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Corrected entry: When Mikey picks up the baseball card, it shows it to be a 1970's Topps baseball card with Lou Gehrig on it. Lou Gehrig was never on a Topps baseball card. He was however featured on a 1933 Goudey card.

Correction: There most certainly was a 1973 Lou Gehrig Topps card, this is the one used in the movie

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Corrected entry: In the bone organ scene, before playing the last note, Andy says that she doesn't know if it's an A sharp or a B flat. On a piano or organ with the standard keyboard (and there is no reason to think that this organ uses anything else) these notes are the same and played with the same key.

Correction: That's the whole point. She'll play the correct note either way.

She wouldn't know if she played the correct note because even though she's been taking piano lessons, it's shown that she's a bit rusty.

Corrected entry: Just before Chunk drops the photo fame, if you look at Mikey you can see him counting until Chunk drops it.

Correction: Mikey was counting down because Chunk breaks everything he touches like clockwork. He was not counting down as a cue for Chunk to drop the frame.

Corrected entry: When the Goonies come across the body of Chester Copperpot, Mikey finds a Lou Gehrig baseball card in Chester's wallet. Chester Copperpot died in 1933 and Lou Gehrig didn't become a baseball player until the '70s. There's no way that card should be there.

Correction: Gehrig was the first baseman for the NY Yankees from 1923 until 1939, when he retired due to his ALS (nicknamed "Lou Gehrig's disease") diagnosis. He died in 1941.

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Corrected entry: The scene with the octopus wasn't originally a deleted scene because I remember as a kid watching this movie, they put a tape player inside of the octopus mouth and it starts dancing to it, so the Goonies get away. I have never seen the movie on VHS or DVD so I shouldn't know this.

Correction: While not in the theatrical version, the octopus scene was included in the Disney Channel airings in the early 90's.

Corrected entry: In the scene right before Brand moves the rock letting all the bats out, several characters state, "Maybe it's a..." and when they get to Mouth, he says Data's real name, "Huy", when he sarcastically states, "Maybe it's another one of Huy's booby traps."

Correction: No, Mouth says "Maybe it's another one of Willie's booby traps."

Corrected entry: After Mikey sets off the booby trap with the large boulders, it's made clear that the boulders fill in the pathway side-by-side, yet the Fratellis, Sloth, and Chunk seem to make it past the boulders. (00:57:05)

Correction: The boulders do not make a perfect fit with the walls. There is enough room above the boulders to move about.


Corrected entry: When Troy, Andy and Stef are in Troy's car, Troy tilts the mirror to look up Andy's skirt. However later when Andy and Stef sneak up on the boys outside the Lighthouse lounge, Andy says to Brand Troy was looking down her shirt.

Correction: There is absolutely no way to look up a skirt from a mirror placed above your head. He's trying to look at her cleavage.

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Corrected entry: When Mikey holds the doubloon up from a distance, the two rocks and the lighthouse are a perfect match for the three holes in the coin. If the coin was really from 1632, how could the lighthouse even be in it? Lighthouses weren't made until a LONG time later in the 1800's or so.


Correction: First of all, lighthouses have been around since the Egyptians (Pharos lighthouse was built in 280 BC). It's lens-based lighthouses that were constructed starting in the early 1800's, but there's no reason there couldn't have been another structure or a rudimentary "warning light" station where the present lighthouse was constructed, that the doubloon was made to reference.

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Corrected entry: In the shot where Data busts through the screen door, you can see his cap fall off as he crashes into Mikey. In the following shot, as the others begin to recover from the pile-up, Data's cap can be seen on his head again. (00:09:00)

Correction: We don't even see Data in the following shot. It isn’t until three shots later that we actually see Data, and by this time he's wearing the baseball cap - plenty of time for him to put it back on his head.

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Corrected entry: At the end of the film when the Goonies reunite with their families, Rosalita goes over to Mikey and takes off his hat and cop jacket that he was wearing and puts a blanket on him instead. In the very next shot, Mikey is still wearing the hat.

Correction: Mikey isn't even in the next shot, so we really can't see if he wears the hat or not.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where the kids are entering the hole in the basement of the lighthouse (i.e. the start of the tunnel), Data is seen wearing a pair of white Nike shoes. In the next shot, where his feet are coming down the tunnel, his shoes have changed to a pair of grey/black Nikes.

Correction: Those are not Data's sneakers they are Mouth's black Nikes. We first see a close-up of the bottom of Data's legs, wearing the folded blue jeans and white high-top Nikes with the blue swoosh, stepping down just over Stef's head as she is descending. Then we see a close-up of the bottom of Mouth's legs wearing his zippered space pants and black low-top Nikes. Then we see a shot of Data's face as he is heading down. Data's sneakers never change.

