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Corrected entry: Just after the towns-people have hung the three witches, you can see the executioner walking away. The outfit he is wearing is leather and has some sort of metal spikes on it. This outfit is too modern for that particular time.

Correction: The scene is set in 1693. Studded leather armour was perfectly common in those days.

Corrected entry: Just before The Sanderson Sisters put the two bullies in the cages, the blonde boy says, "why is it always the ugly girls out late?" In the background you can see a crew member run out and adjust something on the lawn.

Correction: You are seeing teenagers picking up and tossing toilet paper while TP-ing the house, none of them are crew members.

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Corrected entry: Binx is shown pouring hot liquid from a cauldron that is over a flame, the iron would be too hot for him to touch without getting burned.

Correction: I think it's safe to say he isn't concerned about physical pain at this point.


Corrected entry: When Max is informing the people of Salem at the town hall that the Sanderson sisters have come back to life, Winifred replies by saying "Thank you Max". She was never formally introduced to Max, therefore, she most likely would not have known his name.

Correction: Max introduces himself as the "great and powerful Max" before setting off the sprinkler system.

Corrected entry: In the beginning when the boy runs after his sister to save her from the witch, it is morning and it is light outside. After he looks in the window of the Sanderson house, it is dark outside.

Correction: No it's not. If you look behind him you can really bright blue sky of an early morning.

Corrected entry: In the scene near the end when the zombie is holding Max, he takes the knife from him and cuts open his mouth which had been sewed shut 300 years ago. As he does, you see moths fly out of his mouth. How could they get in his mouth if his mouth had been tightly sewed?


Correction: Same way real insects get into human corpses. Other openings in the body such as the nose or after years of the flesh being fed on it would be easy for there to be an opening in his old skin.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Max lights the black flame candle and the Sanderson sisters return from the dead, Dani tells the sisters she lit the candle. However, later in the graveyard Sarah Sanderson calls Max the virgin who lit the candle. She could not have known it was Max and not Dani who lit the candle.

Correction: They figured out pretty quickly that Dani was lying about being a witch. They naturally deduced she was also lying about having lit the candle.

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Corrected entry: When the witches are about to suck the life force from the girl at the beginning, you can see strands of energy moving towards the witches before they actually start inhaling.


Correction: They're not really breathing it in, in the literal sense, they're just absorbing her life energy into their own. It can be done just by thinking about it really hard, as was the case noted here. But the act of drawing breath helps them to focus their thoughts more effectively, speeding the process up considerably.

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Corrected entry: When the sisters are about to be hanged, the lynch mob can see that Winifred is casting a spell to allow them to come back to life, yet the mob just politely allows her to finish the spell before finally hanging them. Bear in mind that this scene takes place at a time when people genuinely thought witchcraft was real, so the townspeople had no reason to let her recite a spell.

Phaneron Premium member

Correction: Two things about this. 1. They had just been singing, which could in itself have been a spell to disorientate the people enough to prevent them from trying to stop their next spell. 2. Mr. Binx had just told everyone not to listen to them, and most of them covered their ears. Also, it's likely that if anybody was in a position to stop them, they could very well have just been too afraid to try.


Corrected entry: When the witches follow Mary into the alley after singing I Put A Spell On You, Mary Sanderson said she smelled Scrod, a bottom feeder that would be good with margarine. 300 years prior to that, butter would be the topping of choice as margarine hadn't been invented until the 1800s, when the sisters were dead.

Correction: She doesn't say margarine. She says marjoram, which is a herb.

Corrected entry: In the scene before Sarah goes to the sky to sing Come Little Children, Allison says it's 5am, so why are there kids still trick-or-treating?

Correction: They weren't; it's hinted at in the opening scene that Sarah's song can awaken a child and draw them to her, hence what happened to Emily Binx.

Corrected entry: Throughout the movie, Binx the talking cat speaks with a British accent. The movie is set in Salem, Massachusetts. I know he is supposed to be from 1693, but I don't think many Americans were speaking with British accents. Even if he was originally from England, I'm sure after 300 years he would lose his accent. But seeing his father at the beginning of the movie spoke with an American accent, I doubt he's from England. So where did the accent come from?


