The Fifth Element

Corrected entry: When Leeloo escapes from the Nucleolab, her hands are really dirty, but when she jump from the building, her feet are only a little bit dirty.

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Correction: Her feet have a lot of dirt on them, but it's only on the surfaces of her feet that touch the ground: the ball of the big toe, the edge along the outside, and the heel.


Corrected entry: Right before Korben gets into the sleep chamber, he throws in his jacket and you can see his foot on the ledge. The camera angle changes and he is seen with both feet still on the ground.


Correction: When the camera angle changes we only see Korben's head and upper torso. The foot on the ledge is still on the ledge, he uses it to lever himself up and lift his other foot into the same chamber.


Corrected entry: The stones are covered in dust and cobwebs when they're taken from the short pillars, but they're nice and shiny when they're put into the bag.

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Correction: The Mondoshawans have great reverence for the stones and take the time offscreen to wipe off the dust before they place them in storage.


Corrected entry: When the cops attach the winch to Korben's cab, he takes off breaking the winch and when the camera angle changes you see that his cab door is now closed and the winch is nowhere to be seen.


Correction: As Korben drives away, his door is open and the winch cable is pulling on the cop car, then the winch breaks inside the cop car. We don't see the outside of the cab after it breaks the winch until almost a minute later. In that time, Leeloo would have identified the dangling winch and wire as dangerous and dropped it, while Korben would have closed the door as soon as he could (a safety precaution in a flying cab).


Corrected entry: It's impossible for Leeloo to learn how to say "Please help" by reading the sign in the back of Korben's cab. She doesn't understand more than a word or two of spoken English, which doesn't prepare her for interpreting graphic symbols and the sounds they represent. (00:35:15)


Correction: I don't think it's possible to state categorically what a supreme being is or is not capable of. Given her 5000-year slumber and the huge change in language in that time period, it would make sense for her to have been given some method to figure out elementary communication as soon as possible.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Leeloo is being recreated, before they 'reanimate her,' you can see Milla Jovovich's stomach going up and down as she breathes. This shouldn't happen, because she's technically not supposed to be alive yet.

Correction: Leeloo is alive the moment the protective shield is removed. It's just that she is still asleep. She awakens from the flash when the photos are taken, but the flash is not meant for reanimating her.

Corrected entry: When Leeloo is getting off of the transport ship, you see a woman walking up to her ready to put a Lei on her. The camera angle changes and you now see a man putting it on.


Correction: If you slow it down, you will see that at one angle there is a blonde woman (you see her later when she puts a lei on the guy next to Korben and later helps Korben in his room). And as Leeloo approaches, a man is next to the blonde and steps forward. So it is correct.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Bruce Willis is exiting the shuttle he is not wearing his orange vest. The camera flashes to away to the crowd, and then Bruce Willis is seen walking in the crowd wearing his orange vest.

Correction: Actually, he is wearing an orange sleeveless T-shirt. And then there is a black jacket, not an orange vest. And when he gets out the sleep chamber and is walking down the corridor, trying to exit the shuttle, you never see his right hand. He could be holding the jacket in his right hand and put it on before we cut to the scene when he exits.

Corrected entry: Near the end of the film when Korben and co. are in the temple and realise they don't have any fire, you can hear Roody say that he doesn't have any matches because he doesn't smoke but earlier in the film, in the spaceport, he had a cigarette.

Correction: He says that he quit smoking, and if he knew they were going to need matches he wouldn't have quit smoking. So it is possible that that was his last cigarette and then he quit.

Corrected entry: In the Nucleolab, they recreate Leeloo with a hand in a metallic glove. When you see her finished, she doesn't have the glove.

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Correction: When Leeloo is finished being created the glove is next to her and she slips her hand out of the glove - the glove was never attached to her in the first place, they only used it to get the DNA out of it to create her.

Corrected entry: When Dallas carries the injured and unconscious Leeloo to the priest's apartment for the first time, her right arm is dangling limply, but her left arm is around Dallas's shoulders. She's unconscious - shouldn't both of her arms be dangling?

Correction: Dallas positioned her that way, and since she's unconscious she can't move.

Corrected entry: In the very beginning of the movie when the Mondochivans are coming for stones you can see their shadows on the wall of the temple, but in the next shot you can see that they are not even landed.

Correction: The shadows are of the children outside, and the ship.

Corrected entry: When Bruce Willis wakes up the bed automatically slides back into the wall, but when he leaves his cat is sitting on it watching TV.

Correction: Actually, the bed Dallas was laying on went back into the wall and a new mattress with sheets and pillow covered in plastic took its place.

Corrected entry: In the beginning, the Mondochiwan is suddenly trapped and left behind in the secret chamber where the element stones were kept. When everyone returns at the end to save the world, it is gone.

Correction: The assistant had been told to set the area up for them - he placed the torches, and also cleared away the Mondochiwan

Furthermore, the priest had the key to open the door. It is unlikely that the Sentient robotic creature died from having his hand smashed. He just had to catch another ride sometime before the 300 years that passed before the end of the movie.

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Revealing mistake: Right after they "create" Leeloo and she is lying in the plastic cage with the little straps on her, the guy approaches her and says, "if you want out, you are going to have to work on your communication skills." She gives him a dirty look, and then you can see a huge hole, pre-cut in the glass, that she busts her hand through. (00:29:47)

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Korben Dallas: Finger, I was just on my way over to see you, when this big fare fell in my lap. You know, one of these really big fares that you just can't resist?
Finger: Ah. How big?
Korben Dallas: 5"9', blue eyes, long legs, great skin. You know, perfect.
Finger: Uh-hu, I see. And this perfect fare, she got a name?
Korben Dallas: Yeah. Leeloo.

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Trivia: When the priest states that he has a theory on the advancing planet near the beginning of the film, the president tells him that he has '20 seconds.' Cornelius gives his theory - which takes exactly 20 seconds.

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