As the DVDs start getting released from last year's films the mistake counts are creeping up - here are a few of the more obvious bloopers from last year's movies...

The Dark Knight

During the bank scene, the Joker shoots the bus driver and he falls dead in front of the bus. As the Joker approaches the Bank manager to put the gas can in his mouth, you can still see the body. But after he removes his mask and walks toward the bus, the driver's body is gone.

Iron Man

When we first see Tony Stark arrive at the benefit, his car doesn't have a front plate. When we actually see him pull up to the entrance though, his personalised "Stark" plate has appeared.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

When Mutt slams his fist on the table in the diner, the ketchup and mustard bottles fall over. When the shot pans to Indiana's back, the bottles are standing up again. He then tells Mutt to sit down and the camera pans back to Mutt. The bottles are lying down again and Indiana picks them both up.

Journey to the Center of the Earth (2008)

Trevor falls a short distance to the floor after Hannah cuts his harness ropes with a knife. After he hits the floor and the ropes fall onto him, between shots the ropes laying all over his body and facek eep moving, disappearing and appearing.

The Incredible Hulk

When Dr. Ross and Bruce were in the hotel room, Banner empties the purse on the bed and there is some cash inside the wallet. As they are about to leave he picks up the cash which isn't in the wallet anymore.

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