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Clue picture

Corrected entry: When they are searching the house, look at the window at the top of the stairs after the lightning strikes, you can see a person's face in it. (00:47:10)

Correction: I have examined this scene, and there is no face reflected in either of the windows at the top of the stairs. The only misconception there may have been is that there are central decorations inside the pane of glass. But no reflected face.

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Teen Wolf picture

Corrected entry: During the championship game, one of the final shots shows Scott's dad coming out of the crowd to congratulate him. There is a fan behind him who stands up to cheer and deliberately exposes her underwear to the camera. (01:25:15)

Correction: This isn't a mistake and there's no deliberate exposure of the underwear. It's not uncommon for some people in tight jeans to undo the buttons when sitting. As she stood up, she was just rebuttoning her jeans.


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A Room with a View picture

Corrected entry: When Lucy is first kissed by George Emerson he first grabs her by her head and then her waist. When she thinks back to this moment he only grabs her by the waist.

Correction: The second time we see this, it is as a memory, and memories are seldom exactly accurate. As such, this is a mistake on Lucy's part.


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Pee-wee's Big Adventure picture

Corrected entry: When Pee Wee goes into the magic shop right before his bike is taken, the letters that read the name of the shop on the glass door are facing the wrong way (the letters are facing inside, making it look backwards outside)

Correction: In the deleted scene "Amazing Larry" we see at the end of the scene as the door is opened that the glass is actually tinted and therefore what is on the inside of the glass would not be seen from the outside. There is actually lettering on the outside of the glass facing outward as well as the lettering facing inside that we see in the actual movie.

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The Breakfast Club picture

Corrected entry: When Ally Sheedy is pouring the straws with sugar in them onto her sandwich, at first she has three straws in her hand, but after the close-up of the second straw being poured it shows her without the last straw in her hand. (00:38:44)

Correction: Ally Sheedy is seen only pouring two straws of sugar in, however in the frame when she is putting the packaging in the Coke can, there are three empty straws. The one that may have "disappeared" was applied to the sandwich off-screen.

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The Color Purple picture

Corrected entry: It doesn't make sense that Celie's children can't speak a word of English when they come back from Africa. They had been with Nettie all the time and with the missionaries for many years, and even if they had eventually resorted to speaking the local language exclusively there should be enough English left that they could greet their mother. (01:05:20)


Correction: If you listen closely to Olivia, she is actually speaking perfect English to her mom. She says, "Mama, I want to know you mama. My mother?" she then, as she is crying and being embraced by her mother, repeats, "I want to know you mama."

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Commando picture

Corrected entry: How exactly did Cindy manage to get a hold of the rocket launcher after the police arrested Matrix? Why didn't the police put every weapon back in it's place and prevent such things from happening again?

Correction: Cindy had taken it out to the car. As John was leaving he got busted. Cindy wasn't in the shop.

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Spies Like Us picture

Corrected entry: The Russian phrase spoken by Dan Aykroyd to the Russian agents is: "Men'she ty znaesh', lushche." This translates as: "The less you know, the better."

Correction: IMDb ripoff.

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Back to the Future picture

Corrected entry: Right when Marty returns to 1985, and has to run back to the mall, we see him call the drunken bum on the bench "Red". In 1955, "Red" is the first name of the mayor running for re-election in one of the first shots of the town we see. (01:38:20)

Correction: While their names are similar, Bob Gale confirmed on the DVD commentary that Michael J Fox improvised the name on the day and "Red" isn't mayor elect Red Thomas from 1955. It's also a different actor playing the bum vs. on the poster.

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The Goonies picture

Corrected entry: At the end of the film when the Goonies reunite with their families, Rosalita goes over to Mikey and takes off his hat and cop jacket that he was wearing and puts a blanket on him instead. In the very next shot, Mikey is still wearing the hat.

Correction: Mikey isn't even in the next shot, so we really can't see if he wears the hat or not.

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Rocky IV picture

Corrected entry: In the first fight between Apollo and Drago, towards the end of Round 1 and even into Round 2, Apollo is getting pummeled. Before his eventual knockdown (and death) mid Round 2, we see the referee step in to try and control Drago, and he is violently shoved aside, and the match continues. Anybody knows in real boxing, within seconds the referee would have stopped the match and disqualified the offending boxer, if not already stopping the match minutes or rounds beforehand for one boxer dominating over the other.

