The Hunt for Red October

Corrected entry: When Jack Ryan briefs the National Security Advisor and the rest at the White House, he relays to them what he learned from Greer's report: that the Dallas had been following the Red October before it "up and disappeared." Yet later on, when Ryan is onboard the aircraft carrier, Ryan and his defection theory appear out of luck until he notices a solitary sub on the monitor, the Dallas. He asks the officer about the boat as if he'd never heard its name before, and is told that the Dallas had been reporting a magma displacement. Ryan then seems to put two and two together, and realizes the Dallas found the Red October. None of this makes any sense. Ryan already KNEW the Dallas had found the Red October. Greer told him. And the Dallas didn't report a magma displacement; the sonarman on the Dallas, Jones, had already identified it as a a Typhoon-class sub before it disappeared, at which point the computer identified it as a magma displacement. When Jones listened to the "magma displacement" at high speed, he heard the sound of doors opening, and deduces it must be a sub with a new silent propulsion system. Basically, Ryan knew enough to have gone straight out to the Dallas as soon as he left Washington.

Correction: In the elevator on the way down to the White House briefing, Greer tells Ryan "... the Captain of the sub we had following [the Red October] radioed in... thing up and disappeared in front of him...". Greer never actually refers to the sub or the sub Captain by name. Greer goes on to say "... and that's only the half of it.. read." at which point Greer hands Ryan the report. We know that the report refers to Soviet sub and surface ship deployments into the North Atlantic, because Ryan says ".. my God, the Kierov, the Minsk... the whole bloody fleet's after [the Red October]". It's unlikely that any reference to the USS Dallas would have been in that report, since the scope of the report appeared to be limited to Soviet naval activity. In any event, there is never any overt reference made to the USS Dallas at the White House briefing (which makes sense, since this would be an unecessary detail), or at any time thereafter in Ryan's presence, UNTIL Ryan is on the USS Enterprise aircraft carrier. On the carrier, Ryan notices on a video display that one US sub appears to be on it's own, away from the rest of the US fleet. Ryan is told by the fleet admiral (Fred Dalton Thompson's character) that the sub captain is following a "magma displacement", and has positioned his sub at the end of "Red Route One" in order to wait for the "magma displacement". Remember that on the USS Dallas, Seaman Jones had presented a theory to Captain Mancuso that the "magma displacement" is actually the Red October, but at that point, it was still just a theory. Fred Dalton Thompson's character didn't think much of the theory, he was in the middle of calling it "crazy", when Ryan interrupted with "... excuse me sir, could that "magma displacement" be mistaken for a seismic anomaly?" Remember that when Ryan was at the Patuxent Graving Docks talking with the Skip Tyler character, Ryan asked Tyler if the Red October's caterpillar drive would be detectable by sonar. Tyler replied that the caterpillar would be mistaken for whales humping, or "some other seismic anomaly". This is almost certainly what led Ryan to put "two and two together" on the aircraft carrier, and deduce that the "magma displacement" that the USS Dallas was waiting for at the end of Red Route One could actually be the Red October.

Corrected entry: The scene-setting type at the start of the film identifies the events as happening in November 1984. However, the character Jack Ryan is dropped off at Heathrow Airport by a Range Rover clearly sporting a number plate identifying it as a 'C' registration car. 'C' registrations were not issued until August 1985.

Correction: The C plate on the range rover could be right,'C'plates were actualy issued on 1984/85 vehicles-depending when the vehicle was built/registered.

Corrected entry: In the opening sequence, the name of the movie fades in with a seemingly expensive (by 80's standards) computer generated effect, first in Russian, then fades into English. Considering the money involved in making the movie and this shot, you'd think that they could have spelled 'Red October' right in Russian, rather than what translates as 'Octaver'.

Correction: The word 'Red' is all right (spelling, letters), the word 'October' is spelled right (Octiabr), only that it's written in Latin letters instead of Cyrillic.

Corrected entry: Gates McFadden speaks with a British accent when addressing the off stage character about her daughter's bedtime rules, but in the next breath, speaks to her husband with no trace of any sort of accent. "...two bedtime stories, two glasses of water" - (with accent)..."Jack, you're going to miss your plane" - (no accent).

Correction: It is not unusual for people to be able to speak with different accents. Cathy Ryan has learnt the English accent and uses it when speaking to the locals, but reverts to American when speaking to Jack & other Americans.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the Captain of the Dallas takes over combat maneuvering of the Red October from Ramius, he asks about the location of the counter measures. At this point in the battle no counter measures have been launched.

Correction: He's not asking where they are in the water, he's asking where the controls to launch the counter-measures are.

Factual error: When the USS Dallas submerges to attack the Red October, they rig for battle stations as well as rig for red. On a submarine, rig for red is only for periscope depth operations at night, to allow control room watchstanders eyes to adjust to the darkness topside. No other area on the boat rigs for red. Throughout the movie the lights darken along with battle stations. No naval ship would reduce visibility on purpose in a heightened state. (01:31:00)

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Jeffrey Pelt: Mr. Ryan, I'm a politician. Which means I'm a cheat and a liar and when I'm not kissing babies I'm stealing their lollipops.

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Trivia: Paramount Studios essentially rented a US submarine to be in the movie. The USS Houston (SSN 713) played the USS Dallas and the surface scenes were filmed off of Long Beach, CA and Port Angelas, WA. Two crewmembers off the Houston were actually given very small speaking parts in the movie.

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