The Fifth Element

Corrected entry: When Korben Dallas leaves Ruby Rod holding the gun to the mangalor's head, his shirt is not torn. In the next scene, Korben is walking across the balcony shooting up the room and his sleeves are in tatters.

Correction: The scene ends after Ruby shoots the Mangalor, which alerts other Mangalors into the theater and Ruby is given the stones wrapped in Korben's coat. Then there is a time lapse between scenes where Korben fights the three Mangalors on his way out of the theater, and his shirt is ripped in the process.

Corrected entry: Right after Ruby Rod says "So tell me, my man... You nervous in the service?" - the flight attendant is promptly tossed through the door to the right. A second later (dialogue uninterrupted) she appears right back where she was before. (01:12:30)

Tony Martin

Correction: There are two different flight attendants in the scene to begin with. Once the 2nd is tossed through the door she isn't seen again. The 1st one is though.


Corrected entry: When Leeloo falls in Korben's cab, he parks and then rubs his neck. She's supposed to be still knocked out, but there's the the reflection of somebody moving on the window. It's not Leeloo, it's a man.

Dr Wilson

Correction: I've seen the scenes (even in slow motion) and nothing like this exist. First off, the parking and "rubbing his neck" scene is after Leeloo falls into the cab. There's no reflection of someone moving, however she's not knocked out. When she does get knocked out and Korben is hiding in the fog, there's not a shot of him rubbing his neck. But there still is no reflection of someone moving, although there is a shot of Korben through the window.


Corrected entry: In Korben's apartment, the General holds up the folded list to read to Dallas. The official seal is on the left of the paper, in the camera's view. When the angle changes, the seal is on right until the list is unfolded and turned around.

Movie Nut

Correction: There are two seals on both sides of the documents. When Major Iceborg hands the document to General Munro, we see the seal on the left and it's on the "top" side. When General Munro starts to open or unfold the document, we see a seal on the "bottom" side (which appears to be on his right, but if he turns the document over it would be his left).


Corrected entry: After the doctor's have recreated Leeloo and puts the thermal bandages on her, the first one is laid over her breast, in the next scene as she is woken up 2 more bandages have appeared, one is going vertically centered with her body and ends at the second newly appearing bandage around her neck. The vertically bandage is also laying above the other bandages except the one around the neck, which its nicely sewn in under.

Correction: A similar mistake to this was already submitted and corrected. Even though we see a few of the thermal bandages being applied, the camera cuts away from Leeloo long enough for any other bandaging (and this outfit creation) to be performed.


Corrected entry: The whole sequence where the two police officer are ordering food from "Mega King", the audio syncing is really awful. Particularly, when the officer in the passenger seat says "Thank you sooo much." in his best creepy stalker voice, he doesn't actually even appear to be saying this in the video itself. (00:36:35)

Tony Martin

Correction: Not too sure how you're watching the film, but the version I have, the audio is synced perfectly.


Corrected entry: When Leeloo enters the Fhloston Paradise, we get a good shot of the view the oval windows have to offer. But isn't that where the Opera is supposed to be? That room is pretty high, and when Ruby and Korben enter the Opera, they first have to ascend a stair to get there. This is also visible when Korben leaves the Opera. (01:22:25 - 01:26:00)


Correction: The atrium where Leeloo is greeted is connected to the docks. The opera hall is connected to the hotel, a different room altogether.


Corrected entry: In the scene where they are talking about the temperature of the evil planet thing, the sensors really must be bust as it is reporting -5000 degrees, which would be impossible as the lowest temperature possible is 0 degrees kelvin, -273.15 celsius or -459.67 fahrenheit.

Correction: True, those are the lowest possible temperatures. However, they don't actually specify what temperature scale they're using - it's possible that a new standardised scale has been developed which uses -5000 as the equivalent of absolute zero.


New this week The only scientific scale defines "zero" as "no energy." So if future humans use another scale, they would be inferior to us.

Corrected entry: When Korben throws the bomb onto the bottom of the landing in the Hotel, he asks Ruby to count to ten. Ruby starts counting 1,1000 2,1000, but stops. When Korben shouts at him to count again he starts again from 1, and the bomb explodes after he starts screaming under the pool table. Assuming the Bomb was a timer (Why would Korben ask Ruby to count if it wasn't) the bomb should have exploded well before it did.

Orion Hardy

Correction: After he stops counting in the 1-1000, 2-1000 format, he does start from 1 again, but he counts much faster to compensate for this. Korben telling Ruby to count to ten was just his "cool hero-like" way of letting him know that a bomb was going to blow up in 10 seconds, and to take cover. Someone of Korben's training and expertise would not really need Ruby to count for him.


Corrected entry: When David and Leeloo are at the check-in desk, David pulls out a fake ID stating him as Korben Dallas. When the real Korben Dallas appears, he takes the ID off David, looks at it and says, 'I sent David here.' He didn't know David's name before and the ID states that he is Korben Dallas, so Korben wouldn't get the name from the ID.

