The Godfather: Part III

The Godfather: Part III (1990)

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Corrected entry: As Vincent Corleone rises toward power, he secures twin, long-haired, very buff bodyguards. As they patrol the opera house during the climactic ending, they are both killed by Michael's would-be assassin. Later, on the opera house steps, when Michael's daughter is shot, one of these bodyguards is clearly seen by the side of the assassin after Vincent has shot him.


Correction: The twins were both wearing tuxes with ruffled shirts. The long haired bodyguard next to the assassin is not wearing a ruffled shirt. It certainly looks like one of the twins but the shirt is definitely different.

Corrected entry: When Al Pacino needs sweet drinks and candy bars to help him relieve his diabetes attack, we see a priest behind them leave for these items, he then returns with a whole tray of orange juice and candy bars. The remarkable thing is, he does this task in only 6 seconds. I don't think that the tray had been set before: If Michael had arranged that he would have asked for the tray and not just for some sweet juice and candy. If not, how would tray contain exactly the items Michael had asked for?


Kelsey H.

Correction: Orange juice and candy are common items in most kitchens, and it would take only a few seconds to put them on a tray and bring them.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie, Michael is awarded the Order of St. Sebastian. In actually, it is the Order of St. Sylvester. Coppola changed the name so not to offend the Catholic Church.

Correction: A fictional award in a fictional film - even one with references to real life events - is not a mistake, not even a deliberate one.

Corrected entry: The Godfather Part III story is suppose to take place in 1980, yet the characters are sporting 1990's mens hair and clothing fashion. For example: slicked back short hair, black leather jackets with long narrow lapels, dark colored suits with thin lapels and matching dark ties, etc. The mens fashion of 1980 you'd see longer hair, usually parted in the middle and feathered back. Jackets, whether leather, suit or leisure suit, had wide lapels. Suits would sometimes be plaid, but often in loud colors like maroon, red, light blue or lime green with the thick wide white belt and white shoes.

Correction: Leisure suits were 70s fasions. But beyond that, not everyone cares what the fasion trend is. Short slicked back hair dates back to the 40s and 50s. I can find clothes today with both wide and narrow lapels.


Corrected entry: After Vincent kills the would-be assassins in his apartment, Michael is upset with him indicating that the assassins had only knives. This is at odds with the previous scene where the blond assassin fires several shots into his bed.


Correction: After Vincent wrestles the gun away from the blonde, they are only armed with knives. What Michael is upset about is that Vince didn't hold them at gunpoint and call the police, which he could have done after taking the gun. Instead, Vincent breaks the law himself by shooting them, thereby drawing unwanted attention to himself and the Corleone family.


Corrected entry: Pope Paul VI and Pope John Paul I, who both died in 1978, figure in the plot of this film set in 1979.

Correction: While this is true, Francis Ford Coppola has said repeatedly that he plays "fast and loose" with the timelines in all of his films. The time between the end of GF1 and the beginning of GF2 should be roughly ten years despite Kay's "seven years ago" speech, and Mary should be close to 30 by the time GF3 begins, but she's not.

Corrected entry: When Al Pacino needs sweet drinks and candy bars to help him relieve his diabetes attack he takes a candy bar from the tray and drops it then produces another from within his hands as if he never dropped it. You see it on a slow scan.

Correction: In one uncut shot Michael picks two candy bars, drops one of them, then opens the other one.




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