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Corrected entry: When we first see Val and Earl in Chang's market, Val tells a joke about surviving World War 3 to Burt; you can obviously tell that Earl starts laughing before Val gets to the punch line. He quickly takes a huge swig of beer to cover it up.

Correction: If Earl had already heard Val tell the joke before or that knew that Val was going to make the joke, which is likely considering they are friends, he could be reacting to the punch line that he knows is coming.


Corrected entry: After Earl, Val, and Rhonda pole vault to the last rock, there's a shot of Earl's feet landing on the rock. But when the camera pulls back, he is holding his pole facing forwards. If he had just pole-vaulted to the rock, the pole would be behind him, and he probably wouldn't have landed so smoothly either. (00:41:50)

Correction: He didn't pole-vault to it. He just jumps down from a rock as you can see two shots later is lying right behind him.


Corrected entry: It seems as though both Burt and Heather should be at least temporarily deaf after the lengthy gun battle against the monster in their basement, given that they weren't wearing any protection over their ears.


Correction: They may have indeed been temporarily deaf but we dont know how much time passed before they killed the graboid and then they broadcasted their vicotry. They could have had time to recover.


Corrected entry: When the doctor's wife is in the station wagon, there's a coffee cup on the dash at first. In later shots it disappears.

Correction: It disappears because as the back of the car is falling into the sankeoid's hole, the front of the car is being tilted up. The cup surely falls off the dashboard.


Corrected entry: When Val & Earl are leaving Perfection, they have everything they own in the pickup truck. When they get Edgar down from the tower and take him to the doctor's home, there is nothing in the truck. Scenes later when the "grab-oid" is attacking Val & Earl's truck in town it is full again.

Correction: It is possible that Val and Earl decided that bringing a body to a doctor is a little more important than possessions so they left them by the place where they found Edgar and went back to get them when they dropped the body off.

Corrected entry: In the start of the movie Earl, and Burt can't leave Perfection because the road is "blocked" the rocks falling. Why didn't they just drive around the rocks on the shoulder? Or if they really wanted to leave just take down a barbed wire fence, drive over it, and put it back up? These guys were experienced cowboys yet a little pile of rocks stopped them dead in their tracks.

Correction: If you watch, the road cuts through a levy,(dirt wall) which seems to go for a long while. Maybe the trucks couldn't climb it.

Corrected entry: When Val gets the cat to go to the mountains, he pulls a trailer semi. When he is tying the chain to connect the cat to the semi, there's dirt in the semi. Later when everyone is in, the dirt is gone.

Correction: The sand is not gone, as you can see the people standing on it, there is a big pile of it in the back of the semi and many individuals walk over it.

Corrected entry: When Mindy is getting her picture taken next to one of the graboid's tongues, look at the shelf of movies behind her when the camera zooms out its farthest in that shot; in the second row down (I think it's the in the second row down), if you look really closely, you can see that one of the movies is Tremors. (00:25:40)

Correction: This is simply not true. The edge of the tremors VHS is black with Tremors written down the middle in orange writing with a small picture at the top of the main characters. There is no black video with orange writing in this scene.

They wouldn't have known what the VHS tape's final design was going to look like when shot it well over a year prior.


Corrected entry: When Rhonda has just dug a hole to bury the sensor, the shovel is spotless, but it should have at least been dusty from digging.

Correction: Wouldn't be dusty if the soil was solid enough, and there's been a surface treatment for metal to keep soil from sticking to it since the early industrial revolution.

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Corrected entry: Val runs to save Mindy who is jumping on her pogo stick. When he snatches her off of it, the pogostick stays standing completly upright. The camera cuts to Val, Mindy and Mindy's mom. They have a bit of dialogue. It cuts back to the pogostick that's standing straight up, and the graboid sucks it into the ground. It would have had to have been standing for around 5 seconds before the graboid got to it, on its end and unsupported. (00:47:55)


Correction: Not impossible. Seen it happen.

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Corrected entry: When Val finally gets the truck moving after being held by the graboid, you can't see any of the remaining tentacle holding on to the differential. When they get to town, it's now there where you should have been able to see it. (00:19:40)

Correction: You wouldn't see the tentacle anyway because they deliberately panned the cameras up whilst filming as to not show the axle at all for this very reason.

Revealing mistake: Near the end, Val, Earl and Rhonda are way off the rocks after the blast. When the monster comes up out of the ground and Val takes off, you can see the "ground" bounce. It's definitely a false ground so they can get the "graboid" pushed up through it. (01:24:10)

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Trivia: When the producer S.S. Wilson was thinking of a new movie idea he was out in the desert sitting on a rock, he then thought to himself "What if I couldn't get off this rock?" which got him thinking of "Tremors".

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Question: I know the movie is called Tremors, but are the monsters called "tremors" or "graboids" or "snakeoids" or something else?

Answer: They officially name the creatures "graboids", as that's also what they call them in later films. Tremors is just a clever movie name, and "snakeoids" was just one of the potential names the chinese guy and the kid were thinking of naming them.


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