depend on the battery and not on the car it's in.

Corrected entry: When Valentine grabs Mindy off the pogo stick, you can tell it's been stuck into the ground so the actress can stand on it and be ready for Kevin Bacon to grab her (as opposed to Kevin Bacon grabbing her while she's bouncing). After she's grabbed, you can see the pogo stick shake back and forth without falling over.


Correction: Although the pogo stick has been rigged not to fall over, that isn't a mistake. After Val grabs Mindy they look back at the pogo stick which is still standing perfectly upright when naturally it should have fallen over. The graboid then sucks it into the ground. The implication is that the creature grabbed the pogo stick just as Val caught up to Mindy.


Corrected entry: Why is it that Rhonda, Val and the others are safe when in their cars? Earlier in the film we see a graboid drag a large station wagon completely underground in order to get at the occupants. If they can do that then, why can't they do so with the cars used by our heroes to escape their clutches?

Correction: They are only safe when the cars are moving. The graboids aren't fast enough to catch the cars and they don't know what they are at first. Once they realize they are something their prey can use to escape they destroy them first.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: There is absolutely no way that a sheep farmer could survive in a desert environment. The farm is shown to be set in scrappy scrubland and sand - nothing that a sheep could eat is shown. (Apart from this, the heat would kill them.) Cows maybe - they could eat the scrub. Grass eating sheep, never.

Correction: My father raised sheep in a similar environment, they are fed hay by the farmer and the wool coats of the sheep actually act as an insulator from the heat.


Corrected entry: When Earl and Val stop to warn the sandblasters that there is a 'psycho killer' on the loose, Earl is talking frantically but if you look at Val, he doesn't look at all phased - surprising considering he just found half a chewed human head and a herd of chewed sheep.

Correction: Earl is the type of guy who would be acting frantic about the dead guy they just found, but Val appears to be in shock, not un-phased by it. This fits his character like a glove, as is noticed when he calmly (he's in shock) says that they waited one day too long to leave town.


Corrected entry: When Val and Earl and trying to get away in the truck, Earl scolds him saying "You're gonna burn the clutch!" In earlier scenes you can see that their Mazda B-series truck is an automatic.

Correction: First off the red Mazda belongs to Ronda, and yes we know it was an automatic. After the pole vault scene she goes in the back sliding window and shifts to drive, but has nothing to do with that scene. Val and earl's truck is a blue 1968 jeep also an automatic but shifts into 4 wheel drive. Both have clutches, automatic clutches. Hence can be burned if enough stress is applied.

Correction: Automatic gearboxes have clutches - centripital ones, which can burn out.

Correction: Val and Earl's truck was a stick shift.

Corrected entry: The radio that was taken up onto the roof was not battery powered and should not have continued working because it was no longer plugged into an electrical outlet.

Correction: Not necessarily. It is possible it is battery powered. I have had many radios this large in the past that have both battery and AC power.

manthabeat Premium member

Correction: The original post is correct. For a radio that size to be effective it would need to be attached to a DC car battery or converted to AC for a household plug. In any case this is a movie error.


A radio like that can run on 6 D cells. Trust me, I've owned enough radios to know better. At this point this mistake is semantics.

manthabeat Premium member

Corrected entry: Val climbs up a metal electricity pylon to try to help Edgar. They are in the middle of the desert at noon (note the shadows) - the metal of the pylon would be unbearably hot. Val would be badly burned, but he doesn't even wear gloves.

Correction: We don't know what time of year this film takes place in and it does get cold in the desert occasionally. It could be fall, spring or even winter for all we know. There are shots of tall mountains that have snow on them so it's hard to say whether it's cold or hot.

manthabeat Premium member

Corrected entry: When Burt and his wife are shooting the Graboids in their basement, he tosses her a magazine; he is kneeling and we see it tossed slightly up and then starts falling in the air, no more than 4 feet above the floor. But the camera angle changes and she catches it falling from her head height - she is 5'6" - so it magically rose about 18". (01:00:00)


Correction: Michael Gross is 6'3" and kneeling he would still be at least 4'8". When he throws the magazine it raises up and over the height of his head. When the magazine comes into view, it's only shoulder/chin height of Reba McEntire, which would be about 4'10" off the ground.


