The Hunt for Red October

Corrected entry: Captain Vasily Borodin's Russian uniform has American Navy captain rank (a gold star and four gold stripes) on the sleeves of his uniform.

Correction: A Captain 2nd rank of the Soviet navy wears a upright gold star and 4 gold stripes on his sleeves, so it is correct. The American one has an upside down star.


Corrected entry: Jonesy identifies the sub contact as a typhoon-class ballistic missile submarine. They dub it the Typhoon-7 as they have six other typhoon submarines recorded in the computer. In reality, six typhoons were indeed built, with a 7th canceled under construction. However, in November 1984, which is when this is supposed to happen, only two had been commissioned and the third was near completion. Thus, the Dallas couldn't have had six typhoons in its computer at the time, only two.

Correction: Multiple encounters with the two commissioned typhoons could easily have been interpreted as encounters with six different typhoons. It is clear in the film that classifying acoustic signatures is more of an art than a science. In fact the Signal Algorithmic Processing System system, which is unable to find a match for Red October, is proved to be fallible later in the film.

Corrected entry: Ramius says that when Hernàn Cortés reached the new world that he burned his ships, which is historically inaccurate. Cortés actually sunk his sank his ships in July 1519 and that wasn't his first visit to the new world either. And he actually sunk his ships for militaristic reasons, not because he had no desire to return to Spain.

Correction: The idea behind Cortez sinking or burning his ships (nothing wrong with a little dramatic hyperbole) wasn't because he didn't want to go back to Spain, it was to motivate his men so that they knew that there was no way back except to obey his orders. Presumably, they'd build new ships later.

Corrected entry: As Red October enters the river, a large sonar dispenser pod can be seen on the rudder. Typhoon class subs don't have those. The large tear-shaped towed array dispensers are present on Sierra II and Akula-class submarines, but not Typhoons.

Correction: The Red October is a brand new design, not a typical Typhoon class. She has many new features, such as the caterpillar drive, so it's entirely possible that she has such a sonar array.


Corrected entry: The boarding party would include Ryan and maybe the first officer. Not likely the Captain of The Dallas. But never a lowly sonar operator. What does he know about boarding other ships?

Correction: Jonesy is part of the boarding party in his capacity as sonar expert, and also as part of his reward for finding the boat in the first place. Unfortunately this part of the novel was taken into the movie without also including the full explanation.


Corrected entry: In the scene when the Americans leave the Dallas to go to Red October the D.S.R.V. (rescue sub) they use to travel underwater is seen attached to the deck of the Dallas immediately in back of the sail. The D.S.R.V. is not there in the scenes when the Ryan arrives on the Dallas by helicopter, or in the scene when the Dallas is alongside Red October going to periscope depth.

Correction: There is a brief explanation given in that DSRV has been flown out to the rendezvous at the Laurentian Abyssal and attached to Dallas. You see Skip Tyler on board the frigate, and he says early in the movie that they can fly the DSRV anywhere it's needed, thus setting this up.

Corrected entry: In the October officer mess scene where the Doctor is ushered out to get the radiation figures, there is a cook in cook's hat with his back towards the camera standing at a bench top behind Ramius. Borodin shuts the door after the doctor is outside and the officers all sit to speak with Ramius, but the cook vanishes without leaving the wardroom.

Correction: You can see the cook leaving in the background behind Borodin, while the latter walks towards the doctor.

Corrected entry: In the pictures of the bow of the Red October, the doors for the Caterpillar Drive are shown as oval, yet in the close up shot of the door opening it looks more squared.

Correction: The square looking door for the caterpillar drive are the rear doors, they're oval in front.

Corrected entry: In the scene after the silent drive was first engaged and Red October changes course to south-west, a seaman is shown plotting the new course. The map shows the track of the submarine as if it had left from Nordkapp, which is in Norway, a NATO country. The Red October had left from the harbor of Polyarni, which is located next to Murmansk, some 300-400 kilometres to the east.

Correction: This is not an actual error. Soviet boats would put out from the north coast (Murmansk) and go around Norway. The only other option is to go east through dangerous waters and that would put the Red October into the Pacific. Red October's location is completely consistent with her reported course from Murmansk.

Corrected entry: After asking if Red October has opened its outer torpedo tube doors, Captain Mancuso asks Sonar to report all contacts. Sonar reports back that the only contact is Typhoon 7 bearing 195. The issue is that bearing 195º is very close to directly behind Dallas, whereas in the preceding exterior scene, Red October appeared in front of Dallas at a bearing between 030 to 045. Captain Ramius had directed "All Stop" for Red October, so it would not have progressed much further into its 'Crazy Ivan' circular path. After having exposed Dallas' presence, Captain Mancuso would likely have taken action to reposition Dallas in order to prevent Red October from achieving a position behind Dallas. (To minimize torpedo travel, Captain Mancuso would have kept his loaded torpedo tubes pointed roughly at Red October).

Correction: This is incorrect as when reporting this contact they gave off its direct via compass rather in relation to the boat. This is done to avoid confusion in reporting contacts over time. German subs did this as well, due to when being depth charged they would be turning constantly. in order to effectively track enemy destroyers they would use the compass rather than the boat for bearing.

Corrected entry: Near the beginning of the movie, Ramius is in his cabin with one of the crew members and they are getting ready to read their orders. The safe containing the orders has 2 locks, one on top of the other, requiring two separate keys. Ramius takes his key and puts it into the lower lock, then gets the key from his comrade for the upper lock. But the next camera shot shows a key already in the upper lock, and Ramius apparently using the key he had just gotten from the other guy to turn the lower lock.

Correction: He is turning both keys with both hands at the same time, the other hand is kind of obscured so it looks like he just put the key in the lower lock.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the U.S. submarine Dallas is chasing the Red October in an underwater canyon, if you listen carefully you can hear an officer on the bridge yell out gravity anomaly values in milligals. This was an incredible breach of U.S. security at the time the movie was made, because it was a highly classified secret that gravity measurements were used to navigate by the U.S. navy. [The technology can "see" terrain passively and silently, without sending out a signal.] This technology was later declassified after the movie came out. However the mistake was that only large Trident submarines had this capability, not smaller hunter-killer subs.

Correction: I was on board both Trident and Polaris Subs in the 80's and it's not true that only Tridents had that capability. It was not classified then, nor is it now.

Corrected entry: As Ryan embarks to shoot it out with the KGB agent down amid Red October's ballistic missile tubes, Ramius warns Ryan to be careful what he shoots at, because the nukes don't "react well to bullets". Of course it's wise to be careful with guns, but you could unload an assault rifle on the tubes and the nukes inside wouldn't care. The tubes are tough enough to stand up to launching their rockets. A stray bullet would be nothing.

Correction: Ramius actually says: "Most things in here don't react well to bullets". He wasn't specifically referring to the missiles. There are many things on board a nuclear sub that could be damaged by gunfire.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: In the scene where Ramius and Borodin are discussing what their intentions are when they each America, Jones yells out "Crazy Ivan", though Ramius does not give the order to perform a "Crazy Ivan" at any point in that scene, or the previous scenes.

Correction: Nope. Borodin says that he's ordered a 'routine clearing of the baffles'. Red October performs a Crazy Ivan to accomplish this.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: In the scene where the US is going to drop a torpedo on the Red October, when the helicopter lifts off from the deck, the torpedo is mounted on the starboard side. After the drop order, it drops from the port side of the chopper.

Correction: It is possible that the helicopter held two torpedos, one on left and one on right. The right side of the chopper was not visible during its take-off and early flight scenes. Examining the screen shots of the chopper just before and during torpedo drop - even in slo-mo & stop-action, I could not determine with certainty whether or not the chopper carried a similar torpedo on its right side. but the possibility exists that it carried two torpedos, and dropped only its left one.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the chief, Jonesy and Beaumont are training, the chief refers to Jonesy as a seaman. In the navy, a seaman is E-3. When the XO takes Jonesy to see the captain about the noise he washed through the computer, Jonesy is wearing a shirt that has a bird and 2 chevrons on it. That means Jonesy is a second class petty officer (that is an E-5).

Correction: The Chief is telling Seaman Beaumont a story about Jonesy's past in effort to indicate that Jonesy was not always so "know it all" and was once in Seaman Beaumont's shoes. His statement "Seaman Jones here." was clear navy jargon to tell Beaumont of when the story occured, not what Jones' current rank is.

Corrected entry: In both the opening in Alec Baldwin's house and on the sub at Scott Glen's station, you can see an edition of Jane's date 1977-1978. Since this takes place in 1984, is this really the most recent edition of this important reference/information text? The sub commander might have an old favorite, but also a CIA employee would be referencing a 7 year old text?

Correction: This is not a mistake. Lots of people hang on to old or outdated editions of books or reference material.


Corrected entry: As the rafts are casting off from the deck of Red October, during a close-up of one of the rafts, a crew member reaches out to the camera in an effort to steady himself.

Correction: The sailor reaches out for SOMETHING, but since we never see the camera we don't know what.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: Towards the end, after the cook shoots at Sean Connery and Sam Neill blocks it, they open his jacket to look at the wound. His jacket is perfectly intact and his shirt only has a red stain - there is no visible hole.

Correction: When the first officer is shot, there is a visible hole in the jacket. Unfortunately the shot of the wound is a black-on-black shot making the damage to the jacket very very hard to see.

Corrected entry: Just as Red October turns to port after engaging the caterpillar, the camera pans from Red October's stern to the Dallas, which is visible. In the next shot, Jones (the sonar operator) says Red October was some 4,000 yards dead ahead. From the previous shot of the two subs, they are less than 4,000 yards (or some 3.6 km) apart. The large distance would lead to zero visibility.

Correction: It's a movie convention to show visibility under water as much better than it actually is. A segment of shots showing nothing but black (or maybe some hull) would not be particularly exciting. Furthermore, showing the subs as they're supposed to be positioned is almost necessary to make the audience understand their relative positions and orientations, appreciate and see the action and achieve a dramatic effect.



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Jeffrey Pelt: Mr. Ryan, I'm a politician. Which means I'm a cheat and a liar and when I'm not kissing babies I'm stealing their lollipops.



When Jack Ryan is chasing the Cook's Assistant Igor Loginov through the missile compartment, the compartment shown does not exist. Russian Typhoon submarines (of which the Red October is a variant, just with a new propulsion system) have a pair of cylindrical pressure hulls - each containing a missile compartment - on either side of the missile tubes. The location where the fight takes place in the movie would be inside a flooded ballast tank in a real Typhoon.



Paramount Studios essentially rented a US submarine to be in the movie. The USS Houston (SSN 713) played the USS Dallas and the surface scenes were filmed off of Long Beach, CA and Port Angelas, WA. Two crewmembers off the Houston were actually given very small speaking parts in the movie.