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Corrected entry: Right before The Windsor flight crashes, the stewardess tells two passengers that they've made arrangements so they would make their next flight. Obviously this could only be done with communication with the ground. If they had sky phones the tower would have called them to warn what was happening.

Michael Prete

Correction: This isn't a mistake, this is ordinary customer service. She is assuming her company would arrange travel for the inconvenienced passengers because airlines typically do. She doesn't know anything about the terrorists, Barnes hasn't yet been able to contact the flight crews to tell them what's really going on.


Corrected entry: Bruce is sitting in what looks like a C-130 while terrorists throw grenades in it through the window. Never mind the grenades going off too late, because they wouldn't all have made it through the small window anyway. In fact some of those grenades would've bounced back killing the terrorists also, which would've made for a surprising end to this movie. (01:17:45)

Correction: It is improbable that the terrorists could toss all the grenades in a small window, but it isn't factually impossible.


Agreed. Many units of a tide for this exact event.

Ssiscool Premium member

Corrected entry: Since the terrorists have implausibly taken over all the radios at the airport, the good guys use the marker beacons to communicate with the airplanes. Even if they could be modified to talk rather than beep, marker beacons (outer, middle and inner) are on the approach path of a runway, and only transmit to an aircraft as it passes overhead. The signal is only picked up by an aircraft's marker beacon receiver, if so equipped. There is not enough time to get a message. Nor could a marker beacon be used to broadcast to a large number of airplanes. The outer marker is only 5 miles from the airport. At most, one airplane would be holding over the outer marker. (01:04:45 - 01:06:10)

Correction: Marker beacons do not transmit on-demand when passed over. They are continuous. You are correct that an aircraft needs to be equipped to hear them, which most airlines were at that time period. You can have multiple aircraft "stacked" at an outer marker, separated 1,000ft vertically. As one shoots the approach, the rest are lowered in queue.

Corrected entry: Dick locks the door using the slide lock inside, so Holly couldn't have got in to electrocute him.

Correction: To open the door to the lavatory, all you have to do is flip the metal hinge on the outside.

Corrected entry: Prior to the 747 take off, Major Grant is sucked by one of the engines and all we see is blood being spit from its exhaust. Turbofans are very sensitive and would collapse after sucking a heavy bird (like a vulture), but this one remains intact after sucking a 200 lb man. (01:47:40)

Correction: Turbofan engines are specifically designed not to break during bird strikes and are tested using bird cannons to make sure they can continue to operate when hit. A man was sucked through a 737 engine on the ground in 2006 - photos are online of the aftermath, which is horrifically messy, of course, but surprisingly only a few blades are damaged. No doubt not good for the engine, but not totally destructive either.

Corrected entry: Just before McClane drops down from the vent to rescue the guy that's about to be killed from be the terrorist dressed as a painter, he fires 9 shots, and then he drops down and proceeds to shoot 14 more shots in the process of killing other terrorists, without reloading. His gun could not have held that many rounds. (00:45:45)


Correction: There's nothing to suggest he didn't reload. Later when we do see him reload, it takes him less than 3 seconds (including pulling out the new magazine). After he dropped down, he's off camera for more than 3 seconds.


Corrected entry: At the end of the film when John and Holly get driven away on the back of what resembles a golf cart, the long shot of them clearly shows two dummies that nearly fall off when the cart sets off. (01:51:35)

Correction: They are real, they just move due to the cart accelerating as any normal person in the back of one would, if it took off too fast. I saw no evidence of them being dummies.

manthabeat Premium member

Corrected entry: In the fight scene at the luggage machine McClane pulls a golf club from a golf bag. But a golf bag would never be sent as luggage without being wrapped tightly up. Otherwise the clubs could fall out or be damaged on the way. (00:13:55)

Jacob La Cour

Correction: I travel with a guy who does exactly this. He puts the rain hood on and nothing else, and sends it into the hold, so far without damage or incident. Hence it is not beyond the realms of possibility that McClane would find clubs in this state.

Corrected entry: When Esperanza shoots the pilot of his plane the sound of the engine changes its pitch immediately. Why does it do that? It is not as if the pilot's foot slid off the accelerator when he died. (01:10:45)

Jacob La Cour

Correction: When the pilot was shot, he leaned forward on the control column, which would've started the plane into a dive. When Esperanza pulls him off the controls, the sound returns to normal, consistent with the plane leveling off again.

Corrected entry: At least half a dozen planes landed at the end of the movie, yet hardly any passengers are seen moving around during the closing credits.


Correction: Since the passengers were no longer in imminent danger once on the ground, the respective crews were likely instructed to hold passengers on the aircraft until the NEA flight passengers had been cleared out, so as to not overload available resources, and given the freezing weather outside.

