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Corrected entry: After Rudy gets to Notre Dame and he is volunteering to work on the grounds crew, he follows the head groundskeeper while he is walking behind a drop spreader. The groundskeeper never touches a lever to apply the fertilizer. Even when he stops to talk to Rudy, the spreader [if opened] would be pouring fertilizer on the field, effectively killing the grass. (00:37:45)

Correction: The seed spreader used in the movie is the same seed spreader I own. That type of spreader only releases while moving. No lever or handle is needed to stop or start the spreading. The lever is only used to make the opening wider or narrower to allow more or less out at once.

Corrected entry: In the final game in which Rudy is allowed to dress, you will notice he is the only one on the team wearing a jersey without his last name on the back. Surely the team would have had time to have a jersey ready for him that had his name on it, rather than have an eyesore like that?

Correction: This is true. In real life Rudy (and other walk-ons) did not have names on their jerseys. In some cases this still happens today in major college football.

Correction: Notre Dame does not have any players name on their jerseys.

Corrected entry: During the final game, two different Notre Dame players seem to be wearing the 1 jersey. One of them is a receiver who scores two of the Notre Dame touchdowns, and he is white. The other one is seen standing on the sidelines right next to Mateus during the scene when he starts the "Rudy!" chant, and he is black.

Correction: According to college rules, there may be two people on the same team that are wearing same number. One must be on offense, the other on defense. In that case, they may share the same number.

Correction: At the time this game took place you didn't see duplicate numbers.

Corrected entry: In the finale game at the end of the movie when Rudy finally gets to play, the scoreboard shows Notre Dame listed first (on the left) with Georgia Tech second, on the right. The visiting team is always listed first in any sport, so the scoreboard shows they should be playing at Georgia Tech. (This was from a DVD viewing.)


Correction: This is certainly not true for "any sport" and untrue for football, specifically. One only has to do a Google image search for "Notre Dame scoreboard" to see that ND is displayed on the left side of the scoreboard as depicted in the movie.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: In the scene when Rudy returns back to the team practice after quitting the team, the whole team is on the field but none of them have shoulder pads under their uniform even though they are supposed to be practising.

Correction: Coach Devine was running a 'non-contact' practice, so no shoulder pads are worn.

Just adding that it is typical to have the type of practice noted above the day before the game and is more of a walk-through.

Corrected entry: At the end of the Georgia Tech game, when the Irish need to get the defense back on the field so Rudy can play, and a half-back pass play is called, the quarterback speaks to Jamie O'Hara, the Notre Dame half-back, played by Vince Vaughn, and doesn't call him "Jamie" but instead calls him by the actor's name, "Vinnie." (01:45:40)

Correction: He calls him Jamie, it's just hard to hear over the crowd and other players.


Corrected entry: In the final game against GA Tech, Notre Dame is wearing away jerseys and GA Tech is wearing home jerseys. How can that be if Notre Dame was at home?

Kimberly Fox

Correction: Notre Dame is wearing the dark or home jerseys during the whole last game. GA Tech is wearing white jerseys (normally white is away). Nothing is wrong.

Zwn Annwn

Correction: The home team gets to choose jersey color. While many teams in the South choose white early in the season due to heat, most home teams choose dark, or more colorful, home jerseys if heat is not a factor.

Corrected entry: When Rudy is wandering around the stadium trying to buy a ticket for the game, a little boy walks by in a Jerome Bettis jersy (#6). Bettis didn't come to Notre Dame until the 90's.

Correction: Notre Dame doesn't put player names on their jerseys. If there is a jersey with 6 on it, it could have been a player from that era wearing 6, not necessarily a Jerome Bettis 6.

But the Jersey the boy was wearing was a mesh jersey not of that era. It was definitely a Jerome Bettis jersey.

During this period, the jerseys had numbers on the shoulders and during the early 90's, the ND logo. The jersey is accurate.

Corrected entry: The movie took place in the 70s. Yet when the main character called home from school, he was using a telephone with touch-tone dials (Not invented yet).

Correction: According to AT&T's web site, the first touch tone phone was in 1941, and touch tone phones started being used in the 60's. Click here for more info.

In 1974, there were certainly Touch Tone phones.

Corrected entry: I find it hard to believe that Rudy, who is such a fan of the team he recited a coach's pep talk verbatim as a kid, and could no doubt name every player on the roster, did not realize that the head groundskeeper once was a player.

Correction: This movie is a true story. You'll have to argue with Rudy himself on that one.

Correction: Rudy himself admitted that the groundskeeper character was a composite of everyone who ever encouraged him and not one individual.

Corrected entry: When Rudy first arrives on Notre Dame's campus, he is advised to attend Holy Cross junior college to get his grades up so he can be eligible to attend Notre Dame. According to historical data, Rudy enrolled at Holy Cross in 1972. But in the scene when Rudy first walks onto Notre Dame's football field from the end zone, the Goal Post is at the end of the end zone. NCAA goal posts were not moved to the back of the end zone until 1974, so the goal post should have still been on the goal line in 1972.


Correction: Goalposts in college have been at the back of the End zone since 1927. They were on the goal line in the NFL until 1974. But not in college.

Just to confirm this is correct. In fact you can watch 1972 NCAA games online and see the goal post are not on the goal line.


Factual error: Rudy's high school, Joliet Catholic, was all male when Rudy attended. In the movie, however, there are girls in his class. (00:09:10)

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D-Bob: Who's the wild man now?

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Trivia: During the final game at the end of the movie, one of the Notre Dame players appears on the field with the name 'Favreau' on the back of his uniform. Jon Favreau is the name of the actor who plays Rudy's friend D-Bob in the film.

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Question: Is it Rudy's friend Jim who makes the catch on the halfback pass thrown by Vince Vaughn, Jamie near the end of the Georgia Tech game?

Answer: No.

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