Correction: He did know David's name before - they had met when Dallas first brought Leeloo to Vito Cornelius.


Corrected entry: When Korben breaks the police winch, it breaks the device off the mounting and pulls the entire thing out of the police car. The weakest part of the connection (and therefore the place where it would break) would not be the winch mounting but the hook and loop inside Korben's car, which aren't meant to take the strain that the winch mount would be required to. Imagine if this happened every time a subject bolted - that's a lot of winches to replace and reinstall. (00:36:20)


Correction: But the winch mount *did* break; and, since there are numerous plausible explanations for why, this fact cannot be considered a mistake. Most likely, this particular winch had simply been put under too much strain for too long without proper maintenance.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Corbin Dallas, with the others, are trying to open the stones at the end of the movie, once they figure out how to open it, they gather around the wind stone, which is upside down from the rest.

Correction: This is intentional. Air is above you, the others aren't. It's supposed to be symbolic.

Fire and wind are indeterminate with respect to above and below so that logic fails. It's upside down.

Nonsense: it's a fictional artifact in a fictional future. You have no way of knowing whether that's the way it's supposed to be or not.

Jason Hoffman

Correction: While I agree with the concept that wind is above because it's in the sky, water would be too. As the scene plays out, there's nothing to suggest the wind stone should be upside down. It appears to be a deliberate mistake so we can see the stone opening. The mistake should be considered a valid deliberate mistake.


Corrected entry: During the scene in which the Mangalores are raiding the diva's hotel room on the cruise ship, and then when Leeloo goes in and fights them, the view out the window is of a blue screen.

Correction: The view out the window is a night shot. You can see stars, and the top of the hull (or balcony) through the window when pausing the DVD. It is not a blue screen.

Corrected entry: When Korben is with the generals in his house, the generals get into the fridge, then when Korben opens the fridge, one of the generals blinks, even though they are all dead.

Correction: They are not dead, that is why one of them blinked.

Craig Bryant

Corrected entry: When Korben removes the stones from the Diva, he tears his shirt, wraps the stones and puts them in his jacket to carry. Later, he gives the jacket to Ruby to carry. From then on we lose track of the jacket until they all get onto a ship to escape Fhloston. Once there, the jacket and stones reappear for Cornelius to examine during the flight. Where and when did the jacket and stones change hands?

Correction: Korben can be seen carrying the jacket with him at some stages of the movie. Such as when he and Ruby are under the table moving away from the bomb, and Cornelius can be seen holding the jacket when the group goes to collect Leeloo. It's always there.

Corrected entry: Leeloo's eyebrows change colors throughout the movie. Sometimes they are orange to match her hair, sometimes they are bleached blonde and sometimes they are an ash colour.

Correction: Likely Leeloo has used the makeup machine a few times throughout the movie. She seemed pleased with the results the first time she used it at Cornelius' apartment.

Corrected entry: Anyone notice that the Diva has holes under her arms? These are probably ventilation holes, because it would get very hot in a costume like that.

Correction: Maybe your right. But she's an alien who's allowed to look however she wants, so this shouldn't be counted as a mistake.

Corrected entry: In 1914, the Mondochiwans advise the priest in 300 years evil will return. When Korbin turns on the light, the display says it's March of 2263. They are past the 300 year mark by 49 years. (00:17:25)

Correction: They were being approximate. It's hardly likely that the ultimate evil would provide them with a precise timetable - all they know is roughly when.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: Before the space shuttle takes off, Ruby Rhod talk to his aides. He has a cigarette in his hand. He says 'zzzz' to them and goes to speak to Korben. His cigarette has disappeared. (01:14:00)

Dr Wilson

Correction: You can see in a split second that he throws the cigarette to the floor just before he waves his hand and says 'Zzzzz.'

Corrected entry: When Leeloo is first revealed, she is completely naked, then thermal straps are placed over her. In the next shot, she then has a white strappy outfit. When did this outfit ever be put on? Only thermal straps were placed over her, no outfit.


Correction: The thermal straps became the outfit she was wearing (notice that most of the straps match the placement on the outfit). They just did not show all of the extra straps being added.

Bruce Minnick
The Fifth Element mistake picture

Revealing mistake: Right after they "create" Leeloo and she is lying in the plastic cage with the little straps on her, the guy approaches her and says, "if you want out, you are going to have to work on your communication skills." She gives him a dirty look, and then you can see a huge hole, pre-cut in the glass, that she busts her hand through. (00:29:47)

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Korben Dallas: Finger, I was just on my way over to see you, when this big fare fell in my lap. You know, one of these really big fares that you just can't resist?
Finger: Ah. How big?
Korben Dallas: 5"9', blue eyes, long legs, great skin. You know, perfect.
Finger: Uh-hu, I see. And this perfect fare, she got a name?
Korben Dallas: Yeah. Leeloo.

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Trivia: When the priest states that he has a theory on the advancing planet near the beginning of the film, the president tells him that he has '20 seconds.' Cornelius gives his theory - which takes exactly 20 seconds.

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