Not Another Teen Movie

Corrected entry: During the famous opening vibrator scene, we see everyone in the room splattered by cake frosting (from the vibrator landing in the cake). But when they show the cake afterwards, it's clear that large volume of frosting splattered over everyone is many times more than the frosting displaced from the actual cake.

Correction: It is not uncommon in spoofs to intentionally overexaggerate things. Not really a mistake.

Damian Torres

Corrected entry: On the blackboard in English class is the assignment - Prepare summary of "As You Like It": Act II Scene 3; Act II Scene 4; Act III Scene 1. But in fact Act II of "As You Like It" contains seven scenes.

Correction: They could very easily have been given that assignment, as teachers do not always stick to the chronological order of a textbook. Besides, the joke here is just to "spoof" Never Been Kissed, as this was the assignment in that film.


Correction: Ricky doesn't actually open the door he just exits through the one Jake opened.

Corrected entry: When Jake and Mr. T are having their conversation on the bench, you can see the paramedics wheeling Reggie Ray behind them. When the conversation is over and Jake gets up, you can see the paramedics wheeling Reggie Ray behind them again.

Correction: It actually happens six times, leading to the obvious conclusion that it is a gag like most of the film. The same thing happens in a very similar scene where the quarterback is wheeled out three times.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Jake is running to the airport to find Janie, the door falls down when he knocks on it but in the next shot where the other person is looking for Janie and he goes to the house, the door has some how got back up and placed itself exactly where it was in the first place.

Correction: If you watch the scene closely, Ricky is putting the door back into place at the start before running from the house with the door in place.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the foreign exchange student is in Principal Cornish's office, there is one shot where you can see out of the principals door into what I'm guessing is the main office. You can see two boys standing at the counter, but when Janey and Areola leave the principals office, one of the boys walks past them and over to his friend standing at the counter.

Correction: He could have gone somewhere for a moment and then returned back to his friend.

Corrected entry: When Jake is at Jeanie's house to pick her up for the party, he is wearing a sweater with stripes across it. In the next scene at the party you can clearly see that Jake's sweater now is one solid color.

Correction: There was at least an hour between the two scenes because the earlier one took place in the day and party scene at night. That was plenty of time to change (for instance, Janey's brother changed clothes and made it to Wang-Chung's house between scenes).

Joel Gordon

Corrected entry: When the foreign exchange student comes in to the party nude and another girl says "I can't believe she's wearing the same outfit as me," watch when she walks into the next room and you can see a silver bikini on the bottom. (00:38:12)

Correction: Look more closely and you will see that it is actually the silver purse she is carrying.

Corrected entry: At the party where Malik is talking to Sean Patrick Thomas, Malik's hair is short, while in the rest of the movie (even after, at the prom), his hair is longer. (00:40:20)

Correction: That's part of the gag. His hair changes from scene to scene.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Janey and Ricky are sitting on a bench and she asks Jake to the prom, watch how the position of Ricky's head changes from shot to shot; one shot sees him looking down, the very next sees him looking directly at Jake.

Correction: When the shot is on Ricky, he is simply just looking in different directions as the boy he hates is going to ask out his "dream girl". So when he looks down, or right at Jake from shot-to-shot that is not really an accountable mistake.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie at the prom, you can see Joel from the band Good Charlotte (the band playing at the dance) reach up, slap the principal's butt, and start laughing.

Correction: This isn't considered a mistake because that might have been part of his performance.

Corrected entry: The movie was origanally going to be called 'Ten things I hat about clueless roadtrips when I can't hardly wait to be kissed.'

Correction: Not completely true. iT is what the director wanted but realized that is way too long and way too hard for anyone to remember, the original title was supposed to be "Never Been All That" or "Is She Really All That".

Corrected entry: When Jake is singing Janie's got a gun to Janey and the cops or security chase her and put her on the ground one of them gets her with a stun gun but the other one is holding her by the wrist - he should have got shocked also.


Correction: The only part of Janie that should get shocked is the part between the two electrodes that is touching her. Since it is a closed circuit, the electricity is going nowhere else.

Sol Parker

Continuity mistake: During the detention scene, the teacher comes in and you can see there isn't anything on his rear end. As he leaves, you can see toilet paper hanging from his rear. This was because a scene never made it into the movie where the teacher's office is in the mens restroom. Also confirmed on cast commentary.

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Cheerleader: You better bring it.
Priscilla: Oh, it's already been brought-en.

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Trivia: The prom night band is punk-rock group Good Charlotte.

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Question: Does anyone know the name of the song that is playing when Jamie Presley is walking down the hall with her friends.

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