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Corrected entry: When Dani and Max are in Allison's house and they are talking about the witch museum, Dani is surprised at this, but shortly after in the same scene, she tells Max that her friends told her about the place. Why was she so surprised when she was already told about the museum by her friends?

Correction: Its possible that her friends told her what the Sanderson house was like but did not tell her it was a museum considering it would be pointless because the museum was closed down. So she probably thought they walked into the Sanderson house to look around.

Corrected entry: When Max, his sister, Max's girlfriend and the cat go into the sewers, before Max enters the sewers, he throws the spell book. Then they show him falling down and the book appears in his hands like he has been holding it all the time.

Correction: Max throws the book into the sewer, and when he gets down to the bottom, Allison hands him the book from the bottom of the screen.

Other mistake: After the Sanderson sisters are done sucking the life out of Emily Binx, they do a little dance thing after they become younger. When either Winifred or Mary swings past her, Emily's leg moves even though she's supposed to be dead. She's also playing with her hands and bobbing her head.

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Winifred: Oh, look. Another glorious morning. Makes me sick!

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Trivia: The husband that The Sanderson Sisters mistake for their master (the devil) and his wife are actually brother and sister in real life. Gary and Penny Marshall are also both Hollywood directors, and both primarily direct comedies.


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Question: While at the high school, after the witches arrive, Max says "This is your host, Boris Karloff Jr." Is that a real person or a name made up for the movie? With the witches thought to be burned alive, why did Binx snap at Allison and Max for opening the book. With the witches gone, he wouldn't have anything to worry about, right?

Brandon York

Answer: Boris Karloff was a real actor who is mostly famous for playing Frankenstein and The Mummy in the 1930's. He had many other roles in classic horror films of that era.The young host is naming himself after the actor. Binx may have been concerned that the witches were not truly gone, and therefore wanted to exert some caution. His concern was warranted.


The answer is true, but the question asked about Boris Karloff Jr, who didn't exist. Boris Karloff had only one child, a daughter named Sarah. As for Binx, he was angry about them opening the book and even states that nothing good could ever come from it. He was not only cautious about the sisters (and any concern he had there was valid), but he also knew that everything in the book was evil and didn't want to risk other issues it causes whether the sisters were involved or not.


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