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Corrected entry: When all the kids are in the well and they're all shouting at Troy at the same time, the name "Troy" is shouted twice by one of the characters and the second "Troy" overlapped the first one.

Correction: That's an echo.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie when they are all looking at the ship sail off into the sunset, there is one problem: this took place in Oregon and the sun sets over the ocean in the west, which is correct. But the kids coming out the cave takes place in the morning, so the sun would not have been there, as it comes up in the east.

Correction: It NEVER once mentions that it is morning. 1) Sunlight can be seen entering the cave that holds Willie's ship from the first time they arrive, well before all the scenes on the ship even take place. 2) One of the beach patrol officers CLEARLY states that the kids were not there earlier, indicating that some time has passed since first light. The sun setting on the sea is accurate based on the timeline of the movie.


Corrected entry: During the diner scene, in which Chunk tells Mikey that this is not the sort of place you want to go to, in the bathroom we see a camera man moving from our right to left, in the mirror behind them.


Correction: Mikey never goes to the bathroom at the diner. He tells her he has to go, and she tells him where it is. He then goes downstairs, and straight to the room where they are keeping Sloth chained up. Then Josh comes and takes him out of the restaurant. Having said this, I can't find this camera person anywhere.


I think Scrappy is referring to one of the Fratelli's carrying out the body. Chunk notices it over his shoulder which causes him to say "Dead things, Mikey..."

Corrected entry: The Goonies discover a bunch of candles in Chester Copperpot's backpack and take them; among them is a stick of dynamite. Dynamite essentially consists of nitroglycerin soaked in sawdust or diatomaceous earth; old dynamite tends to 'sweat' the nitroglycerine, which makes handling the stuff very dangerous. Since the stick has been lying there for about 50 years, and with all the jostling the Goonies go through from that point, it should have gone off.

Correction: A: Old dynamite doesn't always sweat nitroglycerin. It depends on the condition of the dynamite and the storage space. B: Nitroglycerin is a highly instable substance. Sometimes a tiny shake can set it off. Other times it can be hit with a hammer and not go off.

Corrected entry: The movie says that the Goonies' house is in danger because it's wanted for a golf course. But they live on a very steep and hilly street - exactly the opposite of the open, flat (if with low hills) kind of land needed for a golf course.

Correction:'ve never heard of a mountain golf course? Hills and mountains add to the difficulty. Golf courses do not require flat land.

I live in the Goondocks and you obviously haven't seen the house. No way was a golf course or anything related to one going to be put on that site. Strange they picked Uppertown but we love love love the Goonies and all the fans so no harm no foul.

Correction: They need land in order to build maintenance sheds and buildings. Maybe that is what was going on the Walsh land.

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Correction: The idea of residential demolition is almost always taking the landscape down to the base. During the 70s-80s in the US there were hundreds of thousands of flat, or mostly flat, housing developments made out of very hilly, rocky terrain. Seeing as they would more than likely need to remove all of the dug utilities and update them anyway, the demo/scaping team will be pulling up well below the water table in the entire area. This would not only flatten out enough to build a golf course/country club, but would explain the "pretty soon there won't even be a goondocks anymore" line.

Correction: Literally what a sand trap has is a big hill spot then a slope in which the sand begins. Some of the larger courses have ponds in which they have uneven hills. I mean, play Wii sports and you see hills.

Corrected entry: In the end, Rosalita is the one who saves them all by running over and shouting (in Spanish, which Mouth translates) for them not to sign the contract, since they have the jewels they can use to get the money they need. But since it's already been established that she doesn't understand English, how would she know that they needed money? How would she know that they're signing something precisely because they didn't have it? Mouth never told her, and nobody else speaks any Spanish to have told her.

Correction: Rosalita was hired by the Walsh family to help them prepare to move out of the house. It's not a stretch to assume she was told (and understood) the reason they had to move.

Correction: Simply because she wasn't told in the movie doesn't mean that Mouth or someone else didn't tell her at some other point.

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Corrected entry: When Mouth is talking to Rosalita about the attic, you can see that the door pulls down from left to right, but when the Goonies are walking up to the attic, they are walking from right to left.

Correction: If you were to walk up any staircase, then turn left by 180 degrees at the top of the stairs, they would appear to descend from left to right as shown in the shot. Not a mistake in the least.


Corrected entry: At the end of the movie when Rosalita finds the jewels in Mikey's marble bag, she tells Mikey's mum to hold out her hands while she tips them out, Mikey's mum holds out both hands but throughout the movie she has had her one arm in a sling.

Correction: You can still put your hand out even though it's in a sling, just not as far out, which is what she did.


Visible crew/equipment: When Data crosses the beam with his 'slick shoes', the others are standing at the end of the beam telling him it's good enough. As their arms are stretched out towards Data, there is a platform lying atop the beam at Mouth's feet. (01:17:15)

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