Once Bitten

Once Bitten (1985)

4 mistakes

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Continuity mistake: Near the end when the vampires are trying to get into the crypt and Jim Carrey has locked them out, we see two vampires trying to enter the room through one door and others going around to get in through the other entrance. When they get in, the vampires have reversed which entrance they were trying to use - the ones who stayed at the first door enter through the second door and vice versa.

Other mistake: When Mark first meets the Countess and they are sitting at the bar, there is a shot of two girls in the background. In one shot the second girl walks away and then again in another shot the same girl walks away again.

Revealing mistake: When Mark is in the fitting room, it's obvious that his stunt double is playing one of the cuts in the 'mirror' as their moves do not match.


Continuity mistake: During the dance off, Mark's hair changes several times from a tightly sculpted helmet to puffy and back again.


Robin Pierce: I'm the owner of the pants you've been trying to get into for the past four years.

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