Trivia: Michael's neighbors last name is O'Doyle, which is the name of the bully kids in Billy Madison who say "O'Doyle Rules."

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Trivia: The giant Way Beyond room that Michael and Morty go into is a reference to the warehouse full of secrets in crates from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

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Trivia: In the first scene of the 2023 timeline, the TV has the news on, and behind Michael is the "Freedom Tower" in the background. It's also seen at wedding scene in 2030, although there are now two towers instead of one very large tower, which is the way the "real" Freedom Tower is supposed to be built. In the same shot, a 147-year-old Brooklyn Bridge is seen in the background as well.

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Trivia: When Michael wakes up in 2017, Mr. Ammer says "Goods News, Eric Lamonsoff killed himself." Eric Lamonsoff is the main character in "Grown Ups" played by Kevin James.

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