The Godfather: Part III

Continuity mistake: When Michael enters the room where he sees Kay looking nostalgically at the old photos, he is carrying and offers to her pieces of cake from a cake that hasn't even been cut yet. They are the exact size and dimension of the cake slices that will betaken from the celebration cake which is not cut until several scenes later.

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Continuity mistake: When Kay visits Michael in hospital the oxygen tube is sometimes running under his shoulder, sometimes across the pillow. (01:07:55)


Continuity mistake: When Mary comes to Vincent's club and they talk while he is cooking gnocchi, the salt container and the pans on the shelf keep changing positions. (01:11:50)


Continuity mistake: When Michael, Anthony and Mary are walking along a wall, Anthony is holding a sheet of paper which he is studying at the beginning of the first shot in the scene. The paper is the picture of Michael in his limousine that Anthony drew as a child (and is seen in Godfather Part II). However, Anthony isn't given this picture until later in the film. Notice that they're wearing the same clothes in both scenes. Clearly a much longer scene was cut into two parts, and the second half is seen first. (01:31:35 - 01:51:55)

Continuity mistake: After their walk through the town of Corleone Michael and Kay sit at the dining table and talk. The knot of Michael's scarf keeps moving from the middle to the side and back. (01:55:55)


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Continuity mistake: When Mary asks her father if she is just a front of the foundation she holds her arms to her chest. When the camera angle changes her arms are crossed on the table. Also her hair falls over her shoulder totally differently. (00:44:15)


Continuity mistake: When Vincent is not allowed to join the party in Michael's honor he starts a fight with the security guy. While they are wrestling the coat over Vincent's arm flies off, but reappears and again disappears in the following shots. (00:06:45)


Continuity mistake: When the train with Kay arrives at Bagheria the sun is shining onto the platform, but when she gets off the sunlight is gone. (01:45:20)


Continuity mistake: When Joey Zasa comes to Michael to complain about Vincent, Michael asks Al Neri to get him. Al leaves and we hear the door close behind him. Then Vincent comes, accompanied by his aunt, but Al is nowhere in the picture. But when Vincent does a Mike Tyson on Zasa's ear both Vincent's thug Squigilaro and Al come to separate the two opponents. (00:23:45 - 00:27:30)


Continuity mistake: When Calo assassinates Don Lucchesi, he grabs the Don's glasses and stabs him in the upper chest about three inches below the collar of his shirt, yet later, when Lucchesi is shown slumped in his chair and bleeding, the glasses are seen sticking out of his neck above the collar.

Continuity mistake: When Michael and the archbishop discuss the deficit of the Vatican bank, a folder on the table in front of Michael is only there when the camera is on Michael but not when it's on the bishop. (00:39:05)


Continuity mistake: In the scene where the Corleone's are travelling to the house in Bagheria they are in 3 cars. When they arrive at the house they are being escorted by 2 motorbikes not there in the previous scene. (01:21:30)

Continuity mistake: Mosca, the assassin, in preparing to shoot Michael Corleone at the opera house, is installing the telescope on his rifle backwards. Later, when seen aiming the rifle, it is installed correctly, but is a different telescope.

Continuity mistake: After Mary has been killed Vincent runs down the steps of the opera house and shoots the assassin. In the next shot he is seen running down the steps again, now from the other side. (02:32:10)


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Suggested correction: That is not Garcia walking behind Pacino, that is a body guard. Garcia (Vincent) is wearing a black tux with white ruffled shirt. The bodyguard is wearing what looks like a black suit with a black shirt. The actor looks somewhat like Garcia, but is not him. This was not a mistake in the movie.

Continuity mistake: In the sequence of the attack on all the Dons in Atlantic City, three Dons can be seen being shot in the beginning of the shootout, a few moments later, you can see the same three Dons being shot again. (01:00:00)

Continuity mistake: When Mary and Vincent sit in a café and Mary asks him if he is going to keep an eye on her his hair sometimes falls over his forehead, sometimes not. (00:52:20)


Continuity mistake: When Altobello asks a young boy in Sicily to imitate a donkey, he is served a jar of wine with the handle pointing to the left side. In the close-up it points to the right side.

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Continuity mistake: During the scene that takes place at the party were Connie is singing the song about the instruments, Vincent Mancini and his mother can be seen arriving to find out their names have not been listed to attend. The shot switches back to Connie singing, and Vincent's mother can be seen at a table enjoying the song and festivities. It then cuts back to the entry hall where Vincent begins to shove people around, and his mom is still standing there looking upset that they have not been admitted to the affair.

Continuity mistake: At Michael's celebration there is a scene of a family photograph taken on the stairs of his home. When the photographer is taking the picture of the family, you can see that the camera he is using is a Sinar P1. But when the scene's angle is reversed, you see the front of the camera, and it is a completely different one - a Toyo-View G.

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Continuity mistake: When Mary is hit at the end of the film and Kay screams, Vincent looks up and shouts "No!" and the scene cuts back to Michael holding Mary, as we hear Vincent continue his line ("Mary!") but then Vincent appears behind Michael and Mary, walking slowly up the steps, hair slicked back, gun in hand, mouth closed as his line is still being delivered, with no pause ("Mary! No!"). The next cut shows Vincent back at the bottom of the stairs near the priests, with his hair mussed up. And the poor editing continues - when the camera pans out following Michael's scream, we can see Vincent slowly walking up the steps behind Michael, and this is the same shot as before from a different angle.

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Suggested correction: That is not Andy Garcia walking behind Pacino, that is a bodyguard. Garcia is wearing a tux with a white ruffled shirt. The bodyguard (that looks similar to Garcia) is wearing a black suit top with black shirt. This was *NOT* a mistake in the movie.

Revealing mistake: When the new Pope is announced, the New York Times headline is shown, and 'Copyright 1990 The New York Times' is visible. The event took place in 1979.


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Trivia: In New York, Vincent is showing Mary the old olive company where Don Vito Corleone once worked and then owned. An elderly white-haired lady with a friend comes up and greets them, and tells Vincent about the troubles of the neighborhood. That lady is played by Catherine Scorsese, mother of Martin Scorsese.

Allister Cooper, 2011

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Question: What is the plot of this movie exactly? Sorry, but once they discussed Immobliare, I was confused as to what the movie was about.

Answer: Michael is trying to divest the family of all ties to organized crime. Internazionale Immobiliare is an international real estate concern and owning it would legitimize the family. Michael is attempting to buy out the Vatican's 25% of the shares in it to gain controlling interest, but the other families either want in on the deal or want to steal it out from under him, forcing him back into his old criminal ways.

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