Correction: This is an exhibition bout, not a sanctioned event. The referee may not even be certified but may be a "celebrity" referee; there may not even be a licensed fight doctor with the authority to stop the fight (which certainly would have happened whether Apollo wanted to stop or not). The unofficial nature of the fight adds to the tragedy of the events and emphasizes the ruthlessness of the Russian fighter - no mistake here.


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Once Bitten picture

Corrected entry: When Mark enters the church and goes into the confessional, he enters the confessional booth on the right hand side of the priest, meaning the grate between booths would be on his left. But, when the shot goes to the interior of the booth, the grate is on his right.

Correction: This is not a mistake. The camera view is from the back of the confessional, the background is the front of the confessional meaning that the grate is on the right not the left.

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Vision Quest picture

Corrected entry: During Louden's first dual meet match against the wrestler from Columbia High School in the 178lb. weight class he gets the matched stopped twice because of his bloody nose. After the second stoppage, his coach seems to make the decision that he can no longer continue (which no coach in his right mind would do for a bloody nose, that is left up to the referees) and his opponent receives a medical default victory. The problem is that after that match, the dual meet is over and the other team wins when there were at least two more weight classes left to wrestle. I say at least two more because Louden starts the movie off in the 190lb. weight class and there is at least one more class, that being Heavyweight. (However, if this movie was made today, this scenario would be believable due to a recent rule change that has the referee pick the starting weight out of a hat, instead of it automatically going from lightest to heaviest.)

Correction: Not all matches start lightest to heaviest. If it's a duel meet or more they rotate. Also a lot of teams don't have heavy weights so it could have been a void.

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Witness picture

Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie McFee shoots a hole in the silo door which is quite oddly shaped. When the camera is on Schaeffer, calling McFee, you hear another shot. Then you see the silo door again with corn pouring out through a nicely cut, straight hole where the gunshot was, plus two more "dents" where this powerful weapon now couldn't even make holes. (01:36:00)


Correction: When McFee shoots at the silo door for the first time, he makes two holes - one in the middle and one smaller in the low right corner of the door (there is quite much smoke and dust in the scene but you can still see it). Then he hits the upper hole with the butt of the gun and succeeds in cracking a piece of wood, this is how the rectangular opening is made. Then a third shot offscreen produces the third hole, and there you are with the straight hole and two more ones not sufficiently wide to let the corn pour out.


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National Lampoon's European Vacation picture

Corrected entry: In the scene where Clark is on the bicycle chasing the car Ellen has been kidnapped in, Clark is just about to catch up to the car and jump off the bicycle into the car. As he's about to do this, there is a small car parked on the side of the road so that as soon as he jumps off the bike it will hit this small car. Right before he attempts to jump off the bike, in the next scene where the shot goes from behind Clark to in front of Clark, he is about to hit the car and in the next shot the car is gone and he keeps pedaling.

Correction: This entry is wrong. There are no cars parked on the road that the kidnapper (red car) and Clark are riding on (though there are some cars back off to the side of the road but these are not in question). The small car we see is in fact moving and continues to be moving and is in front of the red car the whole time.


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Correction: It is entirely possible that it held this record for some time, but in 1994, Scarlett, the sequel to Gone with the Wind came out. Wizard of Oz and Gone with the Wind both came out in 1939, so Scarlett came out 9 years later and therefore would knock Return to Oz out of that spot.

Kimberly Mason

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A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's Revenge picture

Corrected entry: When Grady gets killed, it cuts to a brief shot of Jesse. When it cuts back to Grady's body, his head moves.

Correction: His head moves because he wasn't dead yet. After his head turns to the side, he dies.


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The Return of the Living Dead picture

Corrected entry: When Trash is being attacked by zombies, she is wearing a jacket. However when she comes out of the puddle as a zombie, she is once again fully nude.


Correction: It is very plausible that Trash's jacket was torn off as she was being attacked.

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Out of Africa picture

Corrected entry: During an early scene Karen is shooting pheasant with a shotgun. There is a shot of her with the shotgun to her shoulder firing a shot which produces no recoil. The shotgun, most probably a 12 gauge has substantial recoil which would be readily noticeable.

Correction: Done properly, handling the recoil from a shotgun is minimized to prevent injury and discomfort. Karen was an accomplished hunter and knew how to handle guns. And she does show a bit of recoil in this scene.

Brenda Elzin

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Mask picture

Corrected entry: In the scene at the carnival, Rusty orders a lemonade at the concession stand and does not pay for it.

Correction: Rusty does pass something (a coin?) to the lemonade stand clerk while she asks for the small lemonade.

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