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Xena: Warrior Princess (1995)

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Chariots of War - S1-E2

Continuity mistake: Xena leaves Darius' house, where she forgets her chakram. Then there's a shot of her riding Argo, with the chakram attached to her hip. Later Darius shows up to bring the 'missing' chakram to her.

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Show generally

Factual error: Aphrodite's son and Psyche's husband is Eros, not Cupid. Venus's son is Cupid. (Eros is Greek and Cupid is Roman).

Soul Possession - S6-E20

Continuity mistake: This episode is supposed to take place sometime back in the third season. Well in the third season Xena has her regular chakram, not the yin yang one. Yet when Joxer and Xena are talking in the forest you see the yin yang chakram on her belt.

Shannon Moran

A Comedy of Eros - S2-E22

Continuity mistake: There is a shot on the ground of all of Xena and Draco's body armor that they've taken off while arm wrestling. Soon after, Xena gives Draco a rub down, and her arm bands are back on. (00:18:10 - 00:19:30)

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The Greater Good - S1-E21

Revealing mistake: When Gabrielle is hitting her staff against the tree and screaming, if you look carefully for the last hit, the staff is bent. Most of their props were rubber with a metal rod inside them. The actress bent the metal rod because she was hitting so hard.

Shannon Moran

Callisto - S1-E22

Revealing mistake: When Xena is explaining to Gabrielle what happened at Cirra, her native New Zealand accent can be plainly heard when Xena says "ordinary".

Return of Callisto - S2-E5

Revealing mistake: After Xena gets out of that chair, she does a swinging kick from her whip and you get a shot of her feet connecting with her victim's chest. The fake feet that are used are seen bending backwards.

A Comedy of Eros - S2-E22

Continuity mistake: While Xena is putting back on all her armor after her swim, her hair constantly changes. First it is under her right strap, then over, then behind her shoulder, then back over her strap again. (00:22:45)

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