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Corrected entry: In the scene where Christian Slater's character is talking to "Serious" (the kid who commits suicide), the letter he received from him is handwritten on lined paper. Earlier in the movie, there is a scene showing "serious" typing the letter on his computer. (00:07:55 - 00:25:55)

Correction: It's possible he was writing a draft. We don't see him actually print out the letter and mail it so it's possible he wrote a draft and decided to just do the final letter hand written.

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Corrected entry: After Mr Murdock punches Mazzilli, Emerson (Mark's English teacher) rushes in and pulls them apart, saying 'what's wrong with this school?.' Mrs Cresswood arrives and threatens her with dismissal, and only a few hours later we see Emerson finding Mark to tell him goodbye as she 'was fired'. There is no way a teacher's dismissal, especially on such grounds, could occur in less than a day. Teachers who commit major crimes would be arrested and escorted from the premises; for others, there is a long procedure which must be followed before the teacher loses his or her job. (01:17:45 - 01:19:25)

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Correction: Was she a union teacher or non-union? Was it an "at-will" work law state or not? Was there a contract between her and the school or the district? If she is non-union, if it is an "at-will" state, if there is no contract, she can be fired at anytime for any reason (outside of discrimination based on race, religion, etc.)


Corrected entry: When Harry is exposing Mr. Deever's letter about Cheryl Biggs (the pregnant student) over the air, he reads, "I have no alternative but to suggest suspension." Cheryl Biggs was expelled, not suspended. We know later in the film that there is a difference between the two when Harry asks his girlfriend why she was expelled for cutting class ("That just deserves a suspension, right?")

Matty Blast

Correction: We can see from Deever's comment in the meeting, towards the end of the film, 'They're just kids!' that he doesn't approve of all Ms Cresswood's actions. In his letter, he has suggested suspension for Cheryl, but Ms Cresswood takes it a step further and decides on expulsion.

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Corrected entry: Harry's parents knock on his door and say they are suspicious because they heard him "talking." Apparently they feel they have nothing to worry about when Harry is yelling, screaming, and whacking boxes with a golf club, near the beginning of the movie.

Correction: Mark's parents go downstairs to talk to him because they're concerned about him, not because they heard anything. They hear him talking while they're right outside the door, before they knock, and mention it because he said he was alone. The rest of the time, they're in a completely different part of the house, and can't hear him however much noise he makes.

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Corrected entry: The number of the mailbox that Harry picks up his mail from does not match the number printed on the letters he received.

Correction: The mailboxes use a different numbering/lettering scheme on the outside, for privacy.

Revealing mistake: Near the middle of the movie Samantha Mathis is walking across the high school campus. The name of the high school in the movie is "Hubert Humphrey High School, " but behind her, above the library door, a sign says "Saugus High School Library". Shows better in 4.3 aspect. (00:31:45)

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Hard Harry: Sometimes being young is less fun than being dead.

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Trivia: Every time Harry plays a recording of "Everybody Knows" to start his show, he uses a different format. First it's a reel-to-reel tape, then a vinyl record, then a cassette tape.

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Question: I've always wondered if Mark, just before his final broadcast, told his parents the whole truth. It would seem that way because Mark tells his girlfriend his mom let him use the Jeep ("She kinda loaned it to me"). Also, his Dad was at the gathering in the school's athletic field, but there is no shot of him acting surprised or horrified when Mark pulls in to where the crowd is and gets arrested. So the question is: did Mark fess up to his parents? Or is it irrelevant/left for us to wonder?

Matty Blast

Chosen answer: Well, with no actual scene where he confesses, it's left up to us to wonder. Personally, I find it unlikely that he'd actually admit the whole thing to his parents, but they're not stupid and already had their suspicions, so the lack of any great surprise on his father's part isn't unreasonable. You also have to remember that Mark's voice changer had already broken before they drove down to the crowd - his father would have easily recognised his voice before his actual arrival, giving him a certain amount of time to get through the initial shock.

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