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Corrected entry: In the Mariachi's flashback, where he gets shot in the hand, if it's seen in slow-mo, the "blood" is being shot onto his hand from off the right side of the screen. (As per the rules on the contribution page, there are exceptions to using slow-mo: "...something else fairly major is worth listing" and this falls under that rule.)

Correction: Not major, and not worth listing - at normal viewing speed it looks like he is being shot in the hand, just like it is supposed to.

Corrected entry: The gun that the bookie fires at Banderas in the bar has a silencer on it, but when he fires the gun at him, it sounds like normal gunfire.

Correction: Not a mistake, reality strikes again. Real silencers don't produce the characteristic whisper as heard in many movies, they only reduce the sound of the shot to a sharp crack.

Corrected entry: In the very last scene when Antonio Banderas is throwing away his guitar case, you can see that the car Salma Hayek is driving is rather high. Anyway, when they go back to pick the case up again, Antonio Banderas opens the door and reaches out a bit to get it. Considering the height of the car, it's impossible for him to get it from that angle. (01:35:20)

Correction: Apparently not. He may have had to stretch quite a bit, but this is not impossible.


Corrected entry: El Mariachi is crouching with Carolina in his arms during the scene on the rooftop, watching Bucho and his men arrive at the burning bookstore across the street. They were in open view, near the roof's edge, yet none of Bucho's men saw them even when facing that direction. Are the thugs all blind?

Correction: Bucho and his "thugs" were arriving to the bookstore on fire. There would be no reason for them to look anywhere else but at the burning building, as that is what made them go there in the first place.


Correction: This "deliberate mistake" was deliberate, but not a mistake. He is trying to keep her safe, and by calling her a different name, he helps maintain some bit of secrecy. After all, people in the town know her, and if someone came looking for Antonio Banderas' character, they might try to get to her.


Corrected entry: When El Mariachi walks into the Tarassco bar before the gunfight, the bartender tells him about a guy with a "Guitar case full of guns". In the opening scene of the movie Steve Buscemi never tells the same bartender or the thugs in the Tarassco bar what kind of case El Mariachi is carrying.

Leonard Hassen

Correction: The bartender says that they have been hearing stories (plural) about a guitar case full of guns, meaning they had head it from people other than Buscemi. There is also ample evidence in the movie to suggest that El Mariachi has been killing drug cartel members before the events in the movie, so stories from these have spread around the cartel. In addition, the guitar case originally belonged to a somewhat famous assassin named Azul (in the first movie, "El Mariachi"), and the bartender may easily have heard of the guitar case in association with him.


Corrected entry: After the second bar gunfight, El Mariachi quite walks out of the bar without his briefcase. You even see him stumble outside the bar without it, yet when he is walking down the street he's suddenly holding it.

Correction: After close inspection, he does actually leave the bar with his case. If you watch closely after the shot of him staggering away and throwing the note down, there's a shot of a candle blowing out followed by a straight shot of the bar door, which opens and out staggers Mariachi, but if you look at his left leg (right to you as a viewer) you definitely see he has his case.

Corrected entry: He always asks if he thanked Salma Hayek and said that he would later but when she bought him the guitar and he saw it for the first time he mumbled "thank you".

Correction: He also says 'thanks' before that, whilst Salma Hayek is stitching Antonio Banderas up after the gunshot wound, he mutters 'thanks' and she says 'its the least I can do'.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, when Salma Hayek picks up Antonio Banderas in the truck, he throws the guitar away, but it doesn't make any noise when it lands. Did he throw it so far that we can't hear the noise?(VHS)

Correction: The problem was with your audio. On DVD with surround sound you hear the guitar case hit the ground "behind" you.

Corrected entry: Right after Antonio pulls the 3 knives out of his body, he is seen walking and leaning on a wall and leaving a trail of blood behind him as he walks. The next shot shows him leaned up against the wall not moving and the trail of blood is no longer on the wall.

Correction: No. When you take a close look, you can see the trail of blood far behind him. I admit, I wanted to send in the same mistake. Just look carefully.

Corrected entry: When the bar villains jump over the bar to get the Mariachi, one of them yells, "Come, mes amis!" which is French. They're all supposed to be Mexican.

Correction: What they are saying is "Calmensen" which is spanish. Which means for them to relax.

Continuity mistake: During the rooftop shootout Banderas reloads his gun (right hand one), than he takes another gun (the one in his belt) with the left hand. After a cut, Banderas reloads his right handed gun again and the left handed gun disappears.

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Question: I have two questions: 1) At the beginning of the movie, when Buscemi tells the story about the mariachi in this one bar in Saragossa, Tavo (the one Mexican that is later in the movie killed on the street by the mariachi) says something in Spanish, and all start laughing - does anybody know what he says? 2)When the mariachi prepares to go to the Tarasco-Bar, in his bathroom, what song is played?

Answer: Tito Larriva as Tavo says (in reference to Steve Buscemi) that "This guy smells like shit." The name of the song being played is "Manifold de Amour" by Latin Playboys.

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