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Quick Change (1990)

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Correction: They got exactly 1 million, and she is wearing a Flowing skirt. You would be surprised how few 100 bills makes a million. They also show her dropping her skirt over the money at the apartment and yes, she still looks good, the outfit worked.

Corrected entry: When Grim bursts into the mob warehouse, the mob guys ask him what happened to the original bagman "Mario". Grim says that someone did him in. A few minutes later the mob boss gets on the phone to verify Grim's story, and Grim threatens them by sicking the Mario back on them, and they fall for it. Didn't he just tell them that Mario was dead though?


Correction: "Someone did him in" is wrong. Grim says "someone dared him".

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Loomis: You aren't going to hit me again are you?
Grimm: I haven't hit anybody since I was nine.
Loomis: Yeah, but it was me you hit.

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