The Godfather: Part III

During the performance of the Cavalleria Rusticana, Michael and Vincent have numerous people killed. Al Neri shoots Archbishop Gilday, two assassins suffocate and then hang Fred Keinszig and Calo manages to stab Don Lucchesi in the throat with his glasses before being shot dead by his bodyguard. Don Altobello eats the poisoned cannoli Connie gave him and slowly passes away.

After the performance, Mary tries to talk to Vincent but he shuns her again. She then turns to Michael and angrily confronts him about Vincent while the family exits the theatre.

Mosca (Altobello's assassin) shoots twice at Michael on the theatre's steps, but he only wounds him. He's then shot dead by Vincent. Mary has taken one of Mosca's bullets and can only say 'Dad...' before collapsing at her father's feet.

As Kay cries out at her daughter's demise, Michael clutches to her dead body, then rolls on his back, head in hands, before letting out a mostly-silenced yell of agony and despair, while Vincent and Connie watch helplessly in grief.

The scene shifts to flashbacks of Michael waltzing with Mary, then with Apollonia and finally with Kay, before showing Michael as an old and lonely man, sitting on a chair in the courtyard of Don Tommasino's villa. He falls limp, dropping an orange, collapses face down on the ground and passes away.


Continuity mistake: When Michael enters the room where he sees Kay looking nostalgically at the old photos, he is carrying and offers to her pieces of cake from a cake that hasn't even been cut yet. They are the exact size and dimension of the cake slices that will betaken from the celebration cake which is not cut until several scenes later.

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Question: What is the plot of this movie exactly? Sorry, but once they discussed Immobliare, I was confused as to what the movie was about.

Answer: Michael is trying to divest the family of all ties to organized crime. Internazionale Immobiliare is an international real estate concern and owning it would legitimize the family. Michael is attempting to buy out the Vatican's 25% of the shares in it to gain controlling interest, but the other families either want in on the deal or want to steal it out from under him, forcing him back into his old criminal ways.

Captain Defenestrator

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