Corrected entry: The terrorists some how raise the elevation of the airport in relation to the ILS (instrument landing system). This causes one of the jets to crash. The ILS glide slope is broadcast from a fixed antenna beside the runway, 1000 feet from the approach end. The glide slope is fixed at (usually) 3 degrees. Even if someone changed the slope (ie, degrees of slant), it would still terminate on the runway at the touchdown zone. Besides, the pilots have charts that give all pertinent information about the ILS and also have altimeters, radar altimeters, ground proximity warning systems (GPWS), and brains (duh). All of those systems listed are on board the aircraft, independent of the ground based systems. They would not have descended into the ground even if the terrorists had tampered with the ILS. (00:52:40)

Correction: The terrorists didn't tamper with the approach angle, but rather set the effective ground level at -200 ft. An older plane like the Windsor Air DC-8 likely didn't have a GPWS system in 1990 as they weren't required yet by the FAA, and you can hear Col. Stewart (impersonating ATC) giving them an altimeter reading that would've calibrated the altimeters incorrectly. Add to that the fact that the pilots were unable to fly visual due to the snowstorm, and you have them relying on faulty instruments and not able to realize they were too close until it was too late.

It would not have had GPWS but it would have had a Radalt, which cannot be tampered with in flight. That Radalt would show their height above field elevation rather than above sea level like the barometric altimeter they had them reset. The crew would have initiated the Go Around upon reaching this Decision Height and not having the runway environment in sight.

Corrected entry: Colonel Stewart and his men arrive at the airport in a helicopter. So, where do they get the Army truck they drive around in?

Correction: Colonel Stewart did not arrive in a helicopter, Major Grant did.

Corrected entry: Apparently, Colonel Stewart had anticipated quite a few casualties among his own men - he only provided for 5 snowmobiles to make their escape.


Correction: This is not a plot hole. He planned to need 5 snowmobiles. His other men may have been intended to use another route to escape or to remain behind and ensure the escape succeeds.

Corrected entry: At the end of the film when the planes begin landing there is no reason for the planes to deploy emergency chutes and send the passengers outside into the snow. All aircraft landed safely without incident. They were simply low on fuel. Planes only evacuate if there is impending danger to passengers by remaining on board.

Andy in Wasaga

Correction: There are plenty of reason to do so. (1) The planes were low on fuel and the landing area is a distance from the airport. So they might not have enough fuel to move back to the airport. (2) They are all now in deep snow. The planes might not be able to get out on their own power. (3) It is the middle of the night. The people on board wouldn't want to wait till they can get ladders out there.


Corrected entry: When McClane's wife is thinking about using the phone to call, there is a shot of the phone. Behind the phone, you can see a circular staircase. The aircraft she is on, an L1011 TriStar, has only one passenger deck. (01:23:20)

Correction: The L-1011 was originally designed with a lower deck, configures either as a passenger lounge/bar or as a galley; just not all airlines bought the option.

Corrected entry: Look at the people carefully when they run out of the airport. They don't seem to have any hurry or rush. You have to watch single people to see it. (01:38:20)

Correction: With the exception of elderly people, every person is running for their lives.


Corrected entry: In the first shot of McClane on the snowmobile his breath can be seen in the air in front of his face. But he's driving so fast that that would be impossible. (01:30:50)

Jacob La Cour

Correction: It's not shown in front of his face, it's to right of his face, and he goes past it quite quickly. There's nothing impossible about it. I have a snowmobile myself and witness this just about every time I go out on it.


Corrected entry: When John McClain sends Officer Powell the fax of the fingerprints, notice the direction he feeds the page into the fax. The middle two fingers' prints are the first two prints to go across the scanner, followed by the outer two fingers' prints. With a fax, the first thing scanned is the first thing printed.Therefore, when Powell received the fax, the middle two prints should be at the bottom of the page with the outer two prints higher up on the page. You can see when Powell removes the page out of the machine that this is not the case. (00:24:20)


Correction: Faxes are not "streamed" live; in other words, the data is not being printed by one machine while it's scanned by the other. Instead, the machine scans the image and creates a file. That file is transmitted to another machine, which then prints the image according to its system preferences. So it's entirely conceivable for one machine to scan from "top" to "bottom" and another to print from "bottom" to "top."

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: After Col. Stewart has crashed the Windsor flight, he communicates with the control tower with the radio handset he used to contact the plane, every other time he uses a separate phone handset.


Correction: So he chose to use a different handset at one point. That is not a mistake, but a character decision.


Corrected entry: The interior of the plane which is deliberately crashed by the terrorists is of a BAC 1/11. I do not know any airline in the world which would choose to send a BAC 1/11 over the Atlantic from Europe due to it only being able to carry a limited number of passengers and short range capabilities.

Jordan Hare

Correction: It would be helpful to know what about the interior gives this plane away as a 1/11, as the exterior is a DC-8. Many early jets have similar or identical seating layouts and cabin appointments. I have not seen anything that obviously distinguishes this plane as a 1/11.

Factual error: In circling over Washington Dulles, a plane would fly over several airports that they could land at with perfect communication, including Richmond, Baltimore, Andrews AFB, etc. Also, there is no communication from the airport to the plane but the plane would be in range of no fewer than 15 transmitting stations that could have relayed messages.

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Trivia: The film is based on a book called "58 Minutes" by Walter Wager. In the book, it is the hero's young daughter, not his wife, that is on one of the planes.

Mark Bernhard
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