Trivia: "Bone-Saw" McGraw is played by real-life wrestler "Macho Man" Randy Savage. (00:35:20)

Trivia: JJJ's secretary (the one who takes Peter's cheque) is Betty Brant, one of Peter's girlfriends in the comic books.

Trivia: When Robbie and Jameson are discussing Spider-man, Robbie says that he's a hero, causing Jameson to retort that he's wearing a mask, and asks what he had to hide. According to Stan Lee, creator of Spider-Man, he wears a mask to hide his fear from his enemies.

Trivia: A cameo appearance. Jameson (the boss at the newspaper) has the male assistant who is dressed completely in black and has the glasses. This is in fact the director's brother, Ted Raimi. (00:54:10)

Trivia: When Peter first brings pictures to the Bugle and asks JJJ for a job JJJ says he'll send Peter Christmas meat. Inside joke because Tobey Maguire is a strict vegetarian.

Maria Santos

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Suggested correction: Without a source confirming that it seems more likely that it's a simple joke demonstrating JJs lack of generosity, tact and thoughtfulness.

This information is also available on the trivia track on the DVD and Blu-Ray.

The website IMDB and Wikipedia both confirm this.

Trivia: The idea of using web-shooters was abandoned quite early for reality reasons - a student kid discovering such a powerful adhesive on his own, where the government could not? For that reason, the webs were conceived as a 'natural' product from Spidey himself.

Trivia: Lucy Lawless makes a cameo in this film - when they are talking to people about Spider-Man, she appears as a punker with red hair and says the line 'Guy with eight hands... Sounds hot.' She had previously starred in the series "Xena: Warrior Princess," which was executive produced by "Spider-Man" director Sam Raimi. (00:53:15)

Trivia: When the board has fired Norman, the board member in the wheelchair is wearing a dark tie with thin colored stripes on it. Later on Peter is wearing this exact tie at Thanksgiving dinner. (01:23:35)

Trivia: On Peter's diploma, his name is listed as Peter B. Parker. Peter's middle name, Benjamin, was only used in one issue of Spider-Man, specifically, it was "Web of Spider-Man 19."

Trivia: The World Trade Center buildings were mostly edited out, but if you look close enough in three different scenes, you can still see it - a few images were left in in tribute. 1) When Peter is sitting on the Chrysler Building eagle, you can see 2 separate rows of lights next to the Empire State Building. 2) When it cuts to Spider-Man's face looking at the city, it is in his right eye. 3) At the end, when he is swinging on the flagpole (this one is the hardest to spot). (00:53:30)

Trivia: Spidey's organic web shooters are one of the few remaining ideas from an earlier (rejected) script treatment by James Cameron.


Trivia: The script of the movie is actually quite close to the original comics' story line. The major difference is that the Green Goblin's hostage in their final fight was not M.J., but Gwen Stacy, Spidey's other serious romance, who died from the shock of the fall when (or even before) Spidey caught her. She broke her neck when Spidey stopped her in mid-air with his webbing, something Superman and other movies ignore.

Trivia: The wallpaper in Peter's bedroom is blue with little spiderwebs on it.

Spider-Man trivia picture

Trivia: At the festival when the Green Goblin throws his grenades, before the shot of Parker, you see Stan Lee (creator of Spider-Man). He was supposed to pick up the little girl that he pushes to safety, but due to his age, after several takes he said if they wanted him to pick her up, they were going to be there all day. (01:04:10)

Trivia: Randy Savage, who plays "Bone Saw" McGraw started his wrestling career as a masked wrestler named "The Spider"

Trivia: Every major actor on the set had to read the original Spider-Man comics from the 60s when they worked on this movie.

Trivia: At the High School, when Peter catches Mary-Jane's food with the plate, that's not a special effect. The filmmakers tested many ways for him to do that, but it was very difficult so they decided to put a powerful glue on the plate.

Dr Wilson

Trivia: Towards the end, when the Goblin throws the pumpkin bomb at Spider-Man, you see the flame from the bomb in Spidey's eye before it explodes. This shot is the same as in Sam Raimi's "Darkman" right before Liam Neeson's lab gets destroyed. (01:41:00)

Trivia: Notice the rather brilliant scene with Norman arguing with the Goblin persona in the mirror. This is director Sam Raimi's trademark style, as well as an homage to the Evil Dead series, where he first used the technique. (01:10:25)

Spider-Man mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Peter shoots his web at his bedroom lamp and pulls it across the room, it smashes against the wall and breaks. But when Aunt May is talking to Peter from the door seconds later, the lamp is back on the dresser in one piece. (00:32:15)

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J. Jonah Jameson: He doesn't want to be famous? Then I'll make him INfamous!

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Question: What was Tobey Maguire's full process to get Spider-man's body? What was his body and fighting training and food diets? Is there any website where they have it in full writing?

Answer: The following is taken directly from People Magazine May 27, 2002: WORKOUT: Maguire exercised for at least 3.5 hours, six days a week, with his regimen varying "depending on how sore he felt," says Joujon-Roche. Mornings were spent improving his flexibility with yoga and splits, along with building strength through abdominal and lower-body exercises on an oversize ball. "We would just work on each body part until we killed it," Joujon-Roche says. "Then the next day we'd go to another and kill that one." Afternoons were devoted to cardiovascular activities like martial arts and cycling, to burn fat, plus gymnastics. "Tobey did his own flips with that Spider-Man hood on," says Joujon-Roche. "We gave him self-assuredness." DIET: For breakfast Joujon-Roche made the actor, a vegetarian, a "high-protein shake that included nuts, essential oils and vitamins." Lunch, he says, was often "marinated tofu with broccoli and walnuts and dinner a big veggie burger with brown rice." The menu varied with Maguire's output. "If his workout was pure weights," says Joujon-Roche, "he needed protein. If he did cardio, he'd have a shake of all carbs."

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