Corrected entry: On the blackboard in English class is the assignment - Prepare summary of "As You Like It": Act II Scene 3; Act II Scene 4; Act III Scene 1. But in fact Act II of "As You Like It" contains seven scenes.

Correction: They could very easily have been given that assignment, as teachers do not always stick to the chronological order of a textbook. Besides, the joke here is just to "spoof" Never Been Kissed, as this was the assignment in that film.


2nd Oct 2006

The Frighteners (1996)

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie the ghost of John Barlett is haunting the Bradley house, and attempting to kill Patricia. If he and Patricia have been reunited all along, why would he attempt to kill her?

Correction: He is pretending to attack her, so that no one suspects her involvement. This is known in the movie world as a "plot twist" which is not usually shown until near the end, so as to make for an interesting movie. It would have done no good to give away her involvement in the first few minutes of the movie.


Corrected entry: When the three black high school students have the white student on the bathroom floor, one of them yells "Telling teacher I'm f - -ing cheating? Is that what's happening? I've never cheated in my life." Seconds later, the same student, in a much deeper tone of voice, says to the white student "What's up man?" as he offered his hand out to help him up. He then says "What you scared for? We ain't going to do nothing" in the same higher toned voice he had before. It had to have been a different person's voice saying "What's up man."

Correction: Many people's voices change in situations of high stress, or anger, such as fights and arguments. After watching this several times, it sounds more like his voice gets a little higher pitched when he yells louder, which is accurate based on real-life scenarios.


21st Sep 2006

The Waterboy (1998)

Corrected entry: After Bobby passes his equivalency exam, he says to Vicky "we better get going, I told Coach Klein I would drive to the game with them". The game however, doesn't take place until the next day, as we can see Bobby spends the night in the hospital with his mom then plays the next morning.

Correction: 1) Bobby doesn't find out about his momma until after he leaves the school, so at that point this was the plan. 2) He is most likely referring to riding with the coach to the town where the game takes place, as many teams arrive the night before for big games such as a championship. 3) Bobby "drives" a riding lawnmower, perhaps an inside joke as to how long it will take him to "drive" there.


19th Sep 2006

Xanadu (1980)

Corrected entry: Electric Light Orchestra were told by director Robert Greenwald to fit in the word "Xanadu" as many times as they could in their song.

Correction: Not true. The statement from www.imdb.com that "The word Xanadu was spoken 21 times in this song" was reworded for this submission. I can find no evidence that the director ever told Electric Light Orchestra to do this.


10th May 2006

Fantastic Four (2005)

Corrected entry: When Victor is first looking at his stitches in the mirror, they are on the right side of his face. He even tells his assistant to make sure he is only photographed from his left side. For the rest of the movie, though, his scar is on the left side of his face.

Correction: When he is looking in the mirror, the scar is supposed to be on the opposite side, as it is a reflection. Furthermore, he tells the assistant to only photograph HIS left side, which is also correct because HIS left is on the right side from the viewer's point of view.


Corrected entry: When the babysitter gets a flat tire you see her steering the car to the right side of the road to pull over. Yet, when they show the car being pulled over it's on the left side of the road. (00:19:10)

Correction: She pulls to the right of a "Y intersection" on the highway, and then pulls to the left shoulder of the right side exit she took. You can spot this for a second as the car first pulls over.


11th Sep 2003

Desperado (1995)

Corrected entry: In the very last scene when Antonio Banderas is throwing away his guitar case, you can see that the car Salma Hayek is driving is rather high. Anyway, when they go back to pick the case up again, Antonio Banderas opens the door and reaches out a bit to get it. Considering the height of the car, it's impossible for him to get it from that angle. (01:35:20)

Correction: Apparently not. He may have had to stretch quite a bit, but this is not impossible.


4th Feb 2004

Tremors (1990)

Corrected entry: When Old Fred is eaten, he's holding a hoe. When Val and Earl find him, the hoe is nowhere to be seen. It's been established that the graboids spit out things they can't eat (the generator, the bomb) but we see a wide area around where Fred was, and no sign of the hoe. Yes, it could have been spit VERY far away, but in the other instances the objects are still in the vicinity of where they were eaten.


Correction: Self-correcting entry. Like you said, it could have been spit very far away.


3rd Jun 2005

Rudy (1993)

Corrected entry: At the end of the Georgia Tech game, when the Irish need to get the defense back on the field so Rudy can play, and a half-back pass play is called, the quarterback speaks to Jamie O'Hara, the Notre Dame half-back, played by Vince Vaughn, and doesn't call him "Jamie" but instead calls him by the actor's name, "Vinnie." (01:45:40)

Correction: He calls him Jamie, it's just hard to hear over the crowd and other players.


Corrected entry: An add-on to the 4 => 2 engine plane scene before the bank robbery. In addition to ditching two of its engines the plane also loses two of its four sets of landing gear wheels. One could argue that the pilot retracted the wheels into the plane, but remember that this plane is landing.

Correction: It has already been submitted, that two separate planes were used in the different angle shots. As such, pointing out any additional differences in the planes, and submitting them as a separate mistake is not really necessary.


7th Aug 2006

Footloose (1984)

Corrected entry: As Ren is dancing through the factory we see him take off his sweater and dump it on the ground. Later once he comes across Ariel back at his car we see him go and pick up his sweater from a nearby train carriage which is not near where he left it.


Correction: The dancing scene in the warehouse is a montage of the entire time he was there, thus giving him, or even Ariel, who was watching him, time to move it somewhere else.


4th Sep 2006

Robocop (1987)

Corrected entry: It is established early that Robo's armor is titanium laminated with Kevlar, and is shown stopping all kinds of weapons, yet at the end of the movie Clarence drives a spike through the armor like it was simple plastic. Even with the heavy spike he should not have been able to do that.

Correction: 1) Robocop has taken quite a beating during the film, and his armor may have been already damaged in some spots. 2) Clarence rams the spike into a joint that connects two armor plates, not through the armor itself. If Robocop did not have these spaces between his armor, it would all be connected as one piece, and he would not be able to even move.


Corrected entry: When Napoleon is asking Don for a "Vote for Summer" button, a group of students is standing behind him close to lockers. When Napoleon throws the button down to hall, the party is suddenly gone.

Correction: This scene takes place between classes, and people are constantly moving throughout the halls. The crowd has sufficient time to have departed while off camera.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Quinn is looking through the binoculars when the pirates shoot the man, we hear the sound of the gunshot right away. It would have taken a few seconds for them to hear it, as far away as they were.

Correction: You also would not be able to hear them talking, which is also heard slightly in the close-up, including the splashing of water. This is a shot used alot in movies. The binocular view lets the viewer know that that the scene is taking place far away, but you still can hear what is going on, because it is important to the plot. This is not a mistake, but a "director made" decision done for the good of the viewer.


31st Jul 2006

Batman (1989)

Corrected entry: When Batman and Vicky are falling from the cathedral and Batman shoots his grappling hook upwards, he and Vicky are falling with their backs to the ground, rotating in a counter clockwise manner. Two shots later, they are falling with their feet to the ground, not rotating at all.

Correction: It is possible to change your trajectory/position slightly as you fall if you have plenty of practice, much the same way that skydivers do. Since Batman is very used to "flying" through the air, it would have been no problem for him to achieve the change in position.


2nd Sep 2006

Poseidon (2006)

Corrected entry: In the ballroom scene Richard Dreyfus' character leaves the ballroom for the deck outside after midnight and prepares to jump. He sees the wave approaching. He returns through the doors back into the ballroom. One can see a small crack between the doors. Since they're not water-tight, after the ship capsizes the ballroom would have immediately began to flood (which doesn't happen). Thus even the main cast which ultimately escapes would have drowned with the others and it wouldn't have mattered if the captain had the other water-tight doors closed.

Correction: This doorway does not connect directly to the main ballroom, but rather to an exterior covered balcony. The water tight doors for the ballroom are located further inside, and are made of steel, as is evidenced later in the film.


Corrected entry: After Chris gets the kitchen cleaned up before the parents arrive, she slings the washcloth across to the sink. When the towel hits the sink, the window breaks (just above the faucet) you can also hear the sound of glass breaking when the washcloth hits the sink.

Correction: How is this a movie mistake? Even if it were unintentional (which is pure speculation), it still happened, looked okay as it was shot, is never shown again to affect the film's continuity, and the audio matches perfectly. This is not a "movie mistake" at all.


Corrected entry: Right after finishing their song in the blues club, after getting off stage to make their exit, Chris Parker high-fives the people as she makes her way out, although she has mitten gloves on everyone she high-fives still makes a clap noise every time.

Correction: All the kids, including Chris, are high-fiving people on the way out, and they are all leaving together. What you are hearing is the clapping sound of one of the kids high-fiving someone, not Chris.


Corrected entry: In the part of the movie when the "babysitter" is in the passenger seat of the vehicle, her seat belt is on. When they flash away and then back to her the seat belt is off. They cut away and come back for a third time, she then has the seat belt on again.

Correction: She takes it off to turn around and tell Brad "No Chocolate" and Sara "Time for your cough syrup" and then buckles it back as she asks Joe Gibb to drop them off as soon as he can.


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