Adam Sandler skips way into the future to the time when he becomes the CEO of his company. He realizes that his family has left him and he is vastly overweight. He skips forward again and ends up at his sons wedding, he dances with his ex-wife and upon hearing his daughter say to the guy his wife married that he was her dad he suffers a heart attack. He wakes up and he finds his family there supporting him and then hears that his son cancelled his honeymoon to work more. The son then leaves to catch a taxi, Adam Sandler then rips off all the machines keeping him alive and chases his son. He collapses on the ground outside and slowly dies, but before he does he tells him son that family should come first. Everyone crys and Adam Sandler dies, he then wakes up back in the bed at 'bed bath and beyond' and realizes it was all a dream and he can fix everything. Upon arriving home he reschedules his camping trip and puts work off. He then finds the remote on the table and instead chucks it in the bin.Everyone lives happily ever after.


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When Morty is showing Michael how to use the remote, Michael rewinds to a family vacation in 1976. A childhood friend of his invites everyone over to his parents' RV to watch Three's Company. Three's Company didn't premiere until 1977.



Michael's neighbors last name is O'Doyle, which is the name of the bully kids in Billy Madison who say "O'Doyle Rules."