American Pie 2

Corrected entry: Stifler starts telling the two "lesbians" the story about how he accidentally drank a beer full of semen in the first film. However, he says "One time at this party, I was drinking champagne..."


Correction: He's referring to the scene at the start of this movie, where he thinks a girl is pouring champagne on him, but it's actually John Cho above, urinating off the balcony.

Jon Sandys

Correction: It breaks down into three pieces. The first bit she separates is relatively plain, the second separation is of the piece with the...fancy bits on it.

Corrected entry: In the scene with the super glue. Jim's left hand gets stuck to himself straight away, but then after a couple of minutes he goes over to the video recorder and takes out a tape which then sticks to his other hand. Would the glue not be as dry in his right hand as it was in his left hand? If the glue was still wet he should be able to free himself. (01:04:10)

Correction: Superglue is an 'anaerobic adhesive,' meaning it won't totally dry until it is out of contact with oxygen, typically when it comes *in* contact with something else. I have had superglue on my finger while working on a project that stayed wet and then when I touched an x-acto knife it stuck immediately to the knife. I have also left puddles of superglue on pieces of paper that I dip things into and it doesn't dry until I push the pieces together.


Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film, when Jim is having make up-sex, the girl asks if he's sure he doesn't want to go back to her room, meaning they are in Jim's room. So after Jim's parents walk in, how does the girl's parents know what room she is in? I doubt she would tell her parents where she would be having sex.

Correction: If you listen you will hear her mom say "is that Natalie" and "did I hear Natalie's voice " She heard her talking, that's how she knew what room she was in.

Correction: Her roommate would have probably told her parents that she was in her boyfriend's room, and which room it was. Her roommate wouldn't have known they were having sex either, as it was spur-of-the-moment make-up sex, just as is stated above.


You can hear the parents in the hallway saying they heard the daughter.

Corrected entry: When Jim glues himself to himself, his shorts have been removed and he is wearing just his boxers. However, when he is on the roof of the beach house he is wearing his shorts. How could he have put the shorts on with one hand glued to his body, and the other to the videotape? (01:02:35 - 01:04:35)

Correction: To see if this can be done I asked for a volunteer and a teenager gave it a go. He immobilized one hand and held a videotape in the other hand. It was rather funny to watch him go about it, but he was successful in the end. So the upshot is that it can actually be done.

Super Grover

Corrected entry: In the lesbian scene, one girl takes off her pants three separate times. They are the same pants all three times and she takes them off completely all three times. (00:44:50)

Correction: You never see the same girl take her pants off 3 times.


Corrected entry: When Jim is at band camp and is caught by a counselor, he runs into a bell. The bell swings TOWARDS Jim instead of away from him, meaning he didn't even touch it. (00:27:56)

Correction: He did touch it. If you look closely it's the bell coming back that you see.


Corrected entry: When Jason Biggs and Alison Hannigan are first reunited at Band Camp, watch the camper extras walking from left to right behind Michelle. They walk off screen to the right completely, and then in each succeeding shot of Michelle, the final two or three walk off right again and again and again. (00:29:00)

Correction: They are not the same people. They are coming from another part of the woods.


Corrected entry: In the end scene where all the guys except Finch are driving away in the car, when Stiffler shouts (because he realises that Finch and his mum were having sex in her car), his mouth doesn't move at all. He is just casually sitting in the back of the car.

Correction: At no point can you even see his mouth, so we can't tell if it moves or not.


Corrected entry: When the boys arrive and drive through town Stifler says "we're here" and you can see a boom mike on the truck. (00:23:33)

Correction: I viewed this scene in slow motion and I cannot see any boom mic.

Corrected entry: In all the scenes where the boys are painting houses not one of them ever has paint splatters on their face or arms. However their clothes are covered with splashes.

Correction: It is quite possible that the shirts are old and the paint is simply from painting previously. They could have quite easily washed it off themselves and not their clothes.

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where John is peeing off Stifler's balcony, he knocks over a plant and knocks out Christy. In the next shot the plant is back, and in the one after that it is gone again. (00:17:15)

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Oz: All right, here's a new idea for you, Stifler, okay? You find a girl. You two become best friends. And you don't bother counting how many times you have sex with each other. You just laugh at the people that do count.
Stifler: Here's a new idea for you. I'll get you a spoon so you can eat my ass.

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Trivia: When the DVD was first released, Kevin was not pictured on the cover, though all of the other friends, even Vicky, appeared there. It has since been corrected and the DVD cover now features Kevin as well.

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Question: When Kevin admits to having slept with no one at college,considering what Jess tells Vicky that if he said he slept with 3 he more likely slept with 1 or none will it be true what Stifler said about Vicky that if she said 1 it more likely to be 3?


Chosen answer: Yes. That's the point of the theory. Men multiply the number of women they've had sex with by 3, women divide the number by 3.

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