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Corrected entry: During the final dance scene, a blonde guy pops out of the crowd to do a solo dance. While he is dancing, there are random shots of the crowd cheering. During one of those crowd shots you can spot the young man cheering himself on. (01:38:10)

Correction: Looking at articles about the movie (and watching the director's/star's commentary) we learn that the guy that is dancing is actually a twin, thus it is his twin cheering him on and not a movie mistake.

Corrected entry: After the scene where Ariel is standing between the cars, which takes place right after church in the daytime, the next scene is at night at the drive in.

Correction: The next scene occurs much later in the day; it is not shown in real time.

Corrected entry: When Ren and Chuck are playing chicken in the end and Chuck bails out, he falls into water. However, when it zoomed out when they first start moving, there was no water visible in the scene.

Correction: It's not visible because it is so far away. The water is down in a ditch so you can't see it from the zoomed out view because of the angle it was shot at. You can however see it in a beginning scene before they start.

Corrected entry: How is it that, in a town where dancing has been forbidden for years, at the end of the movie, everyone's able to crank out the newest, most popular dance moves flawlessly?

Correction: Dancing wasn't forbidden on televisions. And kids could have certainly seen the moves and practiced them in secret. As we see many times, people dance all over the town and never get caught. Just because dancing is outlawed doesn't mean people don't do it.


Corrected entry: At the end when Ren and Willard are fighting the guys outside the dance, they get noticeably dirty. When Ren returns to the dance, his clothes are clean.

Correction: The prom suit may have looked clean, but I could definitely tell it had some soil on it, even without a close up.

Corrected entry: As Ren is dancing through the factory we see him take off his sweater and dump it on the ground. Later once he comes across Ariel back at his car we see him go and pick up his sweater from a nearby train carriage which is not near where he left it.


Correction: The dancing scene in the warehouse is a montage of the entire time he was there, thus giving him, or even Ariel, who was watching him, time to move it somewhere else.


Corrected entry: When Kevin Bacon is teaching his friend to dance, you can actually see the ground he is dancing on wobble and move up and down.

Correction: He is actually standing on the back of a trailer. You can see the edges of it. It's very dirty and does look a lot like the ground but it's a trailer.

Corrected entry: During the scene that Kevin Bacon is teaching his friend to dance, you can see the Rocky Mountains behind him. (The film is set in Iowa, but filmed in American Fork, Utah).

Correction: It's never stated exactly where the movie takes place.

The film is set in fictional Bomont, Utah.

Continuity mistake: As Ren is dancing after the confrontation with his uncle we can see him dancing through the factory. He then does some gymnastics on a bar on the loft. If you look you can see that he is wearing gymnastics grips on his hands. Yet he did not have them on in the shot before, or in the shot afterwards.


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Willard: You won't get any dancing here, it's illegal.
Ren: Jump back.

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Trivia: In the scene where Rev. Shaw shows Ren a picture of his deceased son Bobby, John Lithgow actually showed a picture of his real son.

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Question: When Ren is driving with his friends at night, he is told about the circumstances behind the death of Ariel's brother. It was quite clear that it was driving while under the influence of alcohol that was responsible for his death so why blame it on playing loud music?

Answer: The belief was that rock and roll was the root cause of the accident. The adults who supported the ban believed that rock and roll influenced the teens to do things they wouldn't normally do, such as drinking and driving.


Answer: One of the kids answers the question during the conversation by saying something along the lines of there's three things involved, and the adults didn't wanna get rid of two of 'em, which left dancing/music.


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