Corrected entry: When the heroes are on the roof and they send the lawn mower off as a diversion, you can see it would crash into some building. In the next shot, it is back on the road. (00:21:02)

Correction: It does appear that way, but the machine is bouncing left and right over bushes, etc. and not always in the scene, so the viewer does not know where it is all the time. Its direction could easily change a little. In the 2nd part of the shot, we can't quite see it well enough to say it's on the road (which it should not be) and after that it is in the direction it started on.


Corrected entry: When Rhonda is jumping from shelf to shelf in the store, she slips and falls in one of the shots. You can just see her feet stumbling as she lands on the materials on the top shelf, but the shot ends before she falls all the way.

Correction: When she jumps from the 1st shelf to the 2nd, she stumbles a little, but is stable before the camera cuts; the 2nd to 3rd is fine; on the 3rd to last jump, her left foot lands at a bad angle (enough that the stunt woman could have broken the ankle); but she is never at risk of falling.


Corrected entry: When Rhonda jumps from shelf to shelf in the store, she crouches on the last one and falls through the window. When she falls, the shelf falls flat against the wall. But when Val looks down to see where she went, the corner of the shelf is sticking out the window.


Correction: Actually, the shelf corner does go through the window when it falls over - it doesn't appear to be at quite the same angle in the next shot, but that could just be the very different camera angles.


Corrected entry: When Val, Earl and Rhonda are stranded on the boulder the camera shows a wide shot of the entire area, then fades to dark. It's clear that the nearest boulder to theirs is at least 25 feet away. The next morning the trio "pole vault" between boulder to boulder with 7-8 feet long poles. The boulders magically became much closer together overnight. (00:38:45 - 00:40:40)


Correction: The shot at night is in a different direction - when we see the path to the truck in other shots there are more boulders, closer together.

Corrected entry: Since Carson City is so close to Perfection (as evidenced in Tremors 4), why didn't Val and Earl make a run for there, instead of Bixby? Carson City was due South, whereas Bixby was to the Northwest, in the direction the graboids were coming from.

Correction: Because there's only one road out of town and it's blocked. They had to go off road, driving a big tractor dragging a trailer with four flat tires. Carson City is close, but Bixby is closer. That's all that matters to them. They figured the graboids couldn't touch them in the tractor and trailer so they didn't care where they were coming from.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Val is being lowered from the roof into the store to get the radio, he snaps the antenna off on the window as he pulls it out. In the next shot, it is on again.

Correction: No. The antenna stays on the radio.

Corrected entry: When Val and Earl are pumping out a septic tank, the hose springs a leak and sewage jets out all over them. In real life, these hoses suck (negative pressure, like a vacuum cleaner), so if the hose had a hole, it would just suck air through the hole, not shoot out liquid.

Correction: It appears the tank used is homemade, and that the hoses are stored on it when it travels. It's entirely possible that Val or Earl reversed the in and out pipes. It's implied earlier a few times that they aren't great handymen.

Grumpy Scot

Revealing mistake: When the lawn mower the heroes send off as a diversion crashes you can see a wire pulling it. (01:01:30)

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Trivia: Reportedly, star Kevin Bacon was at a rough patch in his life during production and didn't understand the appeal of the film or the light-hearted comedic elements. (Even once breaking down in public and exclaiming in frustration "I'm in a movie about giant underground worms!") And thus, he chose to have no involvement in the sequels. It wasn't until some years later that he decided to re-visit the film and give it another chance after it became a massive cult-hit, and discovered that he actually really loved it. Bacon has since gone on record saying one of his dream projects would be to reprise his role of Val McKee in a future film.

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Question: Before Burt and Heather are attacked in their basement by the graboid, she puts some bullets and dirt in a machine and turns it on. The machine makes noise and attracts the graboids. What is that machine doing to the bullets and dirt?


Chosen answer: The machine is a vibrating case cleaner, which is used to polish the brass casings of pistol and rifle ammo. The "dirt" is actually an abrasive polishing compound.


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