Correction: Define American accent. There are many different accents in the States, not including regional dialects. In 1693 people were most definitely speaking with British, as well as Scottish, German, Italian, Irish and many other accents. As for losing an accent, that isn't always so. My father still speaks with a slight German accent at 83 years old, 78 years spent speaking English predominantly. Some people pick up accents from people they associate with. I spent some time in Russia, and came back with a bit of Russian accent just from speaking English with people whose native tongue was Russian.


Corrected entry: When the children go to the old Sanderson house, Allison shows Dani Winifreds spell book. It is in a glass box. After the black flame candle has been lit, Winifred comes and pokes it and talks to it. Later on, Max has to smash open the box to get it out. The glass disappears and reappears.


Correction: This was not a mistake. Winifred taps the glass as she speaks to the book. The glass is there the entire time.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie, Max's teacher tells the class the story of Binx and the Sanderson sisters (shown as a flashback). Later, Allison talks to Binx and says, "so the legends are true." If no one ever knew what happened to Binx, how did the story get passed down in the first place?


Correction: When the teacher says that no one knows what happened to Binx she means no one knows what his final fate was. Obviously this is because he hasn't yet met his end. At any rate, Allison could merely be referring to the fact that the Sanderson sisters existed or else there wouldn't be a talking cat in their old hometown. And *those* legends do not require knowledge of Thackary Binx for them to be passed from generation to generation.

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Corrected entry: When the Sanderson Sisters first return to the house, Sister Sarah reaches up and finds her lucky rat tail just where she left it. It's been 300 years; the rat tail would have decomposed in that amount of time. It has been suggested that since she is a witch, she could have put a resistant spell on it. But we did not see her do that in the movie, and if we do not see it, we cannot use it to explain away the mistake. That "logic" could be used to explain away many of the mistakes caught by the audience.

Robert Sullinger

Correction: You state, "if we do not see it, we cannot use it to explain away the mistake." That's rubbish. In *certain* circumstances that's precisely what we the viewers must do - not everything must be seen onscreen. Sarah says, "My lucky rat tail! Just where I left it!" The fact is, in this particular instance, it actually makes perfect sense that the witch would have used a protective charm/spell on what she claims to be her lucky rat tail, so no harm would come to it.

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Corrected entry: Thackery Binx switches between a British accent and an American accent throughout the movie.

Correction: It's conceivable that someone who's been in America for 300 years would experience the changes in accent, and therefore lapse back and forth.

Corrected entry: When Billy used the knife to open up his mouth from the stitches, he has no teeth, or any he does have are black. However, in the scene where Max takes the potion, the first shot of Billy after that shows him with clear white teeth. Then they disappear, until after Winifred blows up, and Billy says "Yea" it shows him with white teeth again.

Correction: His mouth is black when he first opens it and coughs up dust because it's wide open and he's not showing his teeth. As soon as he speaks you see his teeth and they don't go away except when his mouth is wide open and his lips obscure them.

Corrected entry: When Max first hands Allison the note with his name and number on it, his name and number are spaced apart. When Allison later returns the note to Max, you can see that it is indeed a different note.

Correction: Not a mistake, but a deliberate plot point. Allison purposefully gives Max a different note to mislead him into thinking she was giving him her own number.

Corrected entry: When the Sanderson Sisters first return to the house, Sister Sarah reaches up and finds her Lucky Rat tail just where she left it. It's been 300 years; the Rat Tail would have decomposed in that amount of time.

Robert Sullinger

Correction: She's a witch, remember? Maybe she put a resistant spell on it.

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Corrected entry: The zombie gets his fingers chopped off by the motorcycle but he is never shown missing fingers at any time in the movie.

Correction: He simply reattached them, just as he is shown doing with his head after it gets knocked off by the tree branch. Since it has been established that he can reattach lost limbs, he is simply not shown putting his fingers back, as it is not necessary to show this ability every time it's used. Not a mistake.


Plot hole: After Max and Allison rescue Dani from the witches, Max is driving his parents' car. Winifred flies up along side of them and asks Max to show her his driver's permit. How would she know about driving permits, since she's been dead for 300 years?

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Sarah: What is this place?
Mary: It reeks of children!
Winifred: It is a prison for children.

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Trivia: The husband that The Sanderson Sisters mistake for their master (the devil) and his wife are actually brother and sister in real life. Gary and Penny Marshall are also both Hollywood directors, and both primarily direct comedies.

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