Sharon Murray

14th Jan 2004

The Ring (2002)

Question: During the scene when Naomi Watts allows her ex boyfriend to watch the video for the first time, she wanders out to her apartment balcony. She observes several neighbors in the apartments surrounding her. At this point the music becomes intense - is there a hidden message or hint that we are supposed to see here?

Sharon Murray

Chosen answer: The Samara virus is transferred through the televison. See how the televisions are on in each of the apartments? This is a bit of forshadowing to the end where Rachael realizes that the only way to avoid death is to make a copy of the tape and show it to someone else.

Timothy Cheseborough

7th Jan 2004

Shallow Hal (2001)

Question: What is the title of the track that is playing when Hal gets into the taxi with Katrina, and he looks at her, noticing how beautiful she is?

Sharon Murray

Chosen answer: "The Edge of the Ocean" by Ivy.

17th Oct 2003

The Goonies (1985)

Trivia: Just before the Goonies reach the room with the bone keys, when the Fratellis shoot at them Mikey shouts, "Holy Mackenzi!" Sean Astin, who plays Mikey, has a brother Mackenzi, who is also an actor.

Sharon Murray

15th Oct 2003

Spider-Man (2002)

Trivia: During the scene when Spider-Man is saving the baby from the fire, he must go back into the burning building to save a screaming woman. For anyone who plays the Sony Playstation and has played Parasite Eve II will easily recognize those screams from the game, when Aya must go rescue the screaming woman from the room in Dryfield that is behind the bolted cabinet. The filmmakers took those voice overs right from the video game.

Sharon Murray

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