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Trivia: When Chunk confesses to the Fratellis and starts crying, child actor Jeff Cohen had to think of his mother dying to generate tears.

Trivia: In the end where the kids meet up with their family on the beach, Chunk's sister in the movie is actually his real-life sister.

Trivia: When Chunk calls the police the officer mentions 'those little creatures that multiply when touched by water'. This is of course Gremlins, which was also executive produced by Steven Spielberg and Corey Feldman has a role.

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Trivia: Richard Donner, the film's director, has an uncredited cameo appearance as a police officer, on the beach at the end.

Trivia: When the Fratellis first catch up with the kids, Data yells out, "Holy S-H-I-T". On the DVD Commentary, Ke Quan explains he spelled out the word because his mother did not allow him to curse. He figured if he spelled it, that it didn't really count as cursing.

Trivia: When Jake Fratelli is escaping from the jail and running to Mama Fratelli's car, he is wearing a hat. The hat he is wearing is identical to Indiana Jones' hat in Raiders of the Lost Ark, and its sequels/prequels - films directed by Steven Spielberg, who created the story for The Goonies.


Trivia: After Mr. Perkins drops off the papers and Mikey and Brand are hugging on the porch, the director, Richard Donner's trailer is visible down the hill, parked in front of a house.

Trivia: Just before the Goonies reach the room with the bone keys, when the Fratellis shoot at them Mikey shouts, "Holy Mackenzi!" Sean Astin, who plays Mikey, has a brother Mackenzi, who is also an actor.

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Trivia: I am not sure if he has it on earlier, but in some of the scenes on the pirate ship, Sloth has a Raiders shirt on. The actor John Matuszak played football for the Oakland/L.A. raiders.


Trivia: Some notable cameos: The director of photography, Nick McLean, plays Mouth's father, Mr. Devereaux. The second unit's first assistant director, Newt Arnold, plays one of the men in the shower at the Astoria Country Club. The film's stunt coordinator, George Robotham, plays the guard at the County Jail. The executive assistant to director Richard Donner, Jennie Lew Tugend, plays Data's mother, Mrs. Wang.

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Trivia: When Chunk is being interrogated by the Fratellis he mentions a prank where he mixed some fake puke and dropped it over a balcony in a cinema on other people and they all started puking for real. This is an actual prank that producer Steven Spielberg did for real when he was a kid.

Trivia: When the movie was released in Spain, all Spanish dialogue and references were changed to Italian. However, despite the fact that the map shows the name 'Guille el Tuerto', the Spanish dubbing referred to him as 'Willy el Tuerto'.

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Trivia: No surprise that Sloth is wearing a Superman shirt when they're on the pirate ship. Goonies director Richard Donner also directed Superman.

Trivia: In the confession scene with Chunk and the Fratellis, Chunk admits to pushing his sister Edie down the stairs and blaming it on the dog. Edie is the name of Jeff Cohen's real-life sister.

Trivia: The name of the Fratelli Family in this film was the inspiration for the band "The Fratellis".


Trivia: The pirate ship in this film was entirely real. After the film's release, it was offered to anyone who would take it. Unfortunately no-one wanted it, so the ship was scrapped.

Trivia: When the Goonies descend into the fireplace, Ma Fratelli, Jake and Francis walk into the room. Ma Fratelli makes a comment about someone having been there, as the water jug is busted. Jake replies that maybe it was just a tremor. She responds by saying she'll show him a tremor and slaps him. As she does, she accidentally yanks Francis's headphones out of the jack and he almost drops the walkman he's holding. He starts to crack up with laughter, but manages to hold it together.


Trivia: When Data uses his "slick shoes" to lace the log with oil to prevent the Fratellis from following them, the "oil" you see was actually a mixture of glycerine, water and food colouring.

Trivia: When the Fratelli brothers are arguing, Anne Ramsey really does slap Robert Davi. She was told to use as much force as possible.

Trivia: The make-up to create the character Sloth took five hours to complete.

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Data: Holy S-H-I-T!

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Question: How did One Eyed Willie's treasure map, the key and the story get out if Willie had been caved in for all these years?

Answer: According to Mikey and Mr. Walsh, one of his crewmen must have taken the map and fled when One Eyed Willie was murdering his crew. This is substantiated in the novelization.

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