Adam Sandler plays a normal guy with a family, but he gets too annoyed with all the problems he has at work, with kids and with the collection of remotes that turn on everything around the house. After he snaps he drives to bed, bath and beyond to buy a universal remote. In the store he is so tired he collapses on a bed- looks up and sees a door saying 'beyond' on it. After he goes through he finds a worker called Morty who gives him a universal remote. Adam Sandler returns home and to his surprise the remote can change everything! He can mute sounds, pause his life, have a commentary on his life and loads more. He soon uses the remote to get the love of his family but lots of things start to go wrong...

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When Morty is showing Michael how to use the remote, Michael rewinds to a family vacation in 1976. A childhood friend of his invites everyone over to his parents' RV to watch Three's Company. Three's Company didn't premiere until 1977.



Michael's neighbors last name is O'Doyle, which is the name of the bully kids in Billy Madison who say "O'Doyle Rules."