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Corrected entry: After Michael gets to be Ammer's new partner, Ben and Samantha go outside and ride "The Coolest Bikes in Town." Kevin O'Doyle's robo dog can be seen moving between shots.


Correction: During the scene where Ben and Sam go outside and ride their new bikes, If you look closely at Kevin's broken robodog can be seen switching positions from underneath his cheek, to up to the cheek.


Corrected entry: When Adam Sandler first fast forwards through the sex, it shows that time was moving at normal speed because it only took 3 minutes. Yet when he fast forwards through his promotion, everything advanced one year.

Correction: Skipping to his promotion wasn't the equivalent of fast forwarding, it was a parallel to scene selection. Different method of moving forward, different effect on the space/time continuum.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: During the scene after Michael fast forwards Sundace going to the bathroom he goes inside screaming while running up the stairs, but as the camera spans out into the next morning you can plainly see that it is a one story house.

Correction: Nope. Michael's house is always two stories when viewed from inside and outside.


Corrected entry: Mike's father dies in 2021, as it says on his tombstone. Back when Mike was fat and just got promoted again, he tells the remote "Just take me home" and fast forwards to him arriving home. While he's in the car, the radio is heard saying that the year is 2017. After the dog knocks Mike over, the remote fast forwards to the end of his illness. Donna says he has been recovering for 6 years. This is right before he finds out his father died, so his father would have had to died in 2023 if it really has been 6 years.

Correction: He "finds out" in 2023 that his father died, but his father actually died two years earlier as is shown on the tombstone. This explains the surprised look on the faces of others when he reacts the way he does to his father's death, as it happened already, and they think he should have known.


Corrected entry: When the boys are playing catch and Michael pauses them, he can easily move the kid's arm down, but when he whacks his boss, his face barely moves.

Correction: All people affected by the remote are subject to supernatural forces, which are not bound by normal laws of physics.


Corrected entry: At Ben's wedding we see that the Twin Towers have been "rebuilt" (This is pointed out on the commentary).

Correction: Anything that's reasonably visible in the film doesn't need to be pointed out here.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: Hospitals will be very different in the 2020's-2030's. Michael is able to leave an intensive care unit and walk directly out to a parking lot, with no doctors, nurses, administrative staff or security to stop him after he leaves the ward. Also, nobody in the hospital seems interested in the fact that a man is dying in the parking lot.

Correction: How is this a mistake? It is the film maker's view of how things might be in the future. He may be right, who knows? With staff and budget cutbacks going the way they are, this may even happen.

Corrected entry: When Michael is sleeping on the couch with his dog, his kids come up to steal a Twinkie. Just as they go to steal it, he jumps up and scares them, but the dog is gone.

Correction: Dogs will definitely hear the kids sneak down stairs, and then it went off the sofa to do whatever dogs do in the morning. That actually explained how Michael was able to scare the kids. Most of times sleeping parents won't even notice their kids entering the room until they jump onto bed.

Corrected entry: Also in the breakfast scene with Donna and Janine, Michael tunes out Janine by turning on a New York Yankees baseball game through the "picture in picture" feature on his remote. Professional baseball games don't typically start until past noon.

Correction: The don't "typically" start until after noon, but it still happens. Besides, what is typical about a remote that can stop, rewind, fast forward, and pause time? He can play anything from his life by using the Menu feature on the remote, so what's to say he didn't play a game he missed on TV the day before?


Corrected entry: After Michael's weight gain, he winds up in hospital thin again where he was told that he was lucky he cracked his head on the bricks or they would never had found the tumor. "You are the first person to ever put on weight having chemotherapy."He was fat before they discovered the cancer, and chemo caused the weight, therefore he was having chemo before he knew he had cancer. Seems a little pre-emptive to me.

Correction: He did not put on all that weight during chemotherapy, they are stating that the expected reaction of losing weight during chemo did not happen, and he actually gained some weight during treatment, hence the need for the liposuction that left him with the "flap" on his stomach.


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When Morty is showing Michael how to use the remote, Michael rewinds to a family vacation in 1976. A childhood friend of his invites everyone over to his parents' RV to watch Three's Company. Three's Company didn't premiere until 1977.



Michael's neighbors last name is O'Doyle, which is the name of the bully kids in Billy Madison who say "O'Doyle Rules."