National Lampoon's European Vacation

National Lampoon's European Vacation (1985)

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Corrected entry: The dog falls from the Eiffel tower into water. There is no water around the Eiffel tower.

luke f

Correction: From the angle of the shot it is hard to tell which side the dog fell off. There is a river, the Seine, directly to the northwest of the tower. It can be seen in the shot where the hat is thrown. It is possible the dog landed in the river.


Corrected entry: When Clark goes into the bathroom to film, nothing is wet, even Ellen's hair is dry. Also, how did she get the slippers on her feet? She starts the scene from the shower, so she doesn't have them on from the beginning.


Correction: While Ellen was in the shower, the shower itself was not on. She could have either not started showering (and thus not be wet) or finished and had time to dry off (she had a shower cap on as well so her hair wouldn't be wet). And while she's dancing she sits on the toilet and slides her feet into the slippers.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Clark is on the bicycle chasing the car Ellen has been kidnapped in, Clark is just about to catch up to the car and jump off the bicycle into the car. As he's about to do this, there is a small car parked on the side of the road so that as soon as he jumps off the bike it will hit this small car. Right before he attempts to jump off the bike, in the next scene where the shot goes from behind Clark to in front of Clark, he is about to hit the car and in the next shot the car is gone and he keeps pedaling.

Correction: This entry is wrong. There are no cars parked on the road that the kidnapper (red car) and Clark are riding on (though there are some cars back off to the side of the road but these are not in question). The small car we see is in fact moving and continues to be moving and is in front of the red car the whole time.


Corrected entry: During the car chase in Rome, they pass a wedding photo shoot. The camera that would be taking the wedding photo disappears after one shot.


Correction: No. It doesn't. You can see when the first car drives towards the crowd that the photographer grabs the camera so it doesn't get damaged (something a normal person would do in the situation). And in wide shots you can see he's still holding the camera.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Ellen is doing the erotic dance in the bathroom she squirts shaving foam onto her hand, then blows some at Chevy. At the end she comes out of the bathroom and lies on the carpet. Chevy gets on top of her and when she puts her arm round him you see the hand is completely clean.


Correction: When she put her hand on the carpet, the foam rubs off her hand. In fact, you can see the foam on the carpet itself.


Corrected entry: When Clark discovers the bound man in the trunk, he slams it back shut but there is a hole cut out in the trunk-lid, presumably for the camera.

Correction: Most cars have cutouts in the trunk lid. They are for bolt holes, part of the trunk's frame, braces so the trunk doesn't bend when you slam it shut, etc.

Corrected entry: In Rome, when Chevy Chase goes through the revolving door at the hotel, Eric Idle starts yelling a split second before his cast gets caught in it.

Correction: He saw his leg was about to be caught in the revolving door, and tried shouting at Clark to get his attention. Not really a mistake.

Corrected entry: When Clark is taking a Polaroid of the family, the photograph just 'flies' out of the camera. Polaroids don't do that, they come out slowly and partly stay secured to the exit rollers until they are pulled out.

Andy Benham

Correction: That's the point: He has bought a defective camera. Just like everything he buys/does: It goes wrong.

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