Money Talks

Money Talks (1997)

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Corrected entry: After Franklin lands in the water from his jump from the helicopter, Frenchie and his buddy start shooting at the water from the helicopter for at least 10 seconds, with all the bullets hitting the area where he landed. But in shot shown between the two shots of them firing at him, the helicopter is shown flying very fast away from this spot. It would not have been possible for them to continue hitting the same spot in the water if the helicopter was flying away in a straight line. You could have argued that the helicopter was hovering, but the shot mentioned above shows otherwise.


Correction: This is quite possible, a helicopter is a very stable platform to shoot from.

Corrected entry: As Chris Tucker and Charlie Sheen are chased through an alley at night they break through the glass of a deli and hide after being spotted by a security camera. The French gangster follows carrying a machine gun and then, upon seeing the view of the store in the monitor, proceeds to shoot out the MONITOR, not the camera. Amazingly this was enough, as the police who get the tape later don't see the French gangster and only see Tucker and Sheen.

Correction: It is never stated that they didn't see the French gangster. They were just obviously more interested in Sheen and Tucker because they already had a positive I.D. on the both of them. They are likely not going to ignore that the French gangster was on the tape with a gun, but most likely they would try and apprehend their main suspects first, and then interrogate them later.


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