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Corrected entry: In the scene where they are getting the old planes' floats down the white rapid river, and Quin kind of, goes down with the floats, he says "I'm fine. Now it's your turn." But if you look carefully, his lips don't move.

Correction: The shot is a close up of Anne Heche with Harrison Ford's voice over - he isn't even visible in shot and you cannot tell where he is or what he is doing.

Corrected entry: I suppose it's usual to have a bag of tools on your plane, but Quin's seems to contain several kinds of saws, a helluva lot of rope and some sort of large machete. I guess you never know...

Correction: As a bush pilot, Quinn would have had to be "prepared for anything." Pilots flying in places such as Papua New Guinea and South America carry a lot of tools and other survival gear. If your plane goes down, you may be your only way out. You have to have the necessary gear with you.

Correction: Her hair is not messed up when they laid down because they jumped off a cliff into the ocean so her hair was still wet.

Corrected entry: Robin chartered the plane to fly to Tahiti for a photo-shoot for one night. Yet after they've crashed, we see her go back into the plane to get a change of clothes, and she had a bag with at least 5 different changes. Just how long was she planning to spend in Tahiti?

Correction: Being a professional at a fashion magazine, she was prepared. Outfits for casual, possible meetings, maybe dinner, work attire etc.

Lynette Carrington

Corrected entry: In the scene where Quinn is looking through the binoculars when the pirates shoot the man, we hear the sound of the gunshot right away. It would have taken a few seconds for them to hear it, as far away as they were.

Correction: You also would not be able to hear them talking, which is also heard slightly in the close-up, including the splashing of water. This is a shot used alot in movies. The binocular view lets the viewer know that that the scene is taking place far away, but you still can hear what is going on, because it is important to the plot. This is not a mistake, but a "director made" decision done for the good of the viewer.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Quinn is flying Robin and Frank to the island, they are wearing lifejackets, she asks if they are necessary, and he says only if we crash. Later, when Quinn is flying Robin to Tahiti, she is not wearing a lifejacket. Even when the weather gets rough, Quinn doesn't give her a lifejacket. They decide to turn around; still no lifejacket. They are going down, the radio is fried and they can't send out a distress call and still he doesn't give her a lifejacket.

Correction: This is just poor judgment on the part of the characters, also we did not see the whole flight maybe he asked her to put it on and she refused.


Corrected entry: In the last scene Quinn asks that guy on the airport field which plane heads to New York, and this guy points at a plane of Aloha Airlines. The movie is believed to take place in Fiji - Aloha Airlines does not fly to Fiji or New York.

Correction: In the airport, when Robin and Frank are getting ready to leave, the intercom says that the plane is leaving for Honolulu. Quinn made a mistake in thinking that they were flying nonstop to New York.

Corrected entry: After the crash landing in the lagoon at her villa, her injury is above her left eye in the first scene and then above her right eye the rest of the movie.

Correction: She was looking into a mirror that made her injury flipped. No continuity mistake here.

Continuity mistake: When Harrison Ford and Anne Heche come out of the cave they fell into, Anne has a scorpion on her head. If you look closely you will see that it is just a toy and much smaller than the real one we see in the next shot.

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Trivia: Temuera Morrison and Cliff Curtis are speaking Maori in their roles as pirates. However they didn't know how to say the complex lines they were supposed to (about gold and pirates, etc), so they just ad-libbed random everyday stuff such as what they were cooking for dinner. (From Temuera's biography "Temuera Morrison: From Haka to Hollywood").

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Question: I noticed that the island they crashed on was "Mata nui." It sounded familiar to me, and Google told me Mata Nui was a Lego Bionicle figure. Since the movie is from 1998 and Bionicle from 2001, Lego must have been inspired by the movie, or what?


Answer: Motu Nui is a real life island, the name means "large island" in Maori. Most likely that is the source of Lego's inspiration for the name. While it is certainly possible that whoever came up with Mata Nui first heard the name Motu Nui in this movie, it is unlikely. Motu Nui is a fairly well known island and also shares its name with a settlement in New Zealand. A fictionalized island called Motu Nui is also the home of Disney princess Moana, which obviously came out after Bionicle but speaks to how well known the name is.


Answer: Thank you. I must have misheard the name in the movie! I will Google Motu Nui now.

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