The Hunt for Red October

Corrected entry: Wire guided torpedoes you can steer and provide input to as long as the wire doesn't break. Air dropped, ship fired, and ASROC's don't give you the option.

Correction: That's interesting, but this entry doesn't tell us which of the multiple torpedoes fired in the film was wire guided, and what the mistake is.


Corrected entry: Ryan says he doesn't know how long he has been without sleep because his watch is still on London time. If it's still on London time, then provided he can remember the simple fact of what time he got up the previous morning - which would also have been London time - shouldn't he know exactly how long it's been since he slept?

Correction: What he is saying is that lack of sleep is driving him crazy. Of course he knows how long it's been, when he says, "I don't remember how long it's been since I ..." is just an expression. He is making a joke about his watch being on London time, as if that explained his mental befuddlement. This is not a mistake.


Corrected entry: When Jack is chasing the cook in the missile area he climbs a ladder using both hands, in the next scene he flips himself onto a scaffold with a gun in his hand.

Correction: Actually the gun was tucked in the front of Ryan's pants, and when he lands on the scaffold he lands with one hand near his waist and immediately pulls the gun out.


Corrected entry: The scene-setting type at the start of the film identifies the events as happening in November 1984. However, the character Jack Ryan is dropped off at Heathrow Airport by a Range Rover clearly sporting a number plate identifying it as a 'C' registration car. 'C' registrations were not issued until August 1985.

Correction: The C plate on the range rover could be right,'C'plates were actualy issued on 1984/85 vehicles-depending when the vehicle was built/registered.


A construction date in the UK is irreverent to the registration plate. A car can be built in December 1984 (B registration at the time) and first registered in December 1986 and thus given a D registration as that's what was being issued at the time, depending on when someone buys it. The DVLA in the UK will never release a registration early. So the vehicle shown, was registered after 1st August 1985. The film is set in 1984, so should show a B registration number plate.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where the chief, Jonesy and Beaumont are training, the chief refers to Jonesy as a seaman. In the navy, a seaman is E-3. When the XO takes Jonesy to see the captain about the noise he washed through the computer, Jonesy is wearing a shirt that has a bird and 2 chevrons on it. That means Jonesy is a second class petty officer (that is an E-5).

mickey b

Correction: I disagree with the correction. The Chief would not call Jonesy "seaman" just because he was referring to a story in the past. He would call him "Petty Officer Jones", or "Mr. Jones" or "ST2 Jones", but not "Seaman Jones." In the credits, they list Courtney B. Vance as Seaman Jones. This is a mistake. He has the insignia of a Petty Officer 2nd Class on his sleeve.


Correction: The Chief is telling Seaman Beaumont a story about Jonesy's past in effort to indicate that Jonesy was not always so "know it all" and was once in Seaman Beaumont's shoes. His statement "Seaman Jones here." was clear navy jargon to tell Beaumont of when the story occured, not what Jones' current rank is.

This is still a valid mistake. Later in the movie one of the other officers refers to Jones as Seaman Jones again. They would never call him Seaman as a Second Class.

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Visible crew/equipment: When the Red October sub has surfaced to let the crew get off because of the supposed nuclear leak, there is a brief shot where you can clearly see the camera and its filming crew in their tennis shoes on the deck.

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Admiral Josh Painter: This business will get out of control. It will get out of control and we'll be lucky to live through it.

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Trivia: Paramount Studios essentially rented a US submarine to be in the movie. The USS Houston (SSN 713) played the USS Dallas and the surface scenes were filmed off of Long Beach, CA and Port Angelas, WA. Two crewmembers off the Houston were actually given very small speaking parts in the movie.

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Question: During the ending sequence (with the Alpha) the Red October is running on the screws instead of the caterpillar. Now, we know the "reactor leak" was fake...and we know that the caterpillar was working normally (right after Ramius says "let us turn South" you see the Red October dive over a canyon wall with the screws not moving hence the caterpillar running). Wouldn't it have been wiser to run on the caterpillar during the ending?

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Answer: The caterpillar drive was inoperable. The reactor leak was staged by the defecting officers, but the sabotage to the caterpillar (by the undercover KGB agent posing as the cook) was real.

Chosen answer: No, (mentioned in the book, not the film), the caterpillar can only drive Red October at a little over 1/2 her top speed. Speed is far more important than silence at this point.

Grumpy Scot

Answer: The caterpillar was repaired but later after the crew exited screws were on and caterpillar was operation. The Russian fleet was still on there tail you still should be on silent drive. Movie shows them running on normal propulsion. Possible movie boo boo. Makes no sense.

The Caterpillar is not silent, it just does not sound like a sub. This is how the Dallas was able to track Red October even when it was running on the caterpillar. The Dallas just need to know what it sounded like. Presumably The Alpha knows what to listen for so speed would be important.

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