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Corrected entry: The second muse to appear in "I'm Alive" has wavy hair just above her shoulders. In the final dance sequence of "Xanadu" in the Xanadu Club as they transform back to muses, in the last shot, her hair is straight and almost down to her waist. (00:04:15 - 01:31:55)

Correction: Earlier in the film, Kira changed a dictionary entry and a television airing in progress at will, not to mention that Kira changes her appearance several times to suit the songs she performs in the final montage. What makes you think another muse can't change her own appearance at will?

Corrected entry: The ripped pieces of paper from Sonny's drawing land in front of the mural, yet they have all vanished as the muses dance in "I'm Alive."

Correction: Well, the little pieces of paper flew across the sky for quite a while before landing...it's not that far of a stretch to think that they blew away again.


Corrected entry: During the film Sonny changes from being left-handed to right handed sometimes, while he draws and paints.

Correction: He could be ambidextrous, and is able to paint and draw with either hand.

Corrected entry: Electric Light Orchestra were told by director Robert Greenwald to fit in the word "Xanadu" as many times as they could in their song.

Correction: Not true. The statement from www.imdb.com that "The word Xanadu was spoken 21 times in this song" was reworded for this submission. I can find no evidence that the director ever told Electric Light Orchestra to do this.


Corrected entry: There were over 60 Xanadu Dancers in total, for the Xanadu Roller Disco scene.

Correction: Something that could probably be determined by simply watching the film, or looking at the end credits, is hardly interesting trivia.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: The exterior of Los Angeles' Pan-Pacific Auditorium was used in film for shots of the Xanadu nightclub. The art deco Streamline Moderne building burned down in 1989, though a front spire section was saved and used on the recent Pan-Pacific park community center building which now stands in its place.

Correction: Pointing out filming locations is hardly interesting trivia - everything had to be filmed somewhere and the information about the fire has no relevance to the film in question.

Tailkinker Premium member

Correction: Not nearly interesting enough to be considered trivia.


Correction: So what? That's not exactly trivia-worthy.


Corrected entry: Towards the end after the Xanadu number, the mirrored curtain lifts and an overhead shot shows the eight sisters at the center, then dancing down the pink points of the star illuminated on the stage floor. The dancer at the 6 o'clock position starts down the wrong color point and then corrects herself before she reaches the edge of the stage.

Correction: The characters bad dancing is not a movie mistake. Although it is worth a laugh at.

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Corrected entry: In Simpson's office at the record studio, Simpson tells Sonny to "pick up the van and hustle your butt over to the Platinum Palace." The next scene shows Sonny driving up to the Platinum Palace in a pickup truck, not a van.

Correction: Character error, not a movie one.

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Factual error: The sun can't rise out of the Pacific ocean when viewed from America, as seen when Danny is playing the clarinet. (00:01:20)

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Chosen answer: It's implied that it could be her, but there's no definitive answer as to whether or not it is. It's deliberately left to the audience's interpretation.

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