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One of my All Time Favourite movies. Both for the incredible world creation but also the out of this world acting. I haven't checked yet. But if Milla didn't receive any awards for this role, she was robbed. Genius. And good ole Bruce is always amazing. The soundtrack is perfect and the story line is phenomenal.

Good old popcorn movies. They never go out of style! They're the perfect remedy to pop on after a long week at work or on a boring rainy afternoon. And director Luc Besson's 1997 sci-fi action/comedy epic "The Fifth Element" may just be one of the all-time greats! A film that is endlessly inventive and entertaining from the first frame to the last.

In the distant future of 2263, a dark and mysterious force emerges that threatens to destroy all life as we know it. And the only thing that can stop it is an ancient weapon that combines the elements of fire, wind, water and earth with a living being - a "fifth element" - to channel them. And that fifth element? A peculiar and beautiful alien clone called "Leeloo" (Milla Jovovich), who must team up with a special-forces-agent-turned-cab-driver (Bruce Willis), a sagely monk (Ian Holm) and a fast-talking talk-show host (Chris Tucker) to save the universe!

Even over twenty years later, "The Fifth Element' remains as refreshing and fun as it ever has been. The film benefits from a wonderful cast, a great tone and a deliciously over-the-top style that sets it apart from others that came both before and after.

There isn't enough that can be said about how wonderful Milla Jovovich is in the part of Leeloo. She is the beating heart of the film. She is fearless and charming, and can also kick some serious butt when needed. This is the film that made her a star, and she's just fabulous. Not that it takes anything away from the rest of the cast, though. Because they're just as good. Willis is a blast as usual, and he lends a lot to the proceedings. Holm brings a sense of class and dignity, and even gets some sharp comedic moments to sink his teeth into. And I know he's divisive in this film... but I friggin' love Chris Tucker as the obnoxious and hilarious Ruby Rhod. He's just a ton of fun. Special props also go to the always-reliable Gary Oldman as Zorg, one of the film's main villains. He's great in the part and brings a lot of life to the proceedings.

I also really love the tone Besson establishes in the film. There's a lot of big, archetypal ideas at play, and in lesser hands, it could have turned out much more dour. But Besson wisely injects the film with some wonderful humor and a light, breezy quality. In a way, I would almost favorably compare it to a cartoon. Albeit, a cartoon for grown-ups. It never takes itself too seriously, and has a massive fun-factor.

And then there's the style. And that's where the film really turns itself up to eleven! This is such a strange and unique film. There are so many wonderful details, eye-popping designs, wild costumes... you haven't seen anything quite like it! It's bold and vibrant and wondrous. Even sexy at times. This film is widely known for its insane visuals, and it's for a good reason. From the strange and otherworldly aliens to the hilariously revealing clothing to the vibrant pastel colors... Besson and his design team bring their A-game to the visuals. It's stunning.

"The Fifth Element" is one of the definitive popcorn movies. It's loud. It's vibrant. And it's a ton of fun! This is not only one of best popcorn flicks of the 90's. It's one of the best popcorn flicks ever made. Period. And it's an easy 5 out of 5.


7.4/10.An underrated sci fi movie.One of the first big movies for Milla Jovovich.The Leeloo character was a cute innocent type who could charm anyone.Bruce Willis does great here as Korben Dallas, one of his best roles outside of John McClane.One of the few negatives here is the over the top character played by Chris Tucker who reminds me of that freakish RuPaul.The best parts are the interactions between Willis and Jovovich, sort of like Jane and Tarzan.If anything it succeeds in being entertaining.


The Fifth Element mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When the police confront Leeloo on the side of the building, she raises her hands and we can see that they're covered in soot. She jumps off and lands in Korben's cab. When she comes to, she presses her hand against the glass, and her hand is magically clean. (00:32:35 - 00:33:20)

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Korben Dallas: Finger, I was just on my way over to see you, when this big fare fell in my lap. You know, one of these really big fares that you just can't resist?
Finger: Ah. How big?
Korben Dallas: 5"9', blue eyes, long legs, great skin. You know, perfect.
Finger: Uh-hu, I see. And this perfect fare, she got a name?
Korben Dallas: Yeah. Leeloo.

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Question: Has anyone recognized any of the pictures on the wall of the building on the left as Corben's taxi is being tailed by 4 police cars? They seem like they're significant, if not direct references.

Tony Martin

Answer: I looked it up and it is Jill Milan. If you do a search for her, it is in her credits as